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the harsh cold reality of being homeless this winter and what's hitting
the circus stage for christmas
plus mentoring since today for a better adult tomorrow want them to december
in the cities
is a hidden secret easy to miss along quad city streets people who are
homeless are often never seen but they're out there just ask the people who helped
run the shelters throughout the quad city region and this winter some programs are
or being a added help meet the need just as the temperatures start to drop
joining me now are three people talk about situation in the quad cities in what
they're doing
to help people in need
we have got mary fahrion and with
kingsharvest just opening a new facility for women and children kevin
molloy and from on the valer program which is newly instituted in the
quad itiesalong with pam walker from the valor program both being out working for
the humility of mary center which is administering
this program all three of you thank you so much for talking about an issue that
some people don't want to talk about let's start with that right now
how do we define homelessness now in the quad cities is the people that are
sleeping in their cars of people sleeping under a bridge outside was
well it's all of that
more and i think that um... huminatiy of mary might be able to define it better
uh... were just there to help those that are in need and i'll in the cold right
and right now kings harvest has made a major additions
that you open i think i'll about week week-and-a-half ago
uh... what is it
well we actually opened a shelter for homeless shelter for women and children
our executive director terry raskyn calls all summer from women
come in and out of the cold
or out of the elements the rain and whatever
and just decided that this was a need that we had to fill because the other
shelters for full
uh... help of the community we were able to open a shelter and currently our
housing families see_ when you think about that right now this is a tough
economic time in for kings harvest it's of tough economic time as well top open
a shelter right now
how when it's most in need
but most difficult i would think to maintain
well in our
we always managed to get the help of the community this
quad cities is a wonderful community and when we put out the word that we need
help they've been very generous in helping us
on to renovate the space upstairs from kings harvest for the women children and
to provide donations we've been very blessed still a program where one side
about is the valor program which is being administered through the humiliate
mary center kevin let me start with you because this is a new program
for grant money from the federal government being directly
at homeless veterans which some would say is the shame of this country that
there would be such a thing
has homeless veterans
uh... yeah i think that it's a prevailing problem uh...
uh... statistics like nine and a half percent a veterans are going to jail
and you know that sort of thing i think it's it's important to remember that
when you take care of these people that make the l altman sacrifice
uh... ten
sometimes i think that gets lost and this is literally a new program and
you're still kind of wrapping up with you ready for people to take advantage
of a right now explained to me who should be contacting you
and how
ok umm..
basically we're here to service veterans that have been discharged
any other condition other than just on a full it'd be a medical discharge general
discharge honorable this is not dishonorable
aren't they have to have been a resident of the quad cities rock island are scott
or at least ninety days
they have to meet signup fifty percent area median income level
the low-income and very
low-income and very low-income families
and the veterans themself
and that we not just help in just a veteran himself is to prevent the
homelessness with the whole hold unit what he defines as his household and kevin
what i mean when we're talking about the help that you're going through the
valor program
it not only how do i say this
you're not a still finding a person a house
you find a way for persons stay in their house
their homes that you explain that to me as as the as the first time they're
they're they're many definitions of homelessness is not necessary i think
prevailing thought around community is somebody who's under bridge on the
street but this could be somebody who is in danger of losing their home number we
have people that you'll save on couches that come to assist cost-conscious it's
a continuing issue
but we offer many different kinds of services from rent deposit utility
assistance to even transportation help people pay for their uh... broken-down
vehicles of we feel that it's important to
move move their progress in an of forward to help them to succeed
i was reading from your fact sheet from the v_a_'s
uh... saying that estimates for veteran homelessness and drop substantially in
the past five years
it seems like kevin positive things are
being made to help the veterans there not being forgot
i think that you know where they were were part of that movement and yes we
are in new programs november the fifteen th we open our doors down at twelve
twelve cobblestone third street
uh... i think there are a good example of what we're trying to do for you know
prepare for the united states has helped veterans pam it just started
have you had people contacting you already know yet if and when impresses
you the most among these people thought that it is so far
its basically
they think say is that they do have them on ability they want to prevent
themself from being homeless
no one no one wants to be there
i mean unfortunately it can happen to anyone unfortunately u_s_
the average person is light one paycheck away from the in homes
the major parameter and anyhow so
comes out you know loses their job
you know if there was a long that will small savings and checking out the site
in running out
and you have yourself in need of services
and that's what we wanted a we want to prevent the homelessness
also once other community resources so that they can maintain
housing and stability well we're talking about the shame of having veterans home
the other shame is to have children homeless
for more than i have a feeling that king's harvest was just seeing that too
and you felt you had to do something is that
what really is touched you in the last few weeks uh... is pretty early how
you're able to help the children well i think that's a big part of it you know
the children are so vulnerable in
when you're a parent you have children you want to take care of them
uh... and if you're unable to do that
the feeling of hopelessness if it becomes overwhelming and so that were
able to give them a warm safe place to live and where reaching out in the
community and part he was dressed for success
trying to help them transition and get jobs and
uh... anything that we can to help you know elevate them and get them back
out so that they can become productive members of society again because that's
really but they wanna do they don't want to stay there as any longer than i have
that is what i was going to ask you king's harvest is just got this started i mean
is there a period of time that people do have to move on or or how do you do that
uh... we don't have any rules for that right now
um... however long they need to stay there were going to provide a safe place
for them kevin we kinda touched upon in a little bit about uh...
who would be eligible for the valor program can you
reiterate some of and some of those people some of those veterans and their
family members that could be helped
whether eligibility requirements record actually the uh...
obviously a veteran anything but dishonorable discharge um... proof of
dd two fourteen with that is is that set piece of paper that says hey i was
in the military i have serve that i don't know that i was absolutely
um... and that uh...
in danger of losing their home on
homeless literally homeless m or
with instead of fourteen days say that they're danger dropped its first
financial assistance and that sort of thing that unable to meet that
another thing is that they have to show residency of scott and rock island county
because those are the folks that we search scott and rock island county
ninety days
and and and we're talking about is that when you when you think of the
veterans it was here he was not there well taken care of it
every october there's that stand down
own and uh... of anything goes on um... and it has such a huge turnout
of veterans looking for help not necessarily what uh... cherian anyway
what they're looking for some help involves
that that that there is this need out there
yes and
and then unfortunately in these harsh economic times
we're going to happen the where people were you know not able to afford certain
things maybe they could be adjusted to just taking small thing for them to you
know deliberately into their budget and it may take the rent money it may take
the child care money
um... basically that's i mean unfortunate with econonmic sometimes that
we're in right now
it can happen with anyone
you know veterans and unfortunately
it's it's a shame that there should be any homeless veteran after or any
veteran in danger of losing its housing and what's nice about the valor program
pam do you do have some immediate assistance this isn't somebody that's
going to be
our aim is to move rapidly
to assist the veterans as quickly as possible
and to provide that housing stability and ability to maintain that house seat on a
permanent basis so kevin walk me through this i'm i'm a veteran who thinks that
i'm about to lose my house
um i would contact regionally mary shelter or how would i start this
um... you can contact
uh... turned on by the name of rick allen program lead he would do the
ask you some questions find out what your own income would be find out how we
can assist you intake procedures couple pages long and
where veterans are used to paperwork i'm pretty sure normally were used
to paper work too
and just just with but not ninety days where we were we'd we
look for recertification so it you know when i
its not three hours later to get a check that's not the goal
you know our goal is to sit down uh... budget uh...
money you know some of our folks come in with no v_a_ pension you know when we
say hey that's that's a reasonable thing you get the money that you could
received from the via federal government figures service you know
workouts those sorts of things with them
try to get them the feet on the ground
opa helping them you know we don't we want to be astute enough for it we won't
be able to
the figurative veterans to come sit with me and to say have a conversations that
was through this together this is an about views about this and this is a
to say that there is no red tape involved in i mean just to keep it
you want to go at the thought tell you i make this process as
simple as part main thing that we need is a ddt fourteen
we have to we cannot provide any services prior to getting that d_d_t_
once we get back and income uh... for proof income
we have to get proof on income to make sure we are in the income
guidelines but the main thing is we cannot do anything if we do not have a
dd two fourteen and mary kings harvest you do not want for any
one away but
how does someone seat belt
well we're taking
overflow from
the other uh... agencies so as they get filled up there referring people to a
things always happen that way i mean that the is that the only way that
you're exactly right now
yes that's pretty much all you can handle just wanna
make sure no one falls through the cracks you are that last safety net
yes we are
and for these people up
i mean you hear the stories constantly i would assume with the people have
already been com
to seek your services
one other options if they have if it works for you
while they're sleeping on the streets are sleeping in cars
sleeping in tents down by the river i mean they're just there's no other
those shelters are full
we have to take them and to some
feel we have a moral obligation to do that so it seems like to keep them
getting from all three of you as we wrap this up is that they're is help out
contact someone kevin i will give you last word i mean
uh... whether it's your organization or somebody else if you're homeless if
you're a veteran before or not there is help after uh... i'd
really i think that people in that those situations in those folks who have had
those conversations with
don't know that and feel that there out on an island and can't make they can't make that
first step of those decisions are they don't know how
well hopefully that will happen
of course you want to point out
accepting donations of course always at king's harvest
we're in great need of donations we especially shampoo
you paper towels toilet paper and cash donations to help pay the bills would be
greatly appreciated we're having a christmas party for the homeless
on december twenty-fourth and in need of toys on because these people aren't
able to get the toys for tots so if anybody can provide a new on toy that
would be of great help and our website is king's harvests dot net
for the times that were open alright
i had a it and i think we prove we are
looking for a detainee landlords that may have been properties to rent
uh... we're trying to develop that basically we have a report with
landlords that we can work with them help assist any veteran needing house
any landlords out there one e properties for rent
please contact us at five six three three four five six one nine four
valor program if you know of a veteran any type of assistance please
refer them i'm just out here trying to you know if if the people
that have served us
you know and it's time for us to help them
pam kevin mary thanks so much for joining us
doing good work out that we appreciate throughout the fall we've highlighted a
special program called achieved quad cities and ongoing effort to keep
students in high school we'll talk about that in just a moment but first we want
to find out what's going on throughout our community
well lora adams knows that after all she is out and about
before you go out and about curl up with the special musical programs on
the holiday season kicks off with the westbrook singers presenting a gospel
inspired christmas concert plus straight no chaser celtic women and much more hi
i'm lora adams celebrate the village of east davenport twenty-seventh yearly
tradition within the village christmas walk featuring santa claus scrooge
livid when those carolers horse-drawn wagon rides anymore don't miss with two
hundred and fifteen member had oratorio society choir and professional handle
or toria chamber orchestra performing the messiah in this annual holiday
concerts a weekend of music is in store at saint john's lutheran church
presenting the warm winter benefit concert featuring her song quad cities
women's chorus and waiting for the light with the edgar crockett jazz trio
our lady of guadalupe is a special presentation to celebrate and martin
about mexico's most popular religious and cultural image at its beginning to
look a lot like christmas with holiday activities that galena state historic
sites at the old market housing downtown galena and led light towards in all of
their victorian splendour at the leases that spread historic site onstage dakota
jones and the search for atlantis is the world premiere performance of this new
children's musical by aaron randolph the third for information on these and
other events in and around the quad cities log-on to wqpt dot org
thank you so much lora we've been talking a lot about that achieve
quad cities it's a partnership involving a number of agencies including the
community foundation
of the quad cities its goal
to help the use of the area
joing me now is susan skora community foundation mackenzie gibbson how are you doing
mackenzie doing good
so good that you to join us the community foundation playing an
active role in achieve quad cities
why is this so critically important
a number of years ago our board studied
uh... the quad cities as a whole and discovered that the biggest problem we
really had was poverty
uh... and that's a little bit large to take on and so they said the best thing
that we could do to make an impact on poverty in the quad cities
west to help more
youth graduate from high school
and so we began it by looking at other people who were doing similar work in
the quad cities and found that of course um... united way
uh... a number of employers certainly the chamber a lot of people were very
concerned about this issue but weren't exactly sure what to do about it
we came together and decided that there were a number of programs we could put
in place one of them is the mentoring process over here to talk about today
the mentoring process as you call it a navigator
and what are you a navigate
say that i thought
feel and actually benefited with susan for about two years now yet what kind of
a difference is that made
when i was first met up with susan i didn't really know what
it was even about to be honest
i think i didn't know that they were gonna be helping me
learn about what kind of career i want to take about what kind of class oh i need
to take in high school
get you prepared for
choosing what career you want
and how to get to it
i mean suited to prepare for what you want to be in
an inquiry of you in a lot of thought what were you going to go to
well i a m very interested in writing and
as a good writer
she has helped me a lot is has taken me
poetry readings uh...
and taking honors english class right now so
help me a lot that's helping and susan if i i would think if all you want to do
you have the bud you know you just want the flower to grow
i know that the community foundation the other organizations want more people
such as you
to help these kids more
mentors more navigators
yes in the last uh... year over three hundred volunteers
impacted more than two hundred two thousand students
i'm not all of those mentors there are opportunities to volunteer their really
only an hour long you can do class for you talk about what your
life's work is in which a passion is and share that with a you know thirty to
sixty students at a time the mentoring is a little bit more intense it requires
are twice a month two to three hours of time so it is a much larger commitment
but frankly it is a very rewarding commitment to being and you get to see
the impact that you've had so tell me about mackenzie
well uh... the first time we met had there was a book that we were using
kind of and get to know each other we found out you know both grils
uh... well we thought we were both blondes but that's not quite cats and other
things that were similar you know i'm the oldest in my family she's the
youngest in her family that kind of thing
and i remember we were sitting in the library of jv young
and um... we got to the stage about talking about the future and i remember
mackenzie looked at me and she said idon't i'm not sure i'll be able to go
after high school she really had an
thought it was a barrier that that was gonna cost too much is going to be too
hard i said i don't know if you get good grades
you can go on to college and so from now on and it's not yet
it's when
and how is that true mackenzie d
and it gives you more proud more
she has given me more confidence and helps so much what a hugh difference 0:20:18.480,0:20:21.260 susan mackenzie thanks so much for joining us we appreciate achieve quad
cities uh... program is continuing throughout quad cit area we will be also
tune in next month is that if wqpt begins a new program centering on the
in the past few weeks we recorded a special holiday music program with the
westbrook singers here's a preview of this monday show
the westbrook singers you can watch them perform in our holidays special
monday night at seven here and w q p t
well welcome to december the start of the season of holiday displays programs
and events
and there is one place that has all lot of that's going on during this holiday
season it is circa twenty-one brett hitchcock in the day
and all and things going on in brett joining us right now you man
agent undefined now the crackers and crackers but it's part of the whole
actually this is the christmas show in an instance series i'm telling you
people love this thing they can't get enough of it this has been for us
probably the most popular of the nun scence shows that we've done and the premise is
very simple it's it's it's tv taping of a christmas special
and the bottom of the appeasement monastery
and uh... through a whole series of crazy events one thing happened people
got arrested there's a a secret santa with the audience so it's just a whole
series of small little skits that really turn it's just kind of a fun
entertaining evening and this is continuing well into the christmas
season i mean it's it's basically to the of the month of the night
it's through december thirtieth that
and and what type of people show up for this particular
uh... musical i mean is it seems to be something for everyone this is really a
family musical for us and we not only have large groups of families who come
but we have grand parents that bring grandkids and that sort of which are really is
appropriate for the whole family
an effect we have eight young girls ranging from eight to fifteen from
quad cities that are in the cast as well so it's very appropriate for the entire
family now when you talk about kids shows you don't really think of circa twenty one
one is silly i apologize me what you do have
finished in kids program going on the small absolutely we are do we need the
it's a very successful simple series called judy jones and we're doing the
christmas one judy bee jungle bells and batman smells
that means nelson wants you to see it because i'm a dignified man
least saying that
that's a little late and that's what is it about
the show is about that
it all takes place all these books takes place in her first grade class and so
with this particular one they are drawing for secret santa judy bee
ends up drawing the girl that she hates the most in class
and that's may and so the whole thing the whole show revolves around
you know basically learning in the end of that you know it's not so bad in the 0
you got to be in the christmas spirit and going
so it's just kind of fun story you know brought that their families all the time
to leave the things to do with their kids tell me when this isand do you
need reservations
that judy bee shows are especially popular for us we have performances we
have weekly performances the course of a lot could still in school that doesn't
but we do offer saturday and sunday performances as well during the day the
role during the day because we have our the dundee and then crackers show
is always in the evening self uh... almost all of our saturdays already sold
so weak rich people go to our sunday performances at the beginning at noon
on sundays initial last about an hour and we've got a great brunch that goes
along with it so it's a the tickets are eighteen dollars for children in twenty
dollars for adults that includes not only the show but includes the brunch
as well and how young the kids were like this
we have kids coming in from probably four
anybody familiar with the book series of in a while to show itself well
let's talk about that circa twenty one and the new year kicking off
with elvis
with elvis absolutely we're doing uh... but you should first we were done
celebrating the king
and is basically looks at all this is the three different points elvis
career we have the nearly all this we have we come back special and then we
have the vegas elvis and the jump suite belt so i mean reminds me of when we are
trying to figure out what kinda stamp of elvis and why did you want young elvis or
story fat as that is to get all the way that but
album of
um... that he has a new level of the whole career are you'll be asked the
gentleman that does the show put together a couple years ago it's been
really successful he's from the phoenix area his name
robert and he was actually his claim to fame as he was part of this of the
cast a million dollar quartet which is a hugely successful show in chicago
impersonating elvis and johnny cash and so he's left that production kinda
started creating his own shows around the same genre of music and we
in a couple of times before he does just a great job so we are excited about him
coming back to you know this could be kinda cheesy and you're saying now
oh this is first class so i ended what a great night to do it
not to come and celebrate we start everything later a new yeras eve show
usually ends around eleven thirty and then we hand out noisemakers and
champagne and we bring in the new year and so it's a it's a really good time
that is a great idea not you still have openings for that something is made a
reservation we have some that's filling up a really fast i don't know that if
you're looking for a little different way to celebrate
new years and what a cool way to celebrate with a king
absolutely and again this is appropriate for the whole family as well so it's not
an event we have to leave the kids over or try to find a babysitter or new
year's eve which is not really easy but um... bring them with it so it's a
great time and you start off the next year greece
southern cross roads and legally blonde
on legally white-out a lot going on the ground we have a busy season coming up
its are its the first season there are thirty five year history we've had seven
shows in one year
so really excited about
offer a lot of variety
circa twenty one is just a jewerl in the quad cities all for this type of entertainment for
the public
just thank you very much
from appreciate you joining us thank you don't think you you could check out
certainly ones website for details on the show times a ticket prices the dates
all that stuff plots
you can check out the menu that served at the dinner theater i mean seriously
they're serving card ham sliced turkey gourmet meatloaf
and fill out there right now
check out the details of circa twenty one
dot com and we're looking to get a little help from our friends are annual
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this week you'll see some great local programming holiday music
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thanks for spending part of your thursday and sunday night with us
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