玉羅剎 - The Jade Raksha (1968)

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For all your ungrateful acts in the past...
You won't escape from the punishment of the Heaven
Are you blind?
"Killed by Jade Raksha"
"Gao Sheng Inn"
Sir, welcome, I'll take care of the horse
This way please...
Sir, come and have a seat inside
Sir, what would you like to have?
Some wine and meat please
And a bowl of noodles
Some wine and meat, a bowl of noodles too
Do you know whose head is hung on the city wall?
Whose is it?
It's Master Yars
You mean the 4th Master Yars?
Oh no! How come someone as affluent as Yan
could have his head chopped off
and hung on the wall?
I've heard that 8th Master of Yans
at San Yang county also had his head chopped off
and hung on the temple's flag pole
Looks like the King of Hades
has invited all the Yans to go to the nether-world
It seems as if the murderer must have had great enmity
against the Yans
I know who did it
Jade Raksha
Needless to say
The name speaks for itself
Who is Jade Raksha?
The name comes from the scriptures, it means a ghost
By her singing it seems she's a woman
It must be a female ghost
Or perhaps she's a promiscuous
and men-crazy ghost
Who hit me?
It must be that female ghost
Your words have offended her
I'm not afraid of her
I'd like to see how promiscuous she is
Who hit me?
Maybe the female ghost has fallen for you
Damn you
Please sit
Thank you
May I know your name please?
I am Xu Ying Hao, what's yours?
Leng Qiu Han
Brother Leng
It's my pleasure to meet you
Come, cheers
Thank you
My respects
Of late a Jade Raksha has appeared in the martial world
and she specialises in killing those by the name of Yan
Brother Leng, have you heard about this?
Yes, but you are not a Yan, don't bother
I feel it's unjust
That Jade Raksha is too cruel
How do we know the Yans did not deserve death?
She should kill those responsible
and not just everyone
So you protest for the Yans, is it?
Not really
I just want to know
why Jade Raksha would do that
What has it to do with you?
If she has the wrong motive
I just can't let her do as she likes
I hear Jade Raksha is not easy to deal with
Brother Xu, you better stay away from it
But it's my nature
I can't leave things like that
I must get involved
You are young and capable
naturally you would not tolerate injustice
besides, you are not Jade Raksha
Let's not talk about this. Here, let's drink
Sir, your noodles
Waiter, reserve a room for me
I need to stay here for the night
Yes Sir
Jade Raksha is bent on killing us Yans
We have to take some precautions
Master Yan, relax
We the Ba Brothers are here to protect you
Yes, we assure Jade Raksha would die an ignominious death
But still we have to be careful
For all your ungrateful acts in the past...
You won't escape from the punishment of the Heaven
No. 2, lead some men to guard the village front
No. 3, you go over there
No. 4, stay here and guard the house
I'll go on the roof
Over here...
Yan San Hu, it's your turn
Catch her
Yan San Hu, it's your doomsday
Jade Raksha, see where you can run?
Grab her
Grab her...
Jade Raksha, I am not a Yan, why kill me?
I told you to keep off my affairs, but you don't listen
now I must kill you
Have you forgotten that I saved your life?
You didn't mean good, you tailed me
I'll not take your favour
Tell me why you have to kill the Yans?
None of your business
Who is it? It's the middle of the night
Why are you making so much noise?
It's late, don't wake up everyone
Okay, I'll wait for you at the Seven Star Mount at dawn
Fight with me if you have guts
Forget about it if you are a coward
You really have guts
Let's make it clear
Today we'll fight to the death
You won't regret it?
I'll fight with you
Brother Xu, you've lost
What a hypocrite, you Peeping Tom
Oh, you are Miss Leng
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
I'm going to kill you, bastard
Since you are a girl, I'm not going to fight with you
But please forgive me
Where are you from and where will you be going?
From Xu Village at Hong Yang county
I am looking for Shi Yong Shan to avenge my father
You too are seeking revenge?
I've told you everything about myself
You should tell me something about you
What is it?
Why do you have to kill all the Yans?
A Yan has killed my whole family
I have great enmity with him
Then you should be
seeking revenge from the one responsible
Why do you have to kill all the Yans?
The Yans are twenty brothers in all
I don't know yet who my enemy is
So you've decided to kill all of them
That's right, one of them must be my enemy
But you've killed many innocent people
I don't care
A Yan has killed my whole family
An eye for an eye
Brother Leng, oh... Miss Leng, have some rest
We have to be on our way tomorrow
Miss Leng, where are you going?
The Yan Fort at Hong Yang county
What, killing the Yans again?
What about you? Where are you going?
Shi Village at Man Sing Pass
We'll go separate ways, see you later
Brother Xu
I'll see you off
No need, we'll have to part, thank you
"Shi Village"
May I ask
where Shi Yong Shan lives?
Over there...
Thank you
You are welcome
Shi Yong Shan...
Who are you looking for?
I am looking for Shi Yong Shan
I am he, what do you want?
Shi Yong Shan, twenty years ago
you killed my father Xu Qing Xiang, right?
I've killed many people, I can't remember
Shi Yong Shan
It's time to settle our affairs
Come on
You don't realise your time is up
You must be tired of living
Leave me alone
Don't go
What's going on?
What's going on?
I am Xu Ying Hao
Shi Yong Shan killed my father 20 years ago
I'm here to avenge my father
Oh, you are looking for Shi Yong Shan
That's right
You've killed the wrong person, he's not Shi Yong Shan
He's Shek Que Shan
Then where's Shi Yong Shan?
Shi Yong Shan left here 20 years ago
and never came back
I've killed the wrong person?
How could you be so reckless?
You are an outlaw
Sir, my wrongdoings can never be forgiven
even if I am chopped into pieces
You've killed my father
I'll avenge him when I grow up
Vengeance is a vicious circle
That's right
The heavens shall bear witness
I am here to make an oath that I will never kill again
"The Yan Fort"
Thank you Master Yan
Mr. Yan, you really are a living god
"Rice donation"
Thank you...
Mr Yan is really a living god
Over here...
Master Yan, thank you so much
You've been so good to the poor
Master Yan, you'll be rewarded
Thank you...
Be careful
Thank you...
Dad, the Chiu brothers are back
Where are they?
Waiting at the secret chamber
Let's go
Thank you
Master Yan...
Where are the rest?
Master Yan
On your instructions we went and robbed royal treasury
Quite unexpectedly we met government troops
who were escorted by martial arts experts
We were no match for them
All our men were killed
We four brothers have almost lost our lives too
Stupid, how much money was that?
It's all here
What? Just this much?
Yes, it's all here
Did you lie to me?
No, we wouldn't dare to
From what I've heard there should more
Be frank or I'll teach you a lesson
Tie him up
Tie him up
Where's the money?
Tell me and I'll spare you life
There are 4 more boxes
buried under a ash tree at Ku Long Mount
I've treated you so well
but you have betrayed me
How could I spare your life?
Spare me
Bury him
Long Er
Tonight take two men
to Ku Long Mount and retrieve the money
Have you heard about Jade Raksha?
What about it?
It's been rumoured that
she only killed the Yans
I know that
Your second uncle has already been killed
It's almost time that she should arrive here
I must see for myself whether she's that invincible
She has great skills
Proclaim a high reward for nabbing Jade Raksha alive
Dad, with Chiu brothers being dead we're short of men
I have already made the necessary arrangements
How's Xu Ying Hao's mother?
Getting better
Tell Doctor Lau to go with me
to see her
Dad, why are you taking so much care of the Xu family?
I have my reasons
You're really recovering
Take 2 more doses of medicine
and you'll recuperate
Mrs Xu, have more rest
I'll ask them to get the medicine for you
Master Yan, recovering from this illness is a miracle
Ying Er isn't home
Luckily you are here and have saved my life
Words can't express how grateful I feel towards you
That's the least I can do
We are old friends
don't stand on ceremonies
I've brought you some food and money
Master Yan, you really are a living god
no wonder you have great blessings
You're too kind...
I'm leaving, I'll visit you again some other time
Thank you...
Brother Xu
Master Yan
Mother, I'm back
You're back
I've been very sick
It was lucky that Master Yan sent me a doctor
and cured me
You must thank Master Yan
Thank you Master Yan
That's ok...
Brother Xu has left home for almost half a year
More than half
It's good that you are back
Do come home with your mother some other day
I'll prepare a welcome meal for you
Thanks and I'll pay a visit some other time
Fine then, I won't bother you
I'll take your leave
Alright, please
Take care, Master Yan
Mother, how are you?
Getting better
Ying Er, you've left home for half a year
I've been longing to see you every day
I missed you too
Have you found Shi Yong Shan?
When could your father
be avenged?
Mother, don't worry so much, take good care of yourself
Where has all this money come from?
From Master Yan, he is such a generous gentleman
He never refuses requests from the poor
Since you left
I have lived on his charity
Why did he do that?
What's his intention?
Ying Er, don't suspect a good man
He has a good heart
When I recover
go with me to thank him in person
Brother Xu
Master Yan
Your late father and I were good friends
you shouldn't place me at arm's length
We've been relying on your charity these years
We owe you gratitude for your kindness
Ying Er, go and thank Master Yan
Thank you Master Yan
It's nothing worth mentioning
Mrs Xu, your son is handsome
I've heard that he's also good in martial arts
Ying Er took lessons from some great martial artist
but he still needs further instructions from you
You are too kind, I'm old and incapable
your son has great potential
My son, Shiau Long, loves practising martial arts too
and would like you to show him some moves
You flatter me
Long Er, you should learn with a humble heart
Yes, Dad
I have stopped using the sword
and have sworn never to draw it from its scabbard
Then try punches and kicks, okay?
Brother Xu
indulge us please
Ying Er, since master Yan has asked you
do and demonstrate with young master
Dad, what is it?
You have already lost
Take off your clothes and have a look
Forgive me
Brother Xu only used a modicum of force
and already a mark is left
If he struck with full force you would have died
Go and put on some medicine
Mrs Xu, I need some help from your son
Master Yan, what could he do for you
I would like your son to be our chief instructor
What do you think?
If you are so kind as to groom him
it would be our pleasure
Mother, I...
Master Yan has saved my life
and this is a great opportunity to repay him
Go and thank Master Yan
Alright, but only for a year
I'll do for free for a year
as a token of my gratitude
What do you think?
Right, it's a deal
Come, please...
For all your ungrateful acts in the past...
You won't escape from the punishment of the Heaven
This is great
Help me kill Yan Tian Long
You better go
This Yan fellow can't be your enemy
How would you know?
Let me tell you
Everyone knows he is a kind person
a good person
even the government respects him
What advantage did he give you
that you are giving him so much support
I am not
it's just that I can't let you
kill a good person without a reason
You're at it again
I have heard it all
Since you won't help me don't waste my time
Wait, you could kill Yan
but you have to see if I consent
What an ingrate
Yan Tian Long has given you perks
and you forget your friends
Where is Jade Raksha?
Go, grab her
Run, or it'll be too late
Have you seen the Jade Raksha?
Gone that way
Who is it?
Over here
Who is she?
Likely it's Jade Raksha
Master said whoever captures Jade Raksha dead or alive
will be greatly rewarded
We're rich
Yes, bring her to get the reward
Qiu Han
You say Yan Tian Long is a good person
why does he need so many traps at home?
Strange, so many traps here
You have been fooled by appearances
The switch is over there, save me
Let's go
Instructor Xu
I saw it with my own eyes
Xu Ying Hao let Jade Raksha go
Dad, this person is not trustworthy
let's teach him a lesson
Sir, chief instructor is here
Stay calm, I have my plans
Chief instructor
Master Yan, what can I do for you?
You made great efforts to catch Jade Raksha
but she escaped
No, I released her
Because she's my friend
There's one thing I don't understand
could you please enlighten me
Please speak
Why are there so many traps here?
You never mentioned this to me
So this is it
Here is passed to me by my ancestor
It was a time of turmoil
my ancestors built the traps just in case
Now times are peaceful
the traps are useless
so I have forgotten about them
Xu Ying Hao, you released Jade Raksha
what have you got to say?
I failed in my duty by releasing Jade Raksha but
if I nab her I would act against loyal friendship
you can do what you like with me
You are an upright man
and I respect you
Yon know nothing, go away
It is my good fortune to
have a friend like you
There is one thing I still don't understand
I have no quarrel with Jade Raksha
why does she want to cause me suffering?
As far as I know she has an enemy also surnamed Yan
She recently killed over ten people from my Yan family
would these people be her enemies too?
Heaven cares for every living thing
As her friend you should talk some sense to her
I was going to look for her
Great, come back soon
Have a safe journey
Long Er
Send some men to follow him
see where he is going to meet Jade Raksha
Come back, whoever captures Jade Raksha dead or alive
will be highly rewarded
Miss Leng
Brother Xu, it must be fate
I was just thinking of you
Last night you saved me
how could I repay you?
I haven't come to ask for thanks
I want to talk to you
Before you could prove Yan Tian Long is your enemy
you can't kill him
You're harping those same strings again
You can't kill the innocent
What has Yan Tian Long hired you to do?
You needn’t ask
Tell me so I could share your joy
The chief instructor
My respects
No wonder you're defending Yan
A hero like you
has become a rogue's cur
you are so shameless
What do you mean?
I have insulted the chief instructor and deserve to die
For all your ungrateful acts in the past...
Over there
Take them away
What are you doing?
We are street performers
Stop pretending
We know you are the Jade Raksha
Take them away
What's the matter?
Chief, she is Jade Raksha
No, we are street performers
She's my daughter
Why are you singing this song?
We heard this song on the road one night
we liked the melody so we learned it
Please let us go, we are the good guys
Let us go, please
She's not Jade Raksha, let her go
Chief instructor
If she knows this song she is Jade Raksha
If you let her go
we can't bear the responsibility
Do as I say
No, take her away
For all your ungrateful acts in the past...
Another Jade Raksha, grab her
"East Mount Temple"
Old sir, you may hide here for a while
Thank you for your help
Old sir, you have great skills
so you must be a kung fu hero
I am ashamed...
I learned a few tricks when I was young
but had not use them since I became blind
I was forced to fight today
I am somewhat regretful now
I swore not to use force
but I broke my oath
May I have your name?
Jiang Man Leung
I am Xu Ying Hao
Hero Xu
You flatter me
She is my daughter Yin Feng
Greet hero Xu
Hero Xu
It's getting cold
I'll get some wood and make a fire
How could you let our hero gather fire wood?
Go and help
You sing for a living?
Where do you live?
We have no home and are on the road all year
That's bad
You should find a place and settle down
I'd like to do that but dad disagrees
I don't know
What's the matter?
So you're flirting here
I'll kill you
For what reason?
For singing my song and impersonating me
I didn't sing your song on purpose, please forgive me
Won’t you be reasonable?
So, you are siding with her against me
Just say what's on your mind
Why have you been picking on her?
You called her so passionately
I have to talk to you, send her away
Please go in the temple first
What about you?
Come on
Well, speak
I had a lot to say to you
but when I saw you with her
I forgot all about it
What quarrel do you have with her?
I am jealous the way you are close to her
Go home
and leave me alone
Nonsense, you came to me first
That's right
I wanted to ask you change your ways
not to kill the innocent anymore
Since you wouldn't listen, just forget it
Brother Xu
I am willing to stop killing
but you must promise me one thing
What is it?
You are the chief instructor
Only you could kill Yan Tian Long
What? You want me to kill for you?
After you kill him I'll be like you
pack up my sword and not kill again
No way
I won't do it even if you kill me
Alright then, I'll do it myself
Wait and see
Oh no... the kitchen is on fire
Let's go
Don't panic, help put out the fire
Right, go on
Long Er, this is Jade Raksha's trick
don't fall for it
Let's go...
Yan Tian Long it's time to die
Grab her
Grab her
Don't let her get away
There's something I want to discuss with you
I would like to invite you and your father to my place
and not be vagabonds anymore
Though my home is simple
it would protect you from the elements
My mother is old
I think she should have company
What do you think?
I have to ask dad
Old sir is here
Yin Feng
Get some water and prepare the meal
You're hungry, let me make you some congee
Let me help you over here
Thank you
Hero Xu
Old sir
Sit, I want to ask you something
You really like Yin Feng?
In that case
why don't you propose a marriage to me?
I in fact have this in mind
but I'll have to ask my mother
I'm sure she'll like Yin Feng
She is my only daughter
and we've spent our lives together
when she's married I'll be relieved
I'll treat her well
Uncle Jiang, we'll be there soon
What is this place?
Xu village in Hong Yang county
The Xu village?
How are you related to Xu Qing Xiang?
My late father, you know him?
but I've heard of him
Here is my home
I'm back
I've brought uncle Jiang and his daughter
Yin Feng, let's leave
Why? Are you not well?
Let's go
Yin Feng, old sir
Why are you leaving?
My father says he doesn't want to trouble you
It's okay, my mother is very hospitable
you'll be most welcome
Old sir, come...
This is uncle Jiang, this is Yin Feng
It's you?
I am Jiang Man Leung
You know each other?
He looks like a friend of your dad's
I am mistaken
They are lonely and helpless
so I brought them home to keep you company
Sorry to trouble you
Inside please
Mei Juan?
Shi Yong Shan, how dare you
come to my home in disguise
This is unexpected
Yin Feng and I were performing when we met Ying Hao
They get along well
and brought us here
I never expected he is your son
I can see they like each other very much
that's why I didn't say anything
Don't tell Ying Hao I am Shi Yong Shan
But you killed my husband
how could I let this go unavenged
It's been over twenty years
Qing Xiang and I liked you very much
but you fell for him
Since you got married
I suffered like hell
We met that day at Dragon Mount
I lost my temper and fought with him
I was drunk and killed him accidentally
I regret it
I'll never wash away this sin all my life
I went to the cliff with a stricken conscience
and jumped
What? You attempted suicide?
I fell among the thorns and didn't die
but the thorns pierced my eye and blinded me
I was rescued but became an invalid
to me it was living hell
but it was also my retribution
Is Yin Feng your real daughter?
Yes, her mother died after she gave birth to her
she's lived with me ever since
Mei Juan, we are old
and should think for our children
Please let the past go
But I can't let my husband go unavenged
You could kill me
but you can't disclose I am Shi Yong Shan
If Ying Hao knew he would hate...
he would hate Yin Feng the rest of his life
Do you like Yin Feng?
She is a good girl
Let her be your daughter in law
and not mention the past, I beg you
Mother, are you chatting?
Where have you been?
It's a lovely night so we went for a walk
It's time for bed
Mother, I want to talk to you
What is it?
Do you like Yin Feng?
What if I do?
I want to marry her, and she could take care of you
Let's talk later
What? You wouldn't promise?
Silly, marriage matters need to be fully thought about
Go to bed
Stand still
Jade Raksha, you can't escape
What are you dong? Help...
Let me go...
Stand still
Mr Yan, what do you want to do with her?
Old lady, it's none of your business, take her away
I should be blamed, my men are incompetent
Sorry to have to bother you
You're too kind
You really sure she is not Jade Raksha?
No, her name is Yin Feng
and knows no kung fu at all
Then do you know where Jade Raksha is?
Why are you looking for her?
Nothing, just some misunderstanding
that I want to clear with her
Miss Yin Feng, you seem to know Jade Raksha
Me? No, I don't
I don't think so
Hurry and tell me where she's hiding at
I don't know
You might have forgotten
Maybe you should stay here until
you can remember before I take you back to your home
You want to lock me up?
I won't dare to
You will live well
and eat well here
I can guarantee that you will live here comfortably
No, Aunty, let's go
What? You want to lock me up too
I won't dare to
But please stay with Miss Yin Feng at my humble place
for a couple of days
until we have caught Jade Raksha
Madam, please
Yan Tian Long, you are heartless
My son will not let you off easily
Yan Tian Long
you've locked up my mother, what do you want?
You're exaggerating
I've only asked for your mother to stay at my place
as a sign of my respect for her
Stop talking nonsense
Let them free immediately
or don't blame my rudeness
I'll bring you to them
to set your mind at ease, please
Have a look please
Mother, Yin Feng
Ying Er
Yan Tian Long, what do you want from them?
I'll treat them well
much better than in their home
Yan Tian Long, what do you want?
I've heard that you and Jade Raksha are friends
I want Jade Raksha
Jade Raksha?
Bring Jade Raksha to me and I'll release them
In three days' time, how about that?
What if I refuse?
Then don't blame me for being merciless
Prepare funeral arrangements for your mother then
What? You want me to rescue Yin Feng?
Yan Tian Long mistook Yin Feng as you and locked her up
Even my mother is now in his hands
Brother Xu, don't worry
Yan Tian Long is a great benefactor, a good man
he won't harm your mother
and your beloved Yin Feng?
How can I help you?
He asks for you in exchange for Yin Feng and my mother
So today you are here to catch me
Alright, catch me if you can
I am not here to catch you
I'm here to find out ways with you to rescue them
There's no room for discussion
Only you'll be benefit if I risked my life to save her
No one in the world will do such a stupid thing
I'm sorry for my inability to comply with your request
Alright, I can't force you if you don't want to
I'm leaving
I can go and save her
but with conditions
What is it? Speak
You won't see her again after I've rescued her
You'll forever be cut off from her
and you have to marry me, promise?
If you promise
tie me up and take me to Yars Fort
No, how could I do that?
This will put you in great danger
This is my business and you don't have to worry
Promise me or not?
Yan Tian Long, I Jade Raksha am here for you
Release them all
Alright, I'll release them as agreed
Jade Raksha, come over here first
Ying Er
You have had a hard time
Not too bad
Miss Leng she...
You've got to find ways to rescue her
Yin Feng...
Did they release you?
It's Miss Leng who rescued us
She herself was taken away by Yan Tian Long
Shi Yong Shan, you are still alive
You are Shi Yong Shan?
Instructor Xu
are you looking for the one who killed your father?
The one who's standing in front of you
is Shi Yong Shan
Mother, is he really Shi Yong Shan?
No wonder you never agreed to our marriage
That's right, I've owe you a blood debt
It has to be settled sooner or later
but now Miss Leng is in the hands of Yan Tian Long
and we must save her
Let's attack Yars fort
and rescue Miss Leng
Yin Feng, wait for me at home
Jade Raksha, you've killed nineteen of our Yan brothers
This blood debt
has to be repaid by you
a million times over, and even that's not quite enough
I'll cut you into a million pieces
and make a sacrifice of you to my dead brothers
Yan Tian Long, I want to ask you something
Go ahead
Eighteen years ago
Did you kill my father Leng Ru Bing?
There's no need for me to hide the truth anymore
Yes I did
Why did you have to kill my whole family?
Okay, as you're going to die soon, let me be frank
so you can die in peace
18 years ago Shi Yong Shan, Xu Qing Xiang and I
were brothers from the same school
Xu Qing Xiang was against me
and spoke badly about me in front of Teacher
I hated him
and had been trying to seek revenge
One day Shi Yong Shan and Xu Qing Xiang
were fighting for a woman
I sneaked behind them...
And used one to eliminate the other
I thought my plan was fool-proof
and got rid of my enemy
It just happened that your father Leng Ru Bing
passed by
and discovered my secret
I couldn't let your father get off so easily
and had to kill other people too
No knowing that there was you
who became future trouble
Now you understand it all
and should die with no more regrets
Master, the sickle knife is ready
Alright, kill her
Stop it, I can do it myself
Don't let her run away
Catch him
Yan Tian Long, you can't run away
Heaven will punish all those who do evils
Yan Tian Long, you time has come
I'll not believe I would lose by your hands
Wait, let me fight her
Don't let him run
Father, run, I'll fight with them
Alright, go
Catch him
Burn the bridge, hurry
Yan Tian Long
You must pay for your wrongdoings, you can't hide
Either you or I will die today
Come, fight with me
Alright, I'll send you to death
Don't come near, I must kill him with my own hands
Father, mother, I've avenged you
Qiu Han, what are you doing?
You have such a bad memory
Haven’t you forgotten what you've promised me?
Even if I have to go with you
let me at least say farewell to Yin Feng
Alright, make it short
This is the last time
Are you really leaving with her?
I cannot eat my words but,
I'd forever be uneasy with compromising on your welfare
Take care
You too
She's waiting for you
A woman asked me to give this to you
Did she say anything?
She said she couldn't come to your wedding
She wished you a happy...
A happy marriage, is that right?
Oh yes, a happy marriage