Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya - Part 11/15 (Eng. Subs)

Uploaded by FilmyJosh01 on 21.04.2010

Will you cross the skies for me?
Star, will you come to me?
Cameraman should wak with the director...
not have a hangover
I will tell you tomorrow's first shot
Karthik...come...stand there...
That's the hero's position
He's seperated from the heroine for nearly 45 days...
Pan from his faceto show his feeling
Our A.R.Rahman will give the appropriate score
What are you so pre-occupied with?
If you don't concentrate here...
it's like a slap on my face
Roy, you've come early
It's upto you actually, you understand right??
What is this dialogue? ...blah...blah... no need of this scene
But its very important sir
I know it is important, but that is so cliched
which father has supported love
if he did hewon't be accepted bythe audience
Otherwise the father will threaten to commit suicide
How many films will have the same diaogue?
Let's think of something new
Karthik will be over my deadbody, Jessie
I will be happy and so will you be ifyou say yes to Roy
We will havethe wedding within six months.
Do you remember all that I said?
Oh! go ahead...wewill wait
Finish your cal...we'll shoot later
Sir...sir...Iight is just right
He is your candidate... so you are supporting him?
Karthik...why didn't you call? Not even a single sms?
I didn't get anything from you after that
I thought you had some problem
you didn't replyto my sms
Too many problems here... I'll comethere
I'll leave home now
What happened?
Same thing...again
You will only get irritated if I tell you
I've decided I can't be here...
Tell mewhere...I'll come now
didn't I tell you I will come for you
Jessie, I am in Goa... five hours
How will you come here?
Are you telling me not to come?
I'm not saying don't come... but not now
There's nothing proper here
Listen to me...I'll bethere soon
Wewill sit and talk... then we'll decide
You don't wantto bewith me?
You don't want meto bewith you?
In Kerala, that day you asked me to come awaywith you?
Today you are saying "don't"
That day you aso said you won't
Whythis change ofmind today... all of a sudden?
I'll comethere... we can't betogether here...
I am working day and night
I will comethere and we'll decide
we'll talk
I'll wait for you to come
When did Jessie tell you this?
Day before yesterday night
Then why didn't you tell me yesterday?
-I didn't -So what do you want to do now?
Just two days sir... I'll somehow meet her and come back
Please get me permission
Take a left on the main road
Why did you come?
What is this sms?
I sent it because you werethere
I didn't think you'll be here al of a sudden
I can't make you understand
I can't tak to you
I'm here now?
Tell mewhat I should do
Where do you want to go?
Okaythen, tell me whatthe hell is your problem?