How to import movies from a Sony® camera to a Macintosh® Computer using Apple's iMovie® software

Uploaded by SonyListens on 02.08.2012

This video will show you how to import movies from your Sony camera to a Mac computer using
Apple’s iMovie software
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Each camera is slightly different so be sure to check the owner’s manual or visit us
as for your specific features and menu options
Before we get started you will need a Macintosh computer with iMovie installed your Sony camera
and the supplied USB cable
For this demonstration we are using iMovie ’11 but any version will work though the
screens may be slightly different
First make sure the computer is powered on
Connect the Camera directly to the USB port on your computer
Turn on the camera by pressing the power button
The camera LCD will display USB Mode Mass Storage
Image Capture or iPhoto may automatically open Just close these windows
Now open the iMovie software by clicking the iMovie icon on the dock or you can use the
Finder Bar
On the Finder Bar select “Go” then “Applications"
Select the iMovie icon from the list of applications
Once iMovie opens select File then “Import from Camera”
Your videos will now be displayed
You can choose the import all button on the lower right to import all videos or select
manual from the lower left and choose individual videos Then press the import option on the
In the Save to window choose where you want to save your video
You can also choose to add it to an existing event which is like an existing project or
create a new event to start a new project
Here you may also change the size of the video
When finished click import
In the import complete window click “OK” and then “Done”
Your videos will be displayed in the lower right portion of the window
In the lower left portion you will see Event Library
Under Event library you will see a list of all Events (projects) you have created
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I hope you have enjoyed this video
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