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Previously on the Amazing Race… Go!!
Eleven teams set out from Long Beach;; California… Ok;; let’s roll.
… and raced more than 4000 miles (~6437 kms) to Lima;; Peru. Rob and Amber got help
from a local… Follow me… Follow him.
… who recognized them from Survivor… We’ve got all of Peru working for us.
… and leapfrogged to the front of the pack. There’s Rob and Amber;; damn!
Some teams were upset. How’d Rob and Amber catch up with us?...
They don’t need to win again. Everyone rode a zipline in the mountains of
Cusco. That was fun!
Mother and son team Susan and Patrick struggled herding llamas.
Come on… He’s going to spit on you Mom;; watch out. Ooooh;; Mom.
While the animals took kindly to married retirees Meredith and Gretchen.
This is the easy part for us;; Meredith. They like you now.
In the end;; lifelong friends Debbie and Bianca finished first.
You’re team number one… Ahhhhhhhh! And a tight foot race between best friends
Ryan and Chuck and dating couple Ron and Kelly determined the elimination.
Ryan and Chuck? You’ve both been eliminated from the race.
Now;; ten teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?
This is Cusco;; Peru. Once the capital of the Inca empire;; it’s one of the oldest
cities in the Western Hemisphere. And in the heart of the city;; La Merced. This 325-year-old
church was the first pit stop in a race around the world. Teams arrived here at the end of
the last leg for a mandatory rest period. Will Rob and Amber continue to use their Survivor
notoriety to get ahead? And can Ron and Kelly climb out of last place after narrowly escaping
elimination? Debbie and Bianca;; who were the first to arrive at 10:54 am will depart
at 10:54 pm. Travel by bus to the city of Arequipa.
Teams must now travel by bus nearly 400 miles (~643;;6 km) to the city of Arequipa. This
small city is also known as the “White City”;; because most of the buildings are made with
white volcanic stone. Once there;; teams must find this shoeshine union to receive their
next clue. Ok… We’re off… It’s very important
for Debbie and I to be the first women team to win the race. We have what it takes. We’re
not the strongest;; physically. Our strength will be mental… It’s not even open for
us to buy our ticket until the morning… Arequipa? 6:20. That’s the earliest one.
Travel by bus to the city of Arequipa. Alright;; let’s head out… Got it… I don’t think
the other teams see us as a threat. Like;; “oh;; we can get rid of that cheesy mom
and son”;; but we are a lot smarter than anybody gives us credit for.
You have $480 (~R$ 871) for this leg of the race. Ready?... Yeah… Rob’s definitely
the leader of our team. I think he feels comfortable with it. I like to talk some sense into him
sometimes;; but if he needs to make those important decisions;; I just let him do it…
Ciao. Hi;; guys… It opens at 5:30;; so we get
the first tickets;; you guys get the second… Awesome;; second… Ok… And we’ll be on
the exact same bus… It opens at 5:30;; and we’ll just go in order;; if you want to.
Is that cool?… That’s fine. Let’s go. See if we can find information… The one
that leaves at 6:20;; does that get there first?... The fastest… The 6:20 am is…
Yes… Ok;; they stop and stop and stop… Stop a lot?... Pero “Flores” es direto
(But “Flores” is direct). Un stop en Julieca (One stop in Juliaca)… Un stop?... Sí…
Es mayor (sic) (It’s better)… (El) mejor (The best)… Gracias (Thank you)… This
bus leaves an hour later;; but arrives earlier;; so we’re going with this one.
The city of Arequipa… Let’s go… Let’s get two cabs;; wait for Alex and Lynn… Greg
and I have a strategy on this race and that’s to build relationships and friendships with
all the teams… Get two… Dos;; taxi… Taxi.
City of Arequipa… Let’s do it… Alright… Lynn and I want to prove something as a gay
couple. There’s a side that is competitive and edgy and butch. We just need to have the
opportunity to show that… So we’re going to the bus station?... Yeah… Yeah… So
that was good that the brothers held a cab for us;; that was awesome… Yeah… Oh;;
it’s not open yet?... Ok;; one and two;; Rob and Amber three and four… We are so
organized. We’re still leading everybody on to think
that we’re on that bus down there. The city of Arequipa… Go!... Oh;; good.
Meredith has really impressed me with his ability to help me do things. I tend to be
the emotional one and I go in a hundred different directions but we seem to be working pretty
well together on this… Gracias. Para usted (Thank you. For you).
Travel by bus to the city of Arequipa. Let’s go… From the background I have in athletics;;
I get so absorbed in the contest that I don’t acknowledge that I need any help;; and Deana’s
here as window dressing. I know that’s wrong. I need two people to win this thing.
You will have $480 for this leg of the race… Great. Let’s do it… Normally our day in
(sic) day life (should be “normally in our day to day life”;; but that’s not what
she says);; Uchenna and I are battling for control but we’ve both been relinquishing
a little;; so it feels good. I don’t want nobody else knowing. Just Uchenna…
Alright… This one here;; “Flores”;; leaves an hour later;; but gets in a half
an hour earlier… Cool… I got a guy who told me everything and I paid him not to tell
anybody else… Oh;; Ok… Last night we talked with Uchenna and Joyce;; and Ray and Deana
about the possibility of teaming up… And I didn’t tell anybody this;; right?... Oh;;
I know. You saved me a lot of work… So… Good move.
Made it… Yeah… And;; everybody’s here… What bus are you taking?... You’re on a
secret list;; ok?… You are looking out… Yeah;; I got you covered on this. Play dumb…
Sweet. Ok;; $480;; let’s go… Alright… Heidi
and I feel that we can get a lot further acting alone. The day that we were with the other
teams;; we felt like we were really held back and there wasn’t enough action taken and
naturally Heidi and I are leaders and we will take control of things… My hair keeps blowing
in my mouth… Put it behind your ears. Ariquipa. Alright;; let’s go… I’m a
very gritty;; down-and-dirty type person. That’s what you get from being in the military…
Kelly’s the beauty queen;; she’s never dealt with having to rough it;; she’s really
been out of her element… Oh look hon;; it’s everybody… They’re all here.
Hola. ¿Habla ingés?... Ah;; sí;; sure… I was getting help from a security guard there
and he says;; “I’m told I cannot help you”;; and I said;; “Who? Who told you
not to?”;; an he’s all;; “The guy in the cap”.
Since Rob and Amber are really trying to BS (bullshit) us;; that means we need to get
on that bus… So just FYI (for your information);; don’t trust Rob and Amber… I don’t.
Did you talk to the security guard;; Rob?... Did I talk to him? Yeah… And you told him
not to tell us anything?... No;; I didn’t tell him that at all… You didn’t? Oh…
That’s funny… All the politicking and back and forth and whispering;; it does nobody
any good at all… Lying to somebody is completely different… Tell me what I lied about…
No;; I’m;; I’m not getting into it… Because there IS nothing. Accusing somebody
of lying… That’s how it appeared to me… That’s personal… It makes me nauseous
to have to deal with that kind of stuff… It makes me nauseous to have to have you call
me a liar and then it wasn’t even what transpired… Let’s just say it’s a good thing that
people can’t be voted off… Yeah;; whatever. All the teams are going to ride on the same
bus and we’ll all start out at first place when we get there.
The bus ride was a long ten-hour ride through the Andes Mountains. It was absolutely beautiful.
Really high peaks;; I mean;; we went up quite a way.
Hahaha;; sweet… The chemistry went off pretty fast with Megan and Heidi and Greg and I.
We got to spend some time getting to know each other and we kind of started a friendship.
Brian and Greg are very nice;; down-to-earth guys. They’re a lot more like Heidi and
I than we would have even thought. We just all really got along;; and there are some
sparks between Brian and I. I mean;; there was a definite connection there.
En Arequipa (In Arequipa);; aberta (sic) la puerta aqui (open the door here) solamente
(only). No en la “back” (not in the back)… Perfecto (perfect)… Ok… Ok?... Gracias;;
amigo. Uchenna and Joyce;; Ron and Kelly;; Ray and
Deana;; and Amber and I;; all chipped in five sols to bribe him so that he can only open
the front door. What Ray and Uchenna and Ron don’t know is that I never really chipped
in my five;; I put it back in my pocket. I’m only using that money to travel with.
Can you ask him to open the door?... That is NOT cool.
Go! Por favor;; andiamo;; andiamo (Italian;; I
think). Rápido;; rápido. Come on Deana. We’re
in a race with these people. Rápido;; rápido.
Rápido;; rápido. C’mon;; babe.
C’mon… Abra la puerta;; por favor… Oh;; NOW you open it?... Oh;; nice… You’re
kidding me… Go;; go;; go… I can’t believe they didn’t open that door… Real freakin’
cool. Hurry;; hurry;; hurry. We’re in a race.
Ok;; you got it?... Sí… Can I have my clue back? Muy rápido.
Emergency… Oh;; por favor;; rápido. Let’s go;; please.
Right here;; right here. Relax;; relax. Taxis… Let’s go. They’ve got them up
here. We got out of the bus station first. So far;;
so good. Whoo-hoo… Ron and Kelly… Rob and Amber;;
we’re still beside them. Yeah;; beep;; beep;; beep;; beep… Stop.
So which building? Is this it right here? Go… Ok. Yes. Roadblock. Who loves shoes?
A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform;; and no person can do more than
six on the entire race. In this Roadblock;; that person has to work in the busy local
shoeshine business. Each person must choose a shoeshine representative who will accompany
them on the task. Then they must shine five pairs of shoes and earn one Peruvian Sol per
shine. Once they’ve completed the task;; they must make their way to the shoeshine
union headquarters where they’ll receive their next clue. (10:30)