Defender Series Kindle Fire case installation instructions | OtterBox TV

Uploaded by OtterBoxTV on 02.11.2012

The OtterBox Defender series offers all around rugged protection.
To install your device into the case first remove the screen protector shell.
Do this by pushing up on the tabs,
freeing the case.
Now, separate the silicone from the hard plastic shell,
be careful not to pull from any ports or plugs.
You can now separate the two pieces of the shell by releasing the tension clips along the side of the case.
Now place the device into the back half of the plastic making sure all the features lineup.
You can now snap on the front piece.
We will now place the silicon back on the case making sure everything seats into place.
Your device is now protected.
The shield is designed for the screen to face in for maximum protection, however when using
the device you can clip the shield on the back of the case.
The shield can also be used as a stand, simply pull out on the stand until it locks into place.
The stand features two angels one great for typing,
and a more upright one for viewing.
There you have it, the OtterBox Defender series.