Space Battleship Yamato Resurrection 宇宙戦艦ヤマト復活篇 1 9

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Original plan by Shintaro Ishihara (mayor of Tokyo)
Production by Energio Inc. Space Battleship Yamato Resurrection Committee
Inifinite Universe... of silence and light.
Solar system is located 30000 light years off the galaxy core.
...our place of birth.
Galaxy core has a huge black-hole...
...2 million heavier than Sun...crack of dimension.
Even light cannot escape...
...bottomless hole...with ininite gravity at center...
In early 21st century, Dr. Hawking predicted a black-hole...
...may contain swallowed stars memory as final energy reflection.
Human in 23rd centry...
...has not yet aware... is a living organ, with intelligence...
...and rules the universe.
Nobody knows it's a living matter...
...with intellectual mind.
As wild lion walks for food...
...the space matter changed course...
...heading toward Earth.
Space Battleship Yamato...
...went down at Aquerius...
...for 17 years.
Year 2220, human is facing great tribulation.
Black-hole...even light cannot escape...a matter of dark side... heading toward Earth.
Space Battleship Yamato Resurrection.
Unknown object at 12 o'clock, distance, 25 space km.
Never seen them eh?
How many ships?
900 minimum, sir.
Another unknown fleet at 2 o'clock.
We're trapped!
What do we do sir?
Attention all fleet. It's enemry!
Mr. Kamijo!
Blow them up! Fire at will!
Bastards! Fire!
Carrier fighter squad, take off and escort the migration convoy.
Hard to port! Evacuate from combat zone.
Captain Kodai!
Space pioneering region boundary. 18000 light years from Earth
Cargo ship "Yuki." Here you go.
Good day.
3 months usual.
Must be from your Mrs. I envy you.
Hi Dear. How is cruise? "Universe is my ocean. Cargo ship is my vessel."
...your favorite phrase.
Waiting for your safe return with Miyuki.
Shipwreck found!
4 o'clock, distance 150 space km, sir.
Head to the wrecked ship for rescue mission. Full ahead.
Nope, we've got pretty old engine, sir.
Just do it. You know this ship is old!
Ye...yes, sir! Full ahead, aye.
Look for survivors.
Survivor there!
Airlock seems secured.
Help him.
Damn bastard! Kill you all!
Wait! It's friendly!
Earth's migration convoy? Yes, sir.
We were escorting 300 million people to planet Amar.
What a number...
Same guys?
Yes, sir.
Well...engine looks okay. Mr. Sakurai, call the distance to the enemy.
Yes, sir.
Not yet.
Hold on!
Sailor, what's your name?
Earth Federation Defense Force, bird colonel Kamijo, sir.
Mr. Kamijo, ready to fire.
Ready sir.
Distance, 3000...captain, we're gonna crash!
Don't panic, Mr. Sakurai!
Oh, no! We're gonna hit!
Full throttle!
Fire now!!
Mr. Kamijo. Good job. Good shot.
Great tactic, Captain Kodai!
Kodai...? The legendary Yamato's?
Retun to Earth immediately.
Mayday, mayday...what's that? Why attacking us? No, no, help...!!
When was it taped?
3 days before. Data was transmitted via relay boosters.
Terrible...this is a massacre!
Enemy identification?
Unknown, sir. I recommend next flight susnpension until enemy is identified.
We can't launch convoy knowing they'll sink.
Original plan remains.
Where is Kodai?
Captain Kodai, sir?
Only he can handle this critical moment.
Time is running out.
Commander, trasmission from solar system transporation bureau. B screen, sir.
This is solar system transportation bureau. Space cargo ship "Yuki" warped into solar system. returned...
Excuse me. Ship is ready for warp, sir.
Thank you. Will be back in seconds.
It's been 3 years...
Your daughter is
You're right...
Final warp to Earth!
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Travelling black-hole ever observed in history.
We named it "cascade black-hole."