App Reviews - AIVC (Alice) - Siri for Android

Uploaded by ToonGadget on 07.06.2012

Hey guys, I'm here with my
first app review. I've done a lot of videos today. It's the 3rd today..
Anyway,uh... i'm gonna be showing you
basically Siri for android
uh... but. Yeah..
Uh, so...
Let's jump right in. Get it from 'Play' store. Can't remember how much it is,
wasn't too much I hope. Less than $5, less than $3 dollars uh... $1 maybe.
$1 or $2 but anyway uh... there it is. I'm not gonna open from the 'Open'
button up here uh... Instead I'm gonna go to the home
And go to...
hold the search button now it'll ask you if you want to open it. First-time uh...
you open the app...
First time you hold the search button after you install it'll ask you what you
wanna open up. Set it as 'default' 'cause I'm sure you want this as your 'default'.
...first, before I show you what
settings and everything I'm gonna show you an example of what it does.
'What time is it?'
Sorry it's going sorta slow, it'll speed up. It's because I cleared everything
from it a second ago. For the purp-
purpose of this tutorial.
Um so um... you know, we see that works .You can change things like;
units of measurement you know. Uh... what you want to use for navigation,
search engine, you can connect it to FaceBook, you can uh...
connect it to TV or something. I really don't know what that is.
Uh... you can decide what you want the assistant to be called. You can
change what it calls you.
That's pretty cool. And here is a list of some of the stuff
which you can do. It can call, text, email...
You can ask where you wanna go, it can play music for you and tell the weather.
Uh... so there's a lot of potential in this app.
But let me show you a couple more uh... examples.
Translate into French: 'I love you'
Nice uh...
'What's 4 + 2?'
Very good, uh...
'How's the weather?'
Now my whether settings aren't very... I don't think I've done my setting
so it'll have a little...
Well, there you go uh...
Let's see, what else what else can we do with you
Alice uh...
'How many songs do I have?'
'Thank you'
What a polite
What a polite little assistant there Uh... So you can see the
potential in this um... This is something that I use everyday and
You kind of... you don't really look stupid using it either.
Any Apple fanboy will be wanting to use Siri as much which they want.
What else can we do with you Alice? just a quick little goodbye.
Oh I know.
Let's play some music uh... what can you do with music?
'Play re and' (meant to be Rihanna)
Doesn't really know her...
'Play Chris Brown.'
It'll ask you what uh...
what music player you wanna use.
There you go!
(Loud Music) Sorry about that, it's a bit loud but
you can see the potential in this. There's a lot you can do with this.
Let me uh... sorry, a little lag. Let me just say uh... goodbye to her.
So she doesn't feel lonely. 'Bye'.
I told her to call me Mdu.
Right, um... so that's all, I guess. In under five minutes, that's good.
Uh... so uh...
Check it out, it's only a couple of $ and it's well worth it. Trust me.