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Ok Christine, keep it together. Let’s go. Keep it together.
Hi, uh, I’m Roy. Christine.
So, where you from?
Here, right here.
Ok, for a moment there I thought you had, like, an accent.
No. Where you from?
Oh, San Diego. Yeah, I own a plumbing company with my brother.
Yeah we, uh, weathered the crisis pretty well. Well, more than pretty well, actually.
Commercial or residential? Both.
Well, commercial’s kind of slow right now, I mean that’s to be expected.
But, uh, there’s always emergencies. You know, those always come up and need to be taken care of. We do that. Yeah.
Yeah, we’re also thinking about getting into, uh, uh, pest control. You know, totally different business, but, you know, we’re already in people’s homes and places of work…
And, you know, we have the clients, the relationships, and we can learn the skill, the pest control stuff
You know, it’s about wanting it, you know, and, uh, hard work. It’s about wanting something badly enough but also putting in the sweat.
What do you do?
I’m a therapist.
A therapist, therapist? Yep.
Like a shrink? Mhm.
What kind?
Um, what are you—are you familiar with schools of therapy?
I majored in psychology. Yeah, I considered it for a career, but never followed.
Why not?
You know, it doesn’t matter. You know, me, me, me, me, me. So, what’s your specialty?
Um, post-traumatic stress disorder.
Oh, yeah, ok. Do you see a lot of vets? Yeah.
My brother’s a vet. Oh.
With PTSD? Yeah.
Um, what’s, um, h-how’s his, what branch?
Army. Uh, ranger. Oh, impressive. Single?
Kidding, soldier. At ease.
Yeah, that’s good. Good one.
So, is this your first time here? Yeah. It’s fun.
I mean, if you don’t pressure yourself, you know, you go for it.
Yeah. I agree.
It’s like uh, a window, into other lives. And that’s kinda great, right?
Yeah. The lives of others.
What could be more interesting than that?
So what else is fun about this for you? No. Your turn.
Um, the endless potential, you know, what could spin out of here.
It sparks the imagination, you know, what—what if it was me and him? Or, you know, what if this is the guy?
I mean, it’s incredible, you know, what has to happen for two people to come together and form a whole world. Their children’s world. Their children’s children.
The friends they have together, the house they build, the tree they plant. It’s a chain reaction.
I mean that’s why we always ask people, “How did you meet?” Because we can’t get enough of it. You know, the roll of the dice, and how two molecules come together.
And it can all start right here.
God’s will. I mean God plays a hand, always.
And free will.
Well yeah, sure, sure, but God puts people, and, and, and things and opportunities, and crossroads in front of you.
You’re not a person of faith.
No. I mean, you know, God looks at the big, overall, but, who’s with who, and what happens in here. No, no way.
No way?
Listen, I don’t think God has anything to do with what’s going on here, God has bigger fish to fry.
Bigger fish than the destiny of people?
All right, ok, why don’t we just keep it small? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get all cosmic on you, it was just a fun thought.
You know, how one thing leads to another, blah, blah blah. It was just me playing around. Let’s just relax.
I don’t play with God’s work.
You’re funny, you talk about this like it’s, like it’s play.
Is that what you’re doing here? Playing? It could be nice for these other guys to know that. Don’t waste their time. Our time. My time.
You don’t know me.
No, I could get to know you, and you me. God willing.
All right, uh, Roy, Rod. Roy. Roy.
Roy. Yes.
Uh, I’m not here to be analyzed. I mean what are you my hus—my, my father?
That’s it ladies and gentlemen, give yourselves a round.
Don’t forget your cards and email me tomorrow, let me know how it all went for you.
It was lovely to meet you.