Please, Please, Please... Question Gravity

Uploaded by TheLivingDinosaur on 15.07.2011

This was to have been a response to the "Question Gravity" campaign and pamphlet produced by
Chattiestspike2 Ministries International where I intended to tear these individuals a new
one over the claims they make regarding their opposition to gravitational theory.
As I began to peruse their document, however, I was somewhat surprised that I was having
a little difficulty in addressing what turned out to be some deeply challenging insights;
insights that soon had me questioning my own dogmatic beliefs and previously unquestioning
faith in gravity and the sacred scriptures of Saints Newton and Einstein.
For example, it had never even once occurred to me to ask the only superficially facile
question; "Why don't airplanes fall?" Of course delusional heretics such as the Bernoulli-ists
claim to have be able to answer this by their appeal to mystical forces, which to all extents
and purposes are indistinguishable from magic. I mean - come on - what kind of fucktard would
actually believe that controlling the relative rate of airflow above and below a planar surface
would result in a pressure differential that manifests itself as lift? You might as well
just appeal to fucking Voodoo. In addition, the law of Occam's razor clearly
states that the simplest answer to any problem has to be the right one, without question.
It seems blindingly obvious to me therefore that airplanes don't fall because the invisible
angels holding them to the ground let go during lift off. And that, of course, leaves the
question as to who designed the angels, which are obviously irreducibly complex necessary
beings, so the only answer must be a God. A god, in fact that will punish you for believing
in the religion of gravity and for not giving all your money to a unscrupulous, sexually
confused man with a big church and a private jet.
And this is just one of the 15 profound and unshakable intellectual arguments in the pamphlet
that will change how you view the world around you forever. I urge all of my subscribers
to follow the links in the description and to pay a visit to CMI today. Take a step towards
the truth. Take a step towards enlightenment... and - Question Gravity.