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ERIKA STORM-WASSER: Hey guys, Erika here and I am back at
the New York Design Center.
And I'm here with Maxwell from the amazing design website,
Apartment Therapy.
And we're here to show you what's hot, and what's new,
and what's trending.
How are you?
I'm glad to be here.
The cool thing about the design industry is that it
moves a little bit slower than fashion.
So the things we're seeing now, we've been seeing just
for a little bit of time and they'll
probably last for a while.
So you can rest assured that if you hear something today
that you like, you can still think about it six months from
now and it will still be very on trend.
ERIKA STORM-WASSER: Let me say it.
Let's go look around.
MAXWELL GILLINGHAM-RYAN: So what we're seeing is eclectic
room sets, so nothing matches.
Here's a dining room with three
totally different chairs.
If I were to give you any one of these chairs and say, do
you like this chair?
You'd say, maybe not so much.
But when you put it all together this feels like a fun
little dining room.
There's a difference between a collection on a shelf that's
pretty and clutter.
And so if you go too far it won't read.
You also have shining metallics are still very
popular, even more so this year.
We're also seeing updated traditional.
A lot of the new designs are made to look like they're
already old.
So what's happening here is this is very traditional, but
it's updated and it feels very cool and new.
ERIKA STORM-WASSER: It just feels like you want to have a
glass of chardonnay.
MAXWELL GILLINGHAM-RYAN: We're also seeing the geometric
shapes both in textiles and in accessories.
If you look at this mirror here, it's a nice big pentagon
with little pentagons inside.
Again, all straight lines.
And then, as we move over to the right over here, you start
to see these lamps here.
And this is literally stone.
We're also seeing strong contrast between lights and
darks, which, again, give you that fresh pleasing feeling.
And when there's color, you're going to see colors that are
much more jewel tones.
They're gem tones.
You're going to greens and oranges and blues.
They're going to be watery and gemy.

So Erika, do you like this room?
It's fun.
It's colorful, and it's a melding of everything we--
MAXWELL GILLINGHAM-RYAN: It's got almost everything in it.
You've got all your shiny stuff.
You've got your simple geometric shapes.
You've got your gem colors here.
You've got your high contrast in the darks and the lights.
It's all sort of vintagey.
It's all sort of old fashioned new.
ERIKA STORM-WASSER: I had so much fun hanging out today.
This is a blast.
And next time we should come back with money and we should
buy all this stuff and then really make it work for us.
I think that would be amazing.
And then, we can do a big home tour of my apartment, which is
MAXWELL GILLINGHAM-RYAN: Let's redo your apartment next.
Maxwell re-does my apartment.
I'm down.
Thank you guys so much for hanging with both of us.
We had a blast.
I hope you learned a ton.
If you want to find out more about the trends you saw
today, definitely check out Apartment Therapy and our
Tumblr at SPACEStv.
See you guys.
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