How to Relieve Menopause Symptoms : Diet & Vitamins for Menopause Relief

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.02.2008

Hello my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on behalf of Expert Village I am going to talk to you
about ways to live with menopause. Now, in this particular clip we're going to talk about
diet and multivitamins. Now when you are going through menopause or even if you not, I think
to maintain your body at its optimum and most healthy state, then I really think you should
look at a healthy way of eating and looking at the changes in, in the food that you intake
and the way that you cook it. And also in terms of maintaining the structure of your
body, for example, your bones, your muscles and the tissues you should look at the vitamins
that you take. Especially through menopause because menopause you get decrease in estrogen
level and is going to cause a lot, a lot of different signs and symptoms and complications
and in, in some females. So, diet is important for menopausal women because she, her body
changes in terms of, she retains more fat and adipose tissue at this stage in her life.
So, looking at diet, changing eating more healthy, more vegetables and fruits and multivitamins,
taking multivitamins. For example, when you have, when you are menopause, you are more
prone to getting osteoporosis and endometrial cancer. So, to combat that, then look at some
of these items that I have here that you should actually include in your diet. And that important
is the, the Omega 3, the oils, fish oil. You can buy these tablets in any health food stores,
grocery stores. And you should usually take you know what the recommended at the back
has a label, the recommended daily intake of this. So, this is important, fish oil,
definitely vitamin c, because you need that for healthy skin and bone and to prevent osteoporosis.
Vitamin C, vitamin D and the important is the vitamin B6, complex as well, to help you
to combat, to overcome the risk or just decrease the onset of osteoporosis and certain cancers.
So, zinc as well is very good. Zinc is very important in many of the internal chemical
mechanisms in the body. To maintain your healthy body and healthy way of just living through
the stages of menopause. So, look at the diet, make it, make it really, be conscious of that
and also include in your diet a lot more of these multivitamins and minerals in your diet
when you, you are going in through menopausal stage.