Mblaq Hello Baby Ep 11. Full (Eng Sub)

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Surprise Birthday party for DY
Step 1: Make sure DY doesn't know about it
- Special agent CD appa
Step 2: Go shopping
- Speical agent Mir appa & Leo
Step 3: Prepare a party room
- Special agent LJ appa & Lauren & GO appa
We invite you to DY's happy birthday party
11th story: DY, Happy birthday
at baby house
GO: As you can see we got rid of our sofa at the baby house.
GO: Do you guys know why?
Why did the sofa disappear?
GO: (queitly) Today is DY's birthday.
GO: We have to run a birthday party
GO: We have no money
GO: We sold it
GO: I saw all their birth dates when we first became a family
GO: I thought we should remember it and run a party
GO: Today we are shoting on her birthday so
Mir: We quickly held a meeting
Mir: and quickly started preparing for it.
Mir: Two of Hyung prepare for foods for DY
Mir: Let's make this place like a club.
GO: A club?
DY: You are making a club? LJ: a club for children
GO: If Leo stays here, he will break the whole club.
Leo: What did I do~
GO: While decorating one side, the other side will be torn down.
Mir: CD Hyung goes out with DY and I will go to the market with Leo.
Mir: Leo, let's go to the mart with daddy
Leo: (no)
Had a small hope but like always.
Mir: Leo, do you wanna go to the mart with LJ appa?
Leo: (Nope, not that one either)
Mir: Then do you wanna go to the mart with GO appa?
Leo: (Why would i)
GO: You are seriously amazing.
Leo: I don't wanna do anything.
Whatever. The role has been divided.
Leo-Mir is going to the mart. Mir: Let's go.
Mir: Leo, you feel good because you are going to the mart with me right?
Huh! Really?
Mir: Today, daddy will buy you everything you want and everything you want to eat.
Leo: I want a big toy gun
Mir: a big gun?
Mir: Oh, okay
We never expected to see this nice picture from Mir and Leo
However, DY and CD appa went out for a one day date
DY: (I'm excited)
CD appa looks a little tensed?
Q: Why did CD appa bring you out? DY: hm... I don't know
Where are CD & DY heading too?
DY: (Daddy, can you talk?)
CD: (Finally) Let's go over there and eat something delicious.
CD: DY do you like something warm?
Q: I think it was your first time being only with DY. How was it? CD: Yeah.. It was very awkward on the car.
GO: It's a really awkward combination
GO: It was the first combination like that.
GO: so..I thought it wasn't bad
However, at the baby house?
LJ: Let's decorate now
GO: Okay
At that moment! Lauren who was sleeping appeared.
GO: Lauren, how are you? LJ: Did you had a nice nap?
Lauren: (still not fully awake) What are daddies doing?
LJ: Wait. This is no use.
GO: This is not gonna work.
LJ: We only have less than 10.
GO: The kids are gonna be disappointed.
Wait. This is it?
GO: We were planning to buy a lot of balloons
GO: It should fill up the ceiling but..
GO: I've only got few dollars back for the sofa.
GO: Lauren, look at this. What is trying to do this time?
LJ: Appa will draw a batman too.
GO: That's a batman? Lauren: (Appa, is that really a batman?)
GO: Wow seriously, your drawing is horrible.
LJ: Lauren, Batman. How awful is it?
L: (Take it away)
LJ: Why? It's pretty. It's a pink Batman.
L: Joon papa drew me a picture
L: It was awful.
GO: Do you know what this is?
LJ: Hang it. L: (How do you hang it?)
GO: I got it. Wow. GO papa is pretty good.
LJ: How did you do it?
GO: There's a steal. LJ: Oh. okay
GO: I will think of myself as DY and walk in.
LJ: Wow~ DY
GO: It's really ugly.
LJ: I wanna see it too.
GO: This one is the worst. Let's take it down.
(Doing the opposite) Joon papa puts it on the best place where you can see it.
GO: It's really weird. It's kinda scary.
LJ: Cuz it's DY's birthday, I wrote a note.
Con...Da Young.
huh? Where is "Birth"
GO: Someone is here
LJ: They can't be here already
Is it DY?
Eun Ji?
GO: Hello
GO: Who's friend are you?
DY's friend
GO: Wow. you are here to congratulate DY?
LJ: You are DY's friend?
First, guest is DY's friend Eun Ji
GO: Are you DY's friend?
GO: You are a little big?
GO: Your height is..
EJ: I'm a little older than DY.
LJ: Your older than her? GO: How old are you?
7 years old
LJ: Wow you are very old.
GO: What do you mean "very old"
LJ: Then you are DY's unni (sister)
GO: (talking like he knows her well) Speeking of Eun Ji,
GO: I don't know her well but,
GO: I invited her to DY's birthday party
LJ: Do you have the invitation card?
EJ: Not yet..
Why did you ask that..
LJ: Did you recieve a call from a staff (to be on the show)?
LJ: I bet your mom told you to go, right? GO: When are you planning to recieve a invitation?
LJ: This is Lauren, say hi. EJ: Hi
LJ, GO: So cute.
GO: This is... this is DY's brithday cake
LJ: Call me if you are holding a birthday party.
LJ: We(Ajeoshi) will decorate like this.
The best party planner GO: We are party planners
GO: We decorate something like this(?)
GO: We only recieve one sofa.
Shut up..
No thanks
LJ: Where are you parents from, Eun Ji?
EJ: My mom is Thai and
EJ: My dad is Korean
LJ: Oh so you are same as DY.
What? GO: No. DY's mom is vietnamese
LJ: Oh yeah. You're not same with DY right? At EP 11, Joon papa is still confused.
GO: How can you still not know her mom's ethnicity?
EJ: I was born in Thailand
LJ: You were born in Thailand? GO: Say hi in Thai!
GO: Say, "I love you"
Suddenly, it became EJ's Thai class?
Wow! She is good. Eun Ji Unni
LJ: Wow! Look, she's so cute. She has a lot of Aegyo (acting cute) GO: Wow. you are amazing
LJ: You're amazing. EJ: I'm really good at AeGyo
LJ: Really? Let's have a AeGyo time.
Eun Ji's AeGyo Time
GO, not you..
GO: You try it. This time, a battle with Joon appa?!
Can you please stop?
LJ: She is amazing.
Eun Ji wins over Joon appa
EJ: But... My boyfriend..
GO: You have a boyfriend?
Gil, Tae woo
GO: Kim, Tae woo? (A singer)
EJ: It's not Kim, it's Gil
LJ: Then send a video message to your boyfriend.
To. Tae woo I love you
LJ: You know "Love"?
LJ: You love your boyfriend?
Even though I'm young, I know what it is.
GO: Hi. The second secret guest who visited the baby house.
GO: Who are you?
SJ: I'm So Jung
GO: Who's friend are you?
SJ: I'm Lauren's friend
Kim, So Jung
GO: So Jung, are you also a multicultural kid?
What's that?
LJ: Where is your mom from?
What about your dad?
GO: Oh she is 100% Korean
GO: Yeah I had this native Korean feeling from you.
LJ: I think you will look very good on Korean traditional clothes
GO: Only Leo's friend is not here yet.
LJ: Where's Leo's friend?
GO: I also called Leo's friend..
He doesn't know what to do with SJ because she is so cute eating a chocolate cookie
LJ: I think it will take about 2 hours to eat this thing
At that time!
Who is it this time?
Is this Leo's friend?
GO: Because the kids are all short, I don't see them.
LJ: Who is it?
The third secret guest who visited the baby house is?
LJ: I think that's Alex?
It's Alex from the first episode!
The kid he believe that he was his son
But they couldn't be a father and son
LJ hoped for Alex
LJ: Why are you here?
Leo and Alex are good friends
LJ: She looks like Scarlett Johansson. Is she your sister?
To celebrate DY's birthday, he visitied the baby house with his sister Jina
LJ: Do you know Scarlett Johansson? She stared in Iron Man. She really looks like her.
Or She sorta resembles Dakota Fanning
LJ: Wow.. Hi?
LJ: Why are you looking at me like that? I'm sorry.
LJ: Lex, how are you?
LJ: I really missed you
GO: Yeah, he talked about you everytime.
Joon appa wish comes true because of DY's birthday
It looks like North Korean and South Korean family met each other at last.
GO: Alex, is your mom Korean?
GO: So your dad is French?
LJ: Did you guys all bring your presents?
Alex: I didn't bring anything
Joon~ Friends visit is the special gift
LJ: (won't give up) Jina~ What did you bring for DY's birthday gift?
Thinking hard
I brought this
That? That's ours.
Jina picks up a toy at a living room.
GO: At least she did prepare for something so.. LJ: Great Great GO: What about SJ?
She just laughts
LJ: Wait, Lauren.. come over here.
GO: Lauren why are you sitting there alone? Your friends are here.
Today, Lauren randomly appears several times
LJ: So Jung is over there.
LJ: Okay, then just stay there. I will be here.
The living room is full only with babies' friends
LJ: So are they all here now? GO: Yeah, they are all here.
LJ: 1,2,3,4,5,
LJ: Wow... including our kids, it's total of 8
DY & Doong papa enters the cafe to have a warm drink.
CD: DY, is there anything you wanna eat?
CD: What? DY: Chocolate
CD: Chocolate? Then should we order hot choco?
yes yes
CD: Appa's favorite is also hot choco
CD: Can I have two hot chocos?
The first time being by themselves, they look a little awkward yet.
The baby is so pretty
CD: I know. She is the nicest of all. And she's pretty
They are so nice
What will happen during their date?
However, Mir-Leo went shopping
Rasing his hand
Cute~ Nice kids who follow the traffic rules(laws)
Mir: Yeah, the cars all stopped because Leo is crossing the street
Finally arrived at the mart
Mir: We're at the mart, mart!
There is no gun!
Mir: They don't have any guns?
What should I buy instead of a toy gun? Mir: GO appa gave me a shopping list
Leo: (Changed his mind) I need to buy a power rangers umbrella
Mir: It's a shopping list.
Mir appa is not listening to Leo, because he is reading GO appa's shopping list
Mir: vietnamese rice paper rolls
No not vietnamese rice paper rolls, I want power rangers
Mir: Which country's food is this? rice paper rolls?
I'm upset
Mir: Yeah, DY's country. Vietnam
Mir: I think it's Vietnamese food
Mir: GO Hyung is preparing a Vietnamese food for DY
Mir: I don't expect his cooking skills but I will buy the ingredients
Mir: I'm sure he can't make this. Don't put your hopes on him
Mir: We have to buy some vegies.
Leo: These are vegies
Leo is picking vegies himself for DY
Mir: Oh! Yeah we should buy that
hehe, I got it
Leo: What about this one?
Mir: Yeah we should buy that
Mir: Buy what you want. Leo, which one looks tasty?
This is a no!
Mir: The weird thing is, when Leo is alone, he is so nice and will listen to me so well.
Mir: We went to the mart and he will stroll the cart and
Mir: He will look for better vegies
Mir: I felt very good
Mir: Carrots
Leo: Let's buy carrots, carrots
Leo & Mir are carefully following the shopping list
Leo: Are we going now?
I think we bought all of them
Mir appa wants to buy him yogurts to reward his nice behavior. Mir: Leo, do you want some yogurts?
Running towards the yogurts
Bought plenty enough for DY and Lauren
Mir: You don't want other yogurts?
This is enough
Leo: Here are some Cola (Coke)!
Mir: That's not Cola
Leo, let's drink this cola when you grow up (they are alcohols)
I wanna drink them now
Bought the ingredients for the Vietnamese food
Mir: Leo, because it's DY's birthday
Mir: Shouldn't we get a birthday cake?
Went to the nearest bakary to buy a cake
DY, just wait a little more
This one!
Mir: Leo, there are more over here?
Leo: Tayo, I want Tayo
$40, You picked the most expensive one Leo?
He looks like he is going to take Tayo right away
Leo: Let's buy Tayo
Mir: Leo, but it's DY's birthday, shouldn't we buy a pink one?
No way
Mir: Your taste is more important than DY's birthday right?
Leo: My birthday has already passed.
Leo wants a Tayo cake
Mir: Yeah, but today's DY's birthday
Mir: But we buy Tayo?
Mir: I think DY will like this one.
I want Tayo
Mir: May I have one Tayo? (and pointing at the pink one)
Mir: Leo we are a little late
Mir: GO appa and Joon appa have to cook but they don't have the ingredients
Rushing back to the baby house. Go!
Mir: Now let's go home and eat dinner, Leo.
LJ: Draw DY too
LJ: And everyone, write a note to DY
Joon & GO papa preparing drawing presents for DY
GO: I'm drawing DY
LJ: This is me
Hyung, who are you drawing?
GO: Me? DY. Alex: DY? GO: Yes
GO's drawing skills? I'm a little worried.
GO: Wait, but...
GO: Why are the mart people so late?
LJ: What are they doing.. Alex: I know CD Hyung
They can't even start cooking because they don't have the ingredients
GO: Is CD handsome or I'm handsome?
LJ: (lazyness) They are here but I don't wanna go open the door.
LJ: Come in by yourselves. GO: Try unlocking the door yourself.
LJ: 6379
Just open it.
LJ: So annoying. Why are they here now. It's so annoying.
LJ: Stop pressing the bell!
Mir: Could you please help Leo getting his shoes off?
LJ: Oh, Leo. You're back.
Mir: I'm back LJ: It looks cold outside?
Mir: What is this..? Oh~ Alex!
Mir: Long time no see!
Mir: Who are them?
LJ: Everyone say hi
LJ: This Ajeoshi is Mir Ajeoshi
EJ: Hello
GO: Aren't they nice? Mir: yeah. LJ: (to SJ) say hello. SJ you too.
Even though, Mir is maknae in Mblaq, He is an ajeoshi to the kids LJ: Nowadays, you have to introduce (PR) yourself well. You have to say hello.
SJ: Hello
Mir: Alex, you should say hello too.
Alex: Hi.
LJ: Leo. You should say hello to daddy
Leo: Hi.
So cute
Mir: Today I learned Leo's habit
Mir: When Leo is among many people,
Mir: he can't controll his exciting feelings
Mir: When he is alone, he behaves so well
Mir: Leo was great today.
He got me. GO: Oh, Leo you are so cool
GO: Now. Assistant? Get my aprons
Wearing an apron, he started preparing DY's birthday foods
Today's chef is GO.
GO: Let's see if they bought the right ingredients
Assistant Joon is helping out right away.
LJ: Ya, These are all snacks.. GO: I think they did a good job.
GO: Wait.
GO: dduk bok ki and soondae. Hey Mir!
GO: What is this. He doesn't believe in me?
GO: When we first met, DY's favorite food was vietnamese rice paper rolls
GO: I wanted her to have a vietnamese traditional food for her birthday
GO: This is the recipe that DY's mom gave me.
Vietnamese rice paper rolls
For today, I will be the GO mom
GO mom looks like a woman today
His knife is moving very fast.
At that moment! Alex hands GO a chopping board
Jung chef and his assistant are touched by Alex who has a great sense.
GO & Joon started using the equipments
LJ: The carrots are tough.
Alex: On TV they do something like this. Do you want me to get that one?
You need a slicer plate right?
You watch home shopping channel!
Last chance! Don't miss this chance.
LJ: Are you advertising it?
GO: How much is it? LJ: How much?
At that moment, a phone call from CD appa
Mir: Hello? Why? Why did you call?
CD: Can we go home now?
Mir: Can you come home now?
Mir: I don't think you can come back now. We are cooking
GO: Why is the carrot like this?
(Papa are completely absorbed in cooking) Alex: Here (Slicer Plate)
(At this moment, Alex realy brought a slicer plate)
Specially brought: \39,900 (= $39.99) slicer plate
LJ: Are you doraemon? Your magic? Do you use it like this?
(I'm incredible)
(slice slice)
(Wow! A new world of discovery!)
GO: If the vietnamese rice wraps are stuffed with this, the kids' chins will fall out right?
(A world's difference: The carrots compared to before using the slicer plate)
Mir: When can CD hyung come back!!
GO: After 1 hour
Mir: 1 hour! hyung, we have to finish cooking
When we finish cooking I'll give you a call~
CD: Alright
DY: When are we going back?
CD: In a little while
(For DY, CD papa's special gift!)
CD: Papa will make Pororo for you~
(Papa, please make it nicely!)
DY: You can look at this and copy it. (Just in time, there is a picture of Pororo's face?!)
CD: Okay.
(CD papa, is exquisitely working) DY: Here it has a picture of Pototo?
(Rubbing and Rubbing~ The fingers are Without any uncertainty.)
(Pressing, pressing)
CD: DY, what are you going to make?
DY: Snake
CD: Snake? ooooo~ It really looks like snake.
(One and only red snake in the world is done!)
CD: oh~ It is really big
If Papa makes pororo well you have to give me a kiss
(There are alot of people I will be embarrassed :D)
(Finally, CD papa's pororo is finished!)
(Wow! It looks the same!)
CD: It's the same right?
(CD appa, you can have this career as well)
Staff: How was it being with CD appa? The time you two spent together?
DY: I liked it
Staff: Why?
DY: Hmm... We played with clay
CD: I've leanred that every child has their own taste of what they like. I seemed to have gained DY's heart
(The atmosphere between CD appa and DY has been soften)
(Gaining success from making Pororo. Now challenging to make SH appa?)
CD: Wait for my masterpiece
(Masterpiece in the making)
DY: What is that! Why does it look like that~
The lips look like SH appa's
(Sorry appa~ What to do? It looks the same)
(Kind DY feeding SH appa(?) with the snake she made)
(SH ya, you suffered alot)
Staff: Why did CD appa make SH appa?
DY: SH appa didn't come so CD made him
(Affectionate CD appa helping DY wear her coat)
(This is really what a dad does!)
(This is how CD appa and DY's one day date ends)
(What did Joon actually see?)
(deng deng deng. Wait, why are there drum beats all of a sudden !?)
Joon: do this thing
(GO yah, what are you doing?)
Joon: Thought it high up. High. Try to flip it. Flip it!
That's right! That's right! Me Me!
(What's more ahead, Joon papa)
(Flying in mid air)
(Stop it. THe meat is expensive)
(Anyway, after complications, the fillings for vietnamese rice wraps are done!)
Mir: Kids!
(However, the kids are absorbed in their own world)
Mir: Kids!
(Kids~ No answer even by calling their names)
Mir: Kids~~~~
(Is Mir appa transparent in the eyes of the kids?)
(We are busy, don't call)
Mir: You really can't hear me or you don't want to answer me?
I was flustered.
Because there were many kids that I had to take care of, it got harder. I couldn't handle it properly.
Kids~ Right now...
(Mir papa non existance is driving him crazy)
(Right at that moment,SoJung is helps out Mir papa)
(Suddenly, Leo and Lauren showing physical affection?)
Leo: I will hug you
I will hug you
Mir: What hug! Come here. Don't start it with Lauren, Leo!
SJ: Lauren~
(Leo's a cassova in the children's world)
Leo: Lauren~!
Mir: Kids....
Why do you suddenly make a love line again!
(Leo, let's stop here)
(Silently(?) Mir papa is setting the birthday table)
Leo: Mir appa dropped it! Mir: Yes, I dropped it.
Mir: No, Leo!
Leo: Let's lie here. Because this is a bed
Mir: Leo, Get up. You cannot sit here. You eat here.
Leo: No. It's a bed
Mir: Lauren, Leo is funny right?
L: What is wrong with Leo?
Mir: Oh~ Alex! You did it right
GO: Mir yah!
Mir: Yes.
GO: Come here quickly, assistant chef!
(He is excited)
GO: Hey Assistant Chef~
Mir: Chwef!
GO: Shwef!
Mir: Oh Shwef! (sorta sounds like "shit")
(I lost...I give up)
Mir: What should i take first?
(Starting with the ingredients for vietnamese rice wraps)
GO: What do you take first. Firstly, you take this and this. I will make the fried noodles now
Mir: Alex! Since Alex is in-charge here, you have to take care of the younger ones
Wait a minute. Leo yah! You cannot play with the foods!
After Mir appa's begging, he screams.
(It finally happened)
(Patience. Endure. Endure. Endure.)
Mir: Kids. This is not a boomerang
(Even the eldest brother, alex...)
Mir: One of the appas please help me!
(Mir's SOS: Joon papa's emergency mobilisation!)
(Mir appa is surrendered.)
Leo: Why can't this fit?
Mir: Kids!
Alex: Eat this
Mir: Kids!
Appas are going to make Vietnamese Rice Wraps
Leo: Appa wore a hat!
(Going crazy)
Leo: Yah! You wore a hat
(Finally, KNOCK DOWN!! For Joon papa)
Leo: This time, Joon appa~
Mir: Why am I "you" and Joon appa "Joon appa"?!
(The Question was not heard. Falling over No Problem)
(Leo's mind is entirely on wearing hats!)
(Watching in amazement)
(Wooo~ Finally done~!)
(Satisfied Leo!)
GO: My fascinating cooking skill is finally broadcasted on air! (On the other side, Our head chef...)
(Fried Glass Noodles: Challenge!)
(For a complete cooking experience)
(Acting Silly)
GO: Oh It seems nice! (GO amazed by his own ability~!)
(Oh~ Plausible?)
(Cooking finished~! Head Chef appears~!!!)
GO: Kids!
LJ: Nice!
(Anyway, Dayoung's Birthday feast is done~!)
LJ: Yah. Everyone wear a hat!
Mir: When CD appa and DY comes in, we shout "SURPRISE!"
Shall we practice one?
LJ: Okay! One, two three!
Mir: Nice
(A little pale: the Papas)
(Appas, quick quick!)
Leo: I'll open the door~
LJ: Leo x5 Wait, wait
Normally you won't follow why are you like that now?
Only when the appas say "Go!"
Who is it~
LJ: Please wait~
Leo, Go! GO! Open the door!
LJ: Off the lights! Where's the switch?
Really.. You guys are the best for getting excited so easily
Mir: Joon hyung! Middle Middle
(Finally, our main lead, DY, enters!)
(Da Young ah, Happy Birthday!)
DY: It was dark.
Staff: It was dark? Then what did you see?
DY: Candles
Staff: Why did you suddenly see candles?
DY: It was DY's birthday~
Staff: How did DY feel then?
DY: I was happy
(DY, Happy birthday)
Mir: Kids. Clap~ Clap
(What happened...?)
(Ehee ehaha~)
DY: The candles were blown out
Staff: Did DY blow out the canddles?
DY: Nope
Staff: Who did?
DY: It just went out suddenly
GO: I'm still curious at who blew it out
It happened in a flash
(Still a Mystery!)
Mir: It is still a unsolved mystery
If it when out when I was talking, the 5 candles won't be blown out immediately
I suspect it is Leo (Mir believes Leo is most likely the culprit!)
L: Who blew out the candles?
(The culprit is in here!) Mir: Kids! Clap! Clap!
(The culprit is really Recipon Leo!)
LJ: DY ah! We have to light it again
(Candles that were blown out in a hurry, are being light again) GO: Did you blow out the candles?
(At that moment!!)
(A Big Accident!)
(What should we do now?)
(Ah It was my fault)
(What happened?) GO: No I mean
Who blew out the candles?
(Pretending like he didn't do it)
CD: DY is here! GO: Before DY arrives
Alex: Yah It was your fault that the candles were blown out! (Even though DY entered, everyone is distracted)
Mir: The kids are all going chaotic!
(It is because of you!) Mir: Alex said it was because of you that the cake is in a mess!
Leo said "I know it too!"
(Bad! Leo eating cake in this chaotic situation)
Leo: Its delicious!
Alex: It's because of you!
(It is the truth. It is because of you) LJ: Quiet down!
GO: Who blew the candles?
LJ: DY yah, your birthday cake...
L: It just fell over
Staff: Then you didn't blow out the candles?
DY: No (Korean answer is the opposite), I did blow them out~
It just went out. The appas light it up again
I blew (boo~) out again
GO: It is a birthday, we must have candles lighted up and blow it, isn't it
(I don't know~)
LJ: Why did you eat it and put it back again? (Leo who ate the cake puts it precisely back on the cake again)
GO: DY, did you made this?
(Lighting up the candles again)
GO: DY have you blown the candels before? (DY attention fixed on the cake)
Mir: Let's start again~
Happy birthday to you~
(Finally, singing the birthday song properly)
(Feeling sorry, Leo sings the loudest)
GO: One more time one more time! Harder!
(I'll help you)
Leo: DY, Happy birthday!
L: DY ah, Happy birthday~
DY: Daddy and friends, thank you~
Mir: GO appa prepared a present
(The highlight of the party, present giving TIME!)
GO: DY ah, is this a present? (GO representing the appas)
(The present that GO prepared is?)
GO: Open it and see
Mir: What is it?
(It is a bunny doll and a bag in DY's favourite colour!)
(What is this reaction?)
Mir: Did you just make a mistake?
GO: She doesn't seem to really like it
Mir: As soon as DY opened and saw it...She looked at other things!
Mir: It is not Leo's. DY ah, is this pretty?
Annyeong~ I am a rabbit. A pink rabbit. My name is pun-tong(pink rabbbbbit!
Staff: How did you feel when you received the present?
DY: I was happy!
GO: DY ah, this was made by appa
(What is DY's reaction to the vietnamese fried glass noodles?)
(A taste that makes the eater have this expression?)
Mir: DY ah
GO: If i cook very well, it will be too perfect
so I decided not to cook well today
But when the kids were eating, they didn't not have any problems
But rather, slightly plain dishes will be good for the health
Mir: It's prepared for you
GO: How is it DY?
She lost her sense of taste (A situation that made DY lose here sense of taste?)
Mir: But this is really nice! It's delicious
GO: How is it DY?
DY: It is delicious
GO: She said it is delicious!
(An unexpected result!)
Staff: What food did GO appa cook?
DY: Fried noodles
It was delicious~
Staff: Really?
Is it nicer than what your omma cooks?
DY: It is nicer than what omma cooks~
GO: DY ah
Your friends prepared presents for you
Shall we start with Alex's present?
Alex! You present something right?
(What presents did the friends prepare?)
GO: Shall we start now?
The present that alex prepared for DY!
Mir: Start!
(What present is it?)
(Hip Hop Boy Alex)
(Alex's extravagent dance)
(Dance Prodigy(?): I am Alex!)
(Are you watching, LJ appa?)
(It is pretty good~)
(Mir appa following the hip hop feel)
(A handsome pose at the end! Perfect)
Mir: He learnt dancing at dance school, and practice hard before coming. He is really commendable
CD: He really seems talented
Staff: What do you think of Alex oppa's dance?
DY: Alex oppa was cool
(At that moment!)
(Leo. Started dancing)
(It's the first time seeing Leo like this!)
(leo is cool!)
(Was it Leo just now?)
(Leo's unexpected dance excites the appas)
(Leo vs. Alex Dance battle!)
CD: Show us! Put it down
(how will he do it?)
(Leo's cute arm wave)
(Now it is break dancing!)
(You can't do this right?)
(Alex's dance ability makes the appas tense!)
Leo: I dance better!
(Music START!)
(Anticipating. Leo fighting!)
(Dance Prodigy, Leo steps out~!)
(wave~ Walking~)
(Our kids are good!)
(Leo Fighting!)
(Suddenly, Leo stops dancing)
GO: Leo, you can do it!
(What is this sudden behaviour?)
Mir: Don't musicians throw bottles sometimes?
He is performing this right now
Mir: Watch your attitude, kid
If you can't do it tell us you can't!
We will turn off the music. Hey, turn off the music
(Leo, stop it...)
LJ: I don't think Leo should dance..(he is not talented)
GO: Eunji-yah! For DY, EJ prepared a present
GO: We can see it right? Let's see it!
Mir: EJ's Present. Coming Soon
(An unsual introduction! What exactly is EJ's talent?)
GO: Is this "Good day?"
LJ: EunJi-U?
Mir: Wait a moment. This is prepared for DY (Because of close EJ unnie's stage, DY's mood is at its best!)
LJ: Wow! It's live~!
(A suprising scene where your mouth can't even close?!)
Mir: We should clap. Hurry!
GO: Hello Bank! 3rd week of March! 1st place nominee!
Mir: Eunji-U's Drowsy Day!
(The appearance of Eunji-U's Uncle fans?) She is so cute!!!
(There's also a fan here!)
(EJ unnie's dancing abit?)
(Undeniable cuteness!)
(A cute action that makes GO appa's words fumble) GO: This slight action!
LJ: 3 octave note!
(Eunji-U taking on IU's 3 octave note with a whirlwind dance!!)
LJ: It's going up! It's going up!
(Having difficulties breathing because of laughter)
(Ending with a lovely pose, Eunji-U's performance comes to an end!)
(Unnie, jjiang!)
Mir: EJ, you are so cute! High-five!
GO: Yah, EJ is really...
Leo: She sang well~!
GO: It was really fun. The kids were admirable. They prepared precious presents
(Finally, SJ's present!)
GO: SJ prepared a present for DY. SJ ah! You prepared a song for DY?!
Let's clap!
(This time round, it is a children's song: Handsome Tomato?)
(ah~! So cute!)
(she sings well too)
(Quietly quietly, Handsome Tomato)
Mir: Tomato is so sad!
(Turning into ketchup, listening carefully the lyrics are very tragic)
GO: Don't become ketchup!
(Under this chaotic circumstance, SJ insists on finishing the song)
(SJ did great~)
(All the kids did great!)
Mir: You know when adults have that really proud feeling after a child shows them a talent? Well I felt like that for the first time today.
Mir: (We watched all the talents... Is he about to wrap it up??) Ending a birthday party like this doesn't feel right.. GO:yea!
Mir: So instead, let's all clean up, and play a fun game with the kids!
Mir: Now let's all together shout the slogan that's really popular these days in Korea GO: What is it? my special slogan.
Mir: Ready? Altogether, Hello~ Baby!
GO: Since today is Dayoung's birthday, let's play a traditional Vietnam game.
GO: We're gonna blindfold the person who's it, and then the others have to clap to allure them.
GO: Then, when they catch someone, the have to guess who they caught, just by feeling the face. If they guess right, that person becomes it.
Mir: I think I know the name of this game! It's called Bit Mat bat Jae (viet)
GO:Have you ever tasted falling rain? (similar sound in korean)
(You wanna die?) GO: I'm sorry...
GO: (GO gets to be it first since he suggested it) Here I go!!!
MIr: Ready, set, go!
GO: You guys have to clap~
(We don't wanna be it! The kids move around carefully.)
(But in a short amount of time, they start getting comfortable with the game.)
(They avoid him very well~)
(GO turns toward the right direction with his animal senses.)
GO: I got you!! Mir: He got you!
(Only if he guesses who he caught, he gets to quit being it!)
(He carefully scans the face)
GO: stay still... It's Leo! Right? ... I got it right!!
(GO daddy correct!)
GO: You're next.
(Leo is the next tagger)
Leo: No~
(I don't wanna be the tagger~)
LJ: What are we supposed to do if you dont wanna be it? Mir: Leo, you have to.
GO: Leo, you're it now.
(But he agrees to be strong and take his job as being it!)
LJ: Do it like a man.
Mir: Ready, set, go!
(Here comes Leo!)
(I'm gonna catch everybody!!)
GO: Hey! Don't take it off!
Mir: He got her!
(Uh-oh! What kind of situation is this?!)
(Leo and Lauren are in their love mode)
Leo: I just liked it very much.
Mir: Seojung can't hear anything!
(And the Hello Family played like that for a while..)
LJ: Hey, It's really hard to catch them..
LJ: I always knew how hard it was to play with little kids, but I never felt it that strongly until this day because there were more kids.
Mir: I thought the kids wouldn't understand the game and it wouldn't be fun at all, but everybody had fun so I enjoyed it very much. (Mir daddy decides that he's gonna put more effort into playing with the children from now on.)
Mir: I didn't know that a traditional Vietnamese game would be this fun.
Mir: Now that we played a Vietnamese game, I think it's time that we play a traditional Korean game. GO: Yeah! Good idea.
Mir: But there's so many traditional Korean games like spinning a top, Jwibulnori (similar to fire works), Ttackji-chigi, Why did you come to our house.
Mir: Out of all of them, there's nothing as fun as Ttackji-chigi. (Ttackji-chigi is the best!)
GO: Ttackji-chigi? It's good that you brought that up, because when I was younger, I was so good at that game that everybody called me Ttackji. (He claimes to have played with Ttackjis during his childhood. "The Master of Flipping- GO")
Mir: When I was in elementary school, I folded Ttackjis so much that my books had no more pages. ( He clames to also have played with Ttackji during his childhood. "The Master of Hitting- Mir") (He even says that he folded his school textbooks into Ttackjis.)
GO: Oh really? What about you LJ?
LJ: I was just the stupid quiet kid in the back... (The master of being a loner- LJ)
Mir: I was so into it that I collected them with characters on it.
Mir: Now let's split into teams. (Splitting in to teams to start the official game!)
GO: Okay
Mir: If you were the Ttackji from Changwon, I'm the Ttackji from Jangseong. Let's decide the teams by rock-paper-scissors. GO:okay. (Do whatever you need to do!)
Mir: Rock, paper, scissors! x3
(* The team that loses has to write their name with their butt!)
(That's not Ttackji...)
Mir: (This won't work out! The game is changed into a daddies' game.) Since this isn't working out, let's show them what real Ttackji-chigi is supposed to be like. GO: Okay!
Mir: The dads' games of Ttackji! GO: Alright!
(The competition between the dads... START!)
Mir & GO: Rock, paper Scissors! (They're already getting competitive over choosing which Ttackji they want!)
Mir: Whick Ttackji would you like? (The first pick is up to GO daddy)
GO: (His competitiveness kicks in) I shall choose a thin, strong one..
Leo: (Ttackji delivery!) Here's a Ttackji~
Mir: (Mir daddy had a slight disadvantage) Uhh.. This Ttackji isn't too good..
(The daddies are really serious....) Mir&GO: Rock paper scissors!
Mir: Okay, I'll start first.
(Fighting GO daddy!)
Mir: Wait, what if I flip yours on the first try??
GO: Let's see.
(Changwon Ttackji VS. Jangseong Ttackji- Who will be the winner?)
(He hit it!)
Mir: Darn, it didn't flip.
GO: (Mir fails his first attempt) It's not gonna flip if you throw it like that. Let me try.
(GO daddy can do it!)
(The Ttackji has been thrown!)
(GO daddy also failed~)
Mir: I'll show you my special move; side-hit
(Mir the Master of side-hit Showing off his special moves!)
(But just like its name, it misses by a bit.)
GO: Woah~! It lifted a lot! (I could've gotten it!)
(Mir daddy can play pretty good huh?)
Mir: It doesn't flip that easily.
(Just randomly throwing)
(Fails, just as predicted.)
Mir: (I'll show you) Now, my extremely special move..
GO: Extremely special move?? What is that??
Mir: Hitting the bottom!
(Changwon falls.)
(Jangseong Ttackji wins the finals!)
Mir: Jangseong does not lose to Changwon!
Mir: (Before becoming famous for MBLAQ, Mir was famous for Ttackji) Seriously, In Jangseong, I was famous for being good at Ttackji.
GO: The main thing about Jangseong is that Ttackji is everything to them.
GO: Mir knew how to move his wrist and he knew exactly how the Ttackji would turn over.
GO: (It's time for their punishment!) I'm sorry Seojeong. (They can't even let the birthday girl, DY get away with it.) Let's stand up Dayoung. Mir: Sorry it's your punishment for losing~
LJ: Leo isn't in our team, is he?
Mir: He's not on our team.
LJ: (Leo gets caught trying to pretend he's on LJ daddy's team!) Oh then I guess you have to do it with them. (I can't believe I have to do this!) Hold Dayoung's hand.
Mir: You have to write your name with your butts! Ready, go!
(A breathtaking view)
LJ: (You want me to do this?) Guys, write your name with your butts.
(Leo starts moving his butt after LJ daddy's command) LJ&Mir: Woah look at Leo!!
Mir: Leo's really good!
(Leo Recipon!)
GO: I saw that Dayoung was enjoying it, and overall, everybody looked happy. I realized that it was a really good idea to invite her friends.
(The Hello Family sent home their friends after the party)
GO: It was a little bit tiring, but because there were a lot of kids, it was really fun. Dayoung looked like she was enjoying it too.
Mir: Anyways, what are we gonna do about our couch??
LJ: Dayoung, we're in this situation because of your birthday.
Mir: (I think we've heard that enough now~) Dayoung, we sold our couch for your birthday. We're the best, right?
GO: Lauren, what did you think of today?
Lauren: I liked it.
GO: Really? You enjoyed seeing your friends right? (The person who enjoyed today's party the most)
GO: Was this birthday the best birthday Dayoung?
GO: If it was the best, you have to give each of the dads a kiss on the cheek~
(Mir daddy, who worked hard watching the kids gets a kiss first~)
LJ: Leo, did you just try to kiss Dayoung?
(Darn, they caught me)
Mir: Don't try to hide your feelings Leo, we all know.
(Thank you LJ daddy and GO daddy~)
SH: (To Dayoung:) Happy birthday dear Dayoung~ Happy birthday to you~~
SH: I couldn't be at your birthday party because I wasn't feeling good. (SH daddy is feeling sorry he couldn't be there for her birthday)
SH:(I'll see you soon~)So to make up, next time, I'll buy you any present you want and celebrate your birthday with you.
Dayoung: Thank you daddies~
D-18 The 3 babies & SH's recording site
(18 days before the musical performance. They're recording the song "Hello Bi-bim-bab" today.
(Will the 3 babies be able to finish?)
Director: Say "Yes Bi-bim-bab"
(Dayoung is up first)
Dayoung: "Yes Bi-bim-bab!"
(They try practicing before recording.)
Director: Very good job! Now try to say "Yes! Bi-bim-bab~" with more excitement!
Dayoung: "Yes! Bi-bim-bab!!"
(Our Dayoung is really good!)
Director: Very good! Now try Yes! MBLAQ! (Now the next part)
Dayoung: "Yes! MBLAQ!!"
Director: Woow. You did really good. (Dayoung is finished recording)
Director: Now who did we say goes next?
(Leo goes second) Director: Right! We said Leo goes next right? Can you go out and tell Leo to come in??
Dayoung: Leo it's your turn! Come out!
(The babies are well behaving today)
Director: I want you to be loud as possible. Say "Yes! Bi-bim-bab!"
Leo: Yes. Bi-bim-bab...
Director: Okay, now try it louder and faster, like "BIBIMBAB!"
(Leo seems to be having trouble getting the beat correct)
Leo: Bi-bim-bab..
(Trying the next part!)
Director: Good job! Now when I say "one, two," you say "Yum yum (num num)"
Leo: "Yum yum.."
Director: You did great, but try to say it a little bit louder.
Leo: "YUM YUM!!"
(Leo must have been really nervous)
Director: Great! Now smile while you say it.
Leo: "Yum yum" (Leo fighting!)
Director: This time, we're gonna cheer your MBLAQ daddies. Say "Yes, MBLAQ!"
(This time he's trying "Yes MBLAQ!)
Leo: "Yes, MBLAQ!"
Director: Try making your voice higher at the end.
Leo: (about to cry) "Yes, MBLAQ"
(He's getting even more nervous because the recording is getting harder.)
Director: Woow!! Leo, you did reall really great!!
Director: Since Dayoung went and you went, who's turn is it now?
(Lauren goes third)
Leo: Lauren...
(Good luck Lauren)
Director: Okay, now open the door, and tell Laren to come in.
Leo: Laren come here.
Director: (Lauren is the one that likes to sing on a daily basis) It's Lauren's turn now, so Leo, you and Dayoung wait outside for Lauren okay?
(Will Lauren be able to finish recording without any problems?)
Director: Sit down Lauren~!
(Time for Lauren to record~)
Director: Can you say ahh ahh in the microphone right here??
Lauren: Mommy~~~
Director: Mommy's right there in front of you.
(Lauren isn't used to her new surroundings yet)
(Leo & Dayoung ends up having to go comfort her)
Leo: I'm gonna protect Lauren.
(Leo's a big boy now) Director: Okay, come protect Lauren, Leo. Do you wanna stay in here with us?
(Leo is Lauren's Prince Charming)
Director: Dayoung, you come here too~
(Dayoung gives an example so that Lauren can follow.)
Director: All you have to do is follow Dayoung.
Dayoung: "YES BI-BIM-BAB!!"
(Dayoung's voice is energetic! What about Lauren?)
Lauren: "Yes.. Bi-bim-bab...."
Director: Good! Now try it with a little more energy.
Lauren: "YES! BI-BIM-BAB!"
(Good job Lauren!)
Director: WOOW! You did really great! Dayoung, can you teach Lauren what number 2 was??
Dayoung: "YES MBLAQ!!"
Lauren: "YES! MBLAQ!"
Director: Try it one more time.
Lauren: ( Like this?) "YES! MBLAQ!"
(Thanks to the help of her friends, Lauren finishes her part.)
Director: Wow! Okay! All three of you put your hands in the middle.
(To celebrate the end of the recording session, all of them shout fighting!) Director: We're gonna say one, two, three, Fighting!!
Director: One, two, three
Director&Lauren&Leo&Dayoung: Fighting!!
Director: Woohoo! We're done! Good job guys!
Dayoung: I said "Yes, Bi-bim-bab!" and "Yes, MBLAQ!"
Staff: How was it?
Dayoung: It was fun!
Lauren: I wanna hurry up and sing~
Staff: Do you think you can do it?
Leo: Noo.
Staff: Do you think you'll be able to sing?
Leo: I can't.
(Wait a minute!? Who is this familiar person??)
(SH daddy came to the studio to record his part of the Bi-bim-bab song.) SH: Hello~
Studio Staff: Hi SH.
(SH daddy was taking a little break due to a injury)
(We're glad you look healthy now~) SH: I couldn't be here last time because I was sick. That's why I came here today by myself.
Studio Staff: Have you heard the song yet?
SH: No, Not yet.
(It won't be healthy for him to hear the song right now...)
SH: I'm not too worried because I heard that I don't have too many parts.
SH: I could kind-of predict what the other members have done.
(Did you predict this narration??)
Laughing so hard
(The more you hear it, the more ridiculous it gets)
SH: Is it okay that we sing it like this?!
(The staff gave up on it a long time ago, SH.) Studio Staff: Well yes, because it's going to be in a performance.
SH: The song didn't sound like a song for a musical at all. I realized that there was no turning back anymore and that we have to work with what we have now. I was too late.
(The time has come..)
(Finally, the recording starts)
(He is warming up and getting ready to record)
(For the last time he suggests.) SH: Can I just be the pianist playing the song on the piano for the whole show??
(Anyways, the he ends up recording)
SH: I'm gonna go crazy!
(The part where all the other daddies had trouble on)
(Of course, he turns it into a rock version)
SH: I can't do it like that, can I?
(Unlike how he expected, they tell him that it's very good.) Studio Staff: I loved it!
SH: I don't think I can do a performance with this..
SH: I'm so dead.. We'll see how this turns out.. Let us try our best!
(If you can't avoid it, you have to enjoy it!)
(He even finishes the song's highlight, the "mix it, mix it" part)
(Thanks to all the support he got, he finishes his recording session)
SH: Wow. I will never get a "good" for singing like this somewhere else.
SH: Just like I expected, It's a lot different.......
SH: I would like to applaude and criticize my fellow MBLAQ members for making a very melodic and overall very good children's song into a ridiculously crazy song with so many different genres that don't go together.
SH: In the end, I am still a MBLAQ member....
SH: I didn't even dance, and I'm still sweating.
(All that's left is the performance. Will the Hello Family be able to complete their final mission?)