K-State Researchers Using Nanotechnology to Increase Food Safety

Uploaded by KState on 23.02.2012

Jun Li>> I?ve been working on nanotechnology for more than 15 years and I moved here in
2007 and took this associate professor position. Before that, I had been working at NASA Ames
research center for seven years for the focus of nanotechnology.
Nanotechnology is a very exciting area. It really provides the opportunity to solve the
problem of food safety. It could be also helpful for environmental, for energy issues.
Lateef Syed>> So my research focuses on developing nanotechnology-based biosensors for pathogen
detection and cancer biomarker detection. Right now our focus is detection of E. Coli.
We use carbon nanofibers as our nanoelectrode material, which can sense these pathogens
and other biomarkers that we are dealing with.
Jun Li>> I actually started this project when I was working at NASA Ames and we had developed
a similar type of nanotechnology. I was leading a group to develop biosensors so we came up
with the idea to use this to develop a small chip to capture and detect pathogens. We carried
further this work here. Mostly by Lateef. He is a good student.
Lateef Syed>> It?s been almost 3 and a half years that I have been working on this project
and it took a lot of effort to get to this point and I?m happy that we have at least
some preliminary results, which indicate that this technology?s feasible.
The ultimate goal is to integrate this technology into a handheld electronic device for this
pathogen detection so we can use that device as an in-line monitoring of water quality
or food quality in food and water industries.