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so as a pizza guy become a congressman and how does a man become a mister Thanksgiving
and how that i did a show on public television
questions were getting answers here in
The Cities
welcome to the first broadcast of The Cities our experiment on television were well look
closer at issues affecting the Quad Cities
the events that are happening in our area and the people behind it all
it's the first locally produced program here at WQPT
since Western Illinois University obtained a license to public television stations serving
the Quad Cities
my name is Jim Mertens I am proud to be your host each week in today
featuring two people who have change the cities
in two different ways
you'll get to meet the man behind a huge Thanksgiving feast this is Bob Vogelbaugh last
free dinner for people at Moline Southpark Mall
it's been a forty year tradition for mister Thanksgiving more from bob is just ahead
but first the
who broke the twenty-five year tradition of Democrats representing western Illinois in Washington

you gave a second thought the Bobby Schilling when he first announced he'd challenge sitting
democratic congressman Phil Hare
but by summer
thing started change
the country wanted something different
and by Labor day it appeared
Bobby Schilling could be the man to bring it
and just weeks later
by election day
is victory was assured the race
not even all that close
so how do you go from a guy who makes pizza pies
to a guy who's going to help make the laws affecting millions of people
let's ask
joining us on the cities this morning is congressman elect
Bobby Schilling congratulations Thank you Jim, Partner and wife political partner Kristi
How are you and how are you i'm doing just great this has got to have been a
whirlwind for you just come back from
Washington tell me out the experiences was like
as you try to get acclimated Washington d_c_ it was a a a great experience we went out
and uh... several classes that we went through
the best way to describe it is like drinking water from a fire hose so much information
to come in the thing that was really uh... great those meeting the other colleagues out
Democrats and Republicans both
and uh... there's quite a few more Republicans and Democrats but uh... it was uh... overwhelming
but at the same time very exciting
for you as well or is that now or it is where Bobby is these days
it was by then they had a
orientation for the wives
and that lasted all day and we kinda got uh... just a glance of what
the congressmen and women when they were going to be going through
um... they have a lat a lot to do before it they get sworn in
before we go back to taking a look at the race
for this election let's talk a little bit about what you've experienced since the last
few days
you've been able to meet with the Republican leaders do you have any first impressions
there's a lot of
high expectations on the Republican party once they do
uh... take over the house next year yet there are some very high expectations that the biggest
thing that i learned uh... going out there this past week is that
these folks are a lot like us
you know a lot of times we see the politicians for Democrats and Republicans as we see all the bad
things that they're doing
but there are a lot of good solid people out there and i think with uh... the Republicans
come in and with about one third of the Republican congress and we do have a little bit of power
there there's a mandate and uh... i but i believe that the people there are gonna hold
firm in and they are listening to us we've asked for a few things
uh... we've added uh... one person onto our steering committee which normally they do
not do
i'm so there are uh... willing to listen to us at least know what i always like about
the candidate the candidates that they're running against Washington and now they should
there you're saying there's good people there
that's a different things of that
nay you know and there are few out there that that uh... make it bad for the others
but uh... you know the big thing is to hold firm on that the promises and delivering
and like i was talking today to the local union in Rock Island and
and just explain and you know that i can only prove myself by my actions you know what i
talk about today and tomorrow you know with the best thing to do this is for me to get
in there and worked my tail off from work for the people ask why i plan on doing we're
talking about a very different congress one hundred twelve congressman pictures of all
the new congressmen getting off of that bus
walking up the steps of the capitol posing for the picture
what's it like to be around all these new freshmen lawmakers
it's like
they are not the only one here this week
Yea.. it's almost like uh... freshman high school or a freshman in college
you're trying to uh... get to know people as quickly as possible because there was so
uh... unfortunately i was unable to meet everyone i'm might shake their hand but uh... very
few maybe fifteen that i actually got to know but uh... you know we pulled up to the uh...
to the uh... the capital
it was very humbling
uh... it's starting to set in a little bit about what was really uh...
happening here and walking up the stairs you know it was uh... just I get chills
when i look at the capital was it's a great feeling now you rode up in a bus
the tea party express i'm sure for some people that you've got the backing of the tea party
but you don't necessarily consider yourself a tea party member
but are you going to start feeling pressure
to uh... to some of the things that perhaps they expect you to do here you know i started
running for the tea party really got ah... heavily active and
you know what i a whenever the reporters ask me are you a tea party candidate
and then i just respond back are you asking me if i believe we're taxed enough already
yes are we taxed enough then
name you know whether it's spending across the board to line up quite well i believe
with the tea party folks so i don't think we'll have to worry about holding firm i mean
that was the reason why
ran as because of everything that's happened across the board whether spending and taxing
and let's be honest that's a big change from the last uh... two-and-a-half decades of Democratic
rule in the seventy-fifth yet it is you know when i look at the seventeen
uh... there's a lot of work to be done and you know Phil did a good job bringing and uh...
jobs back to the Quad Cities when it comes to uh... your earmarks in construction work and things
like that and that's one thing that i want to be clear about his stop people think
earmarks are all bad
and they're really not there's a lot of good earmarks the ones that we have to get read
over the wasteful spending one such as
swap mice in California or
heard or silly test further taken care of their friends and i think that key
that's uh...
well i want to get that get to that in a moment but I might as well ask you right now
are people that are asking the Republicans to take a pledge of no earmarks were
used extensively to fund up so the studies for the assistant before bridge
is a number of different areas where your marks are used
uh... congressman who support your earmarks a look this is congress saying where the money
goes dispose of the white house
about putting the money where it wants it go
so will you make a pledge saying no earmarks yeah i think what the pledge really is
the your marks as we know them today
our history uh... there will still be money spent
but each dollar that is that will be uh... stepped on its merits
you know too many margins at midnight with the congress members will actually
literally go fill in something
uh... something special that they want and then the appropriations committee looks at
it sends it to the congress and they vote on without knowing what's in their what's
gonna happen is the American people are gonna know exactly
what we're spending our money on
waited Kristi conversation that vote to do that i want to take this way back
may twenty fifth two thousand and nine
that's when bobby announced he was gonna run
well before the November twenty ten elections
what kind of discussions did you have before that date about whether or not this was a
good idea for you and
uh... nine kids you had back then
We did a lot talking a lot of praying
we laid out all of the with the kids
all the good things that will come out becoming a candidate and going throughout the campaign
processes and all the negative things
and one of the negative things was that uh...
we were going to be somewhat living in a fish bowl
and they had a greater responsibility of behaving more properly and um... that's where i would
come in and
be a little bit heavier when it comes to disciplining yeah i would also be worried about the other
part of the visuals not only people looking in but your kids looking out i mean all
the sudden
uh... not only do they have to behave well
there's a great expectation and like you said on how they're going to act but also on how
people are going to uh...
yea and the restaurant they kind of live a fish bowl anyway
they did pretty well and i expect that though continue their
appropriate behavior so did you do a list of the pros and the cons and then one had
twenty five on the other at twenty three going on and that we didn't write anything
that's always wise in politics that we didn't go through everything and they were pretty
excited about
the whole campaign in the process to uh... it was it wasn't really funny moment
when my three-year-old realized that
Bobby schilling was her dad she didn't realize that what we would go past signs and um...
in people's yards and the kids which hero bobby showing and Sophia finally put it together
that was her Dad
used to be a long-haul was this race nastier than expected
than you expected now not really i think it was it went pretty good Jim
you know we uh... one of the pledges i made was to run a solid campaign
and keep things on the issues and other
there was uh... one commercial you know that the there and it was kinda out of my control
and you know but overall we know we stuck to the issue
i knew would be a tough fight just because of the stronghold and that was the reason
why i jumped in so early
this fight was brought to me as a business owner i wasn't gonna sit back and just watch
what was happening and that's why i decided to jump in
i thought overall both of us handle things pretty good you know there are something saying
that i didn't pay for my pay taxes you know it but that's all politics in you know
jumping in remember of the mayor of East Moline telling me where you better have some thick skin Bobby yes well
i do so
here and
well let me take you back now to the November election night and we had to be one of those
joyful moments in your life other than i'm sure
ten other events that happened earlier
that evening was um...
just awesome to me to say the least here we're sitting back
watching the numbers come across and once i saw the numbers for rock Island county that the
the finalized numbers i was just élite and
you know our ground game a person
you know if we can get rock island county two forty five percent
uh... we're doing really good and i just looked at them i said look it i said i want fifty
plus one i said i was born and raised here
my roots are here and i said no i believe that we can get the majority in win rock island
county and
he just kind of shook his head and laughed at me but we work rock island county heavy
a lot of people knew my dad and my mother who uh... had businesses in the Quad
Quad cities and i think that uh... just a lot of folks that that knew dad
uh... knew the upbringing that i had which i believe helped me out quite a bit
there was a movie starring Robert Redford called the candidate where he was a long shot
not expected to win didn't even want to win you just don't want to bring issues forward
at the very end
is that famous line
says what do we do now
did you have that moment i mean i would think that it's you've been campaigning for
so long
that you don't really necessarily think of victory to want to get it
head of only wanna play the next game you don't want to get too far ahead
of yourself
was election night came wasn't it what do we do now
you know it's going to bring that up because once we realize that we had won i went
to my son terry who did a heck of a job managing the campaign and
and i say hey what do we do now? oh no but
you know that my original intensions were too
to go home that evening take the next few days off hang out
uh... and i got home late at night and i woke up at seven o'clock to run the kids to the
bus stop in and as i was coming back home i thought oh my goodness I’ve got a lot of
work to do here so i started calling around throughout the district thanking people and
and get right to work it's uh... but yeah
what about you Kristi mean let's talk about the fact that uh...
you're so used to your husband being in the Quad Cities that's not going to be the case over the
next two years that a huge sacrifice and is a huge sacrifice but um... with owning a business
were kind of acclimated into
me taking care of the responsibilities at home and Bobby not being home a whole lot
um... but it will be hard not having him at my disposal at least if he's at the restaurant
i could always go in and with all the kids and
stand but it'll be an adjustment and i'm sure we can do it for you know you've made a pledge
somewhat that you're hoping to be home every weekend
do you think that's possible
you know that's i I’ve had some people that say you know what you just need move here
it would be easier on your family
and that i disagree because what happens is that
as you're in congress you get stuck there for you know late into the night
and then uh... your kids are in bed by the time you get home
and then you have to go back to your district each week and i believe
uh... to give good service and then you would really miss family so i think this is the
best opportunity for me to you know go and service and also go and see my family every
let's talk about a couple of the issues that you may be facing with the one hundred twelve
congress and I’d be remiss if i didn't ask you about north Korea with the uh... the attack
against the south Korean island today
uh... the tensions that are occurring there as a freshman uh... uh... house member i know
that you don't have a whole lot of input their but you have concerns about the security of
the united states coming from perhaps not the middle east but from elsewhere from some
of these rogue states that we've heard so much about you have a real concerns that
perhaps north Korea hasn't been as uh... important on our radars maybe do you think it should
you know they're definitely a and major concerning threat to any country pretty much
and i think that's one of the reasons why we have to have a strong missile defense
because nobody if i we don't have we have a weak mission defense system
in a country such as north Korea gets a hold of some major bomb with a concern that over
to us
you know they hold the power whereas if we have a good missile defense system
and we cannot whatever they send our way out of the sky
then we hold the power and that's one of my fears is that a summit the wrong nation
gets a hold of something it thirty three minutes for a missile to hit
and that's pretty scary some people think it takes days but it really minutes
strength threw power who knows what i
believe in and i'm not talking about preempting anything but we just need a state strong
move militarily and i think that's one of the way we did for a lot of the problems does
your focus off in time has been on domestic issues jobs I’ll get to that a second but healthcare
the pendulum is kind of swung a little bit with people being very fervently against it
now swinging back a little bit even you saying that you don't necessarily want to see the
obamacare the democratic plan scrap
you just want to tweak it
you wanna tweak the health care system that we have right now
what does that mean? realistically i would like to see it
pulled out completely
uh... and work with the program that we already have in place
nut realistically you look at you know they still have a senate majority
and then the president is just going to veto anything that comes to us or we have to do
i believe is go in there and pull the pieces out like the medical device tax you knows
it’s going to tax American companies it cost us jobs found the six hundred dollar ten ninety
uh... that each company's going to have to send it to the federal government those
are the kinds of things that had nothing to do with health care reform the costs weren't address
We need true reform and it needs to be in a upfront
fashion rather than behind closed doors so whatever's good for America
is what we need to do it and i don't believe what we did here in this reform was what we
we're still getting word that the economy of course is fragile but there is some news
of good growth there is some retail sales that are picking up we look forward to a good
holiday season not gone plaster formica was tarp worth it i mean do you think it actually
did save some
i think it saved some jobs but you know i i think that uh... you know what the bailout
and tarp i mean across the board
word new here's the thing that we understand is that
no country has ever spent their way out of a recession or depression
and America’s not going to be an exception to that rule we need to do is we need to focus
more on private-sector jobs and helping create an environment to wear
no individual businesses and want to expand a lot of folks just look for
you know if we're going to make an investment of say uh... ten-year investment are seeing
a million dollars we wanna make sure we know the cards are on the table because that way
before we invest we have a up pretty good idea that we're going to be secure again our
investment back and that's not happening
Kristi I want to give you the last word i mean what do you look forward to over the
next two years that that how we know that your husband's for success
uh... i'm very proud of Bobby and i am
i know he will stay firm
in his ideas and his belief
however only well
our past twenty four years of marriage and everything that he stands for and pretty successful
at so i'm pretty confident that he can job great job as the congressman a we measure
now measured
by uh... the people in the district in how they feel and on the next election and
that's the one thing I’ve run pretty hard on his
is that too and i spoke today to the union folks is that you know i can talk as much
as i walked but in my actions i can't prove that i was saying i am and i'm looking forward
to the next two years to help the serve people congressman-elect Bobby Schilling
Kristi thank you so much for joining us we appreciated it. we will be talking
with mister thanksgiving next you-know-what will to talking to Lora Adams who's been
out and about to have some details on what's going on across the area but
also wanna have highlights some of the local bands in the area every now and then and
Ellis Kell and friends lot of people know him he got a CD out that's called the two thousand and
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welcome back to the city's Ellis Kell band wants more time we're really happy that some
of their music
talk about family tradition the holidays you know it's kinda come together
some people don't have the ability come here that may be one of the reasons why the holidays
are among most depressing time you know people who have no families nearby
over forty years one man is made sure he could not only lightning that burden for people
but also give them a good me a little music
little bit of attention as well
mister thanksgiving Bob Vogelbaugh joining us right now union meant i'm doing fine young
fortieth year
fortieth year
i gotta tell ya that what you think the first year you were gonna go to know what i want
to do in forty years no it was going to be one time only
and as because this one lady Rose Hansen
who used to come to my store every two weeks in a cab
and uh... then my butcher would take her home and uh... she never complained or anything
and uh... one day i just after you come in a cab and i know it you know cost money
and stuff
but you don't buy a lot and she said well of my sold is a my hot plate and on my refrigerator
as my window sill so what she did in extreme
hot or cold i don't know
and the support that in the social service outfield background
and my butcher has told me wherever where she lived was not the best place for so when
i first started inviting people to the first thanksgiving
there were a reluctant
like why are you really want wanting to do this and i still want to get a feeling of the Indians
and pilgrims you know uh... gathering together and uh... license
i don't think you don't know everybody
at you know
that was in the neighborhood and uh...
and then the next question was what we have but our groceries
nay then ever that's not a bad idea but no no i already know but that's not my pervert
reasoning here
and of course that i call my parents and said they would be one less of their thanksgiving
there that year
and i will say uh... to this date they and they never question if they did after i hung
u and our sense of the things giving dinner this grocery store that's a little
kuku but now they've always been very supportive and uh...
we pick people up for that first thanksgiving and well we're taking her home
she uh...
can let me grab my hand is that uh... i really wanna thank you for the wonderful meal but
what i what i think he forced the fellowship and friendship but i haven't had in years
and if that was going to be at one time you know and uh... one night i got home to the
grocery store about nine thirty it was just a few weeks before Christmas at the top of
page Rose Hanson ninety-years-old
was going to be buried the next day at Esterdahl funeral home which at that time was
downtown Moline half a block next door
so i ran over there to uh... uh... see her they let me in really early and i was the
fourth person uh... uh...
signed her guests registry and uh... i think when you go to a funeral
home in for the visitation you see how they massive flowers
Isabel blooms she'll tree angels and everything else
well she had none
and uh... so why uh...
called a very good friend of mine and said I don't care what it costs go to the florist
flowers down here she's gotta have something to this pretty much the way it began and look
at what it's been building into any i don't you don't want to stay committed
as dinner for a down on their luck
you see is a community dinner now exactly it never was it's never
been charity never
nobody has treated like ok uh... you can see in the uh... recent years says there's
total families uh... more of need because they way the economy is down uh...
across the country but I’d know for a fact four years ago there was a millionaire couple
out there he'd and so you know i don't care what your walk of life don't care what your
financial status his together in that
so many people uh... for one happy uh... family were reunited as presents a sisters for a
few short hours on thanksgiving day so many people look up to i know that you're also picked
like best person volunteer with the river city reader in the
that had to be nice because of
that's very very nice it came from the public of you have to you really have any feel for
how much do you have impacted thanksgiving in the quad cities
while at
it's you and your staff i don know want to spread the wealth but let's let's be honest
you're the face behind it all
it's a wonderful feeling when you go places and people recognize you and thank you and
i mean it doesn't have to be at the thanksgiving time
and as you can see uh... you know how as my true friends will tell you specially my Moline
police officer friends i don't know humility or humbled us so i thought all these years
idea now but you're in good company which means that there are judges by I’ve you know
i got to get plastered shirts
monogram five
i mean
but i try to share i guess that an award last Saturday the DAR award and i one of the
thrilling as awards i mean every award has meant something but when
that state of Illinois for the Illinois state fair pick
this is the second year picking ten people
uh... for that
one for each day that the fair runs and honestly believe of this past year of was uh...
august 18th was my day i was treated just like royalty down there
their honor as well we just have a few moments left okay
forty years each year you pretty much say this is the last year you really laid down
a hit last time it's forty and out
what's going on
i know people
say and i like Brett Farve but
at this point today uh... i won't make a thanksgiving night I'm on the Teeter totter
one-hour earlier yes next hour
later no so i'm giving you an opportunity to break news right here on WQPT public
television I’ve know you are Jim not afterward and you're a great but i just came to be
an answer cuz honestly i don't know
well we hope you have many good years
doing this and all the other stuff you know you're busy man yes
and if that's what
keeps me young at heart because when I become senile i won't care
mister thanksgiving bob volgabough block now as i start off the top of the program we have
answers to three questions one concerning mister schilling one concerning mister valgbough
and the last question was the
how did i get a show on public television those who know me know I’ve been on WQAD
for the past fifteen years almost five years doing mornings during all that time
though I’ve wanted to be the host of a public affairs show
now i get to do both thanks to WQPT and Western Illinois University i love politics
I love public affairs and government
i think our law makers have much to offer us but i also believe they have much to explain
for too long the quad cities has had no television interview show that lets our policy makers
answer to you
or gives them the opportunity to explain themselves
hopefully that now has changed
why me because i have an open mind i actually like to hear from people not just the arguments
you hear too often but the explanations as well
plus i have a stake in this community as well which may not share common borders all these
communities but
almost always share common concerns
and one last reason
i was cheap
former house speaker Thomas tip O’Neill famously said
all politics is local sometimes sometime so is good TV
we hope to bring both together for at least one half-hour each week at this time on
that's why we are call this program the cities
we hope you'll become more than just an interested viewer but hopeful ling a participate
coming weeks will tell you how but for now
thanks for joining us for the cities
for every one of WQPT Quad Cities public television and the western Illinois university
quad cities campus family
have a good night