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VINITA: Finally, on Christmas Eve,
there are many kids out there
with sugarplums dancing in their heads.
JEREMY: That's not the only thing
people are thinking about this holiday.
Yahoo trend expert Pamela Woon has a list,
and she checked it twice,
of what we're searching for online this Christmas.
And looking good, Pamela.
PAMELA: Good morning, and good tidings we bring to you.
I wore my purple Santa coat just for you guys.
Now, billions of searches coming in right here
at the Yahoo Operations Center right behind me, and...
We call it the O.C., or "Little Santa's Workshop" today.
You know that second verse--
"And we wish you a merry Christmas"?
It kind of goes like, "♪ O, bring us a figgy pudding
♪ O, bring us a figgy pudding..."
( others join in): "♪ O, bring us a figgy pudding...
PAMELA: Come on, guys!
ALL: ♪ O, bring us some figgy pudding
♪ And a cup of good cheer.
PAMELA: Well, that must be some pretty good pudding, right?
But what the heck is it?!
Well, Yahoo users not only want to know what it is,
they want to know how to make it.
Now, searches for the ingredients
are up nearly 700% right now.
The problem is, there are literally hundreds
of figgy pudding recipes handed down
since the 15th century.
And if you've never heard of it, it's a lot like a carrot cake,
blended with custard with chopped figs mixed in.
Very traditional English dessert.
Now, even Bob Cratchit had figgy pudding at his table
in "A Christmas Carol."
Now, the secret is in how it's cooked.
It's steamed slowly and evenly for hours.
Now, if pudding isn't your thing, how about cookies?
People are combing the Internet for the best Christmas cookies.
We found a list of the top 25 Christmas cookie recipes
Now, number one is the original Fantasy Fudge that was found
on the back of those Kraft marshmallow creme jars.
The recipe on the jar has since changed,
but you can still get the original one, again,
And yes, for the 55th year in a row,
NORAD will be tracking Santa tonight.
The North American Aerospace Defense Command
will have minute-by-minute updates.
Now, you can follow his progress at
It all started back in 1955 with a bad phone number--
so, Sears ran an ad to call Santa,
but they put the wrong number in the newspaper.
So, the number turned out to be a Defense hotline
that was only supposed to be used
if the Russians were attacking.
I mean, can you imagine the US Air Force colonel
answering that phone, only to hear a little voice say
"Is this Santa Claus?"
Well, from all of us here at Yahoo,
we wish you a merry Christmas and lots of figgy pudding.
All right, have a good one, guys.
VINITA: Thank you, Pamela, and we love the suit.
That is the news for this half-hour.