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My name is Gas-bag. I release laughing gas
This gas is Nitrous Oxide. It was discovered by Joseph Eastley in 1752
This gas makes weeping faces laugh and laugh...
till they drop unconscious. So get ready to laugh
My sympathies, man. Every teacher who comes here, ends up like this
You are the twenty-first one I,m throwing out. Don,t come back
I'Ve heard all that. Just give me the final report, Murty
Sir, it,s proved that the dam is cracking up
Reason could be water pressure, or even adulterated cement
Can,t say for sure, but unless the dam is repaired, it will burst
More than 80,000 people in about 300 villages are endangered
Has the ministry been informed? - They faxed. Engineers are coming
When do they arrive? When do they give a report? When does work start?
No. Our firm does the job. - Yes, we did build this dam
But now it belongs to the government. It,s their responsibility
Also the humanitarian onus, Murty. It,s a question of 80,000 lives
All right, I,m coming
There,s a limit! To everything! But no limit to your pranks!
You have always had your way. You get whatever you want!
But this doesn,t mean that you can do whatever you want!
I bring you the best of teachers, and you chase them away on day one!
Papa, we,re grown ups now. We don,t need anyone
You do! Listen! I'Ve decided to send all three of you to boarding school
See that V.P. Singh? They'Ve become so insolent! No one even says sorry!
Off they go to boarding school! Once they,re away from home...
they will mend their ways. - Sir, what are you doing?
I,m doing the right thing. Our indulgence has spoilt them
Don,t forget, sir. Over something similar...
you once threatened to throw someone out. And what did it end in?
Raju left home. Till today, he hasn,t returned
Sir, God forbid...
What,s going on?
Don,t disturb us. - Can,t you see, we,re packing?
Casper, hold your ball
Stop being cross. Now it happens sometimes
If you guys leave, how will I live all alone?
You won,t send us to boarding school? - Not at all
You won,t get another teacher? - Never! No teacher for you!
One who repents is not a sinner
Rohit, help me. Rahul,s tongue is wagging a bit too much
You imp! So what were you saying?
Have your laughs, you Satans! At least admit that you were wrong
Not a nice thing to do, kids
Now that we,re friends again, don,t I deserve something?
No one can ever take us apart
I want no complaints. Where,s your inhaler?
I don,t know, Papa
Where is her spray?
How many times have I told you that she is susceptible to asthma attacks?
She must always carry her spray. - Sorry sir, I forgot
Keep this
Uncle... you...?
So how have you been? - After my sister died...
the way you brought up the children is exemplary
Bread is meant to be buttered. Uncle uses it to wax his tongue
My nephews are so witty! - So witty!
So what brings the partners here so early up?
You are doing millions of people a good turn by repairing the dam
But why? It,s the government,s job. The dam is built, our job is over
Is it our responsibility if the dam bursts, or even if a few people die?
Sure! People die every day! Bhopal or Orissa what difference does it make?
You mean, let the dam go bust? - That,s not what I mean to say
I mean, we shouldn,t block our money. - No harm thinking it over once again
Our engineers estimate a cost of 290 million. Large amount
What if I were to foot the entire bill of 290 million? Not the company
How can that be? - Maybe you take it otherwise
Not at all. You,re thinking like businessmen. I,m pedestrian
Besides, why not pay back a little to the country where I earned it all?
I wish there were more businessmen like you. We,re with you, Siddhant
Your phone
When is she arriving? My car will pick her up
Who,s arriving, Papa? - Your governess
But you promised... - I promised you "no teacher"
I didn,t say "no governess"
Get the car
What,s going to happen now, Rohit?
We,re being cheated. We,ll change the pitch
Now hear this. An elephant and an ant were taking a ride on a scooter
Suddenly, a truck speeded in from the opposite direction, and crash!
The scooter and the truck crashed. Elephant and ant are tossed out!
Poor elephant was badly injured. His head cracked up. He was bleeding
The ant just got up. Nothing had happened to it
Nothing at all? - Nothing. You know why?
I,ll say! The ant was riding pillion. - Wrong. The ant was driving
Then why wasn,t it hurt? - It was wearing a helmet
The elephant wasn,t
It,s very important to wear helmets while riding a scooter. Else...
you might get hurt, whether you,re an ant or an elephant
Why are you weeping? - Why haven,t I a Mummy and Daddy?
Because you,re the most special kid
Let me tell you. When God created this world, He made lots of babies
Lovely little babies!
Then He made people to look after the babies. Mummies and Papas
Among the kids, there were some who were God,s dearest. Just like you
So God decided, "I,ll look after them Myself. They,re My special babies"
So He called back their Mummies and their Papas
Kids who don,t have Mummies and Papas are God,s most special babies. Get it?
Aren,t you too one of God,s special babies?
That,s why we live in this orphanage. So near Mister God! Before Him
Mother is calling you
There,s a very good job for you
But I,m doing this job, teaching the children in this orphanage
Time, tide and life wait for no one. You too have to move ahead
The beautiful world outside this orphanage, you must see
Not a good thing to do, Mister God! I was two months old...
when You brought me here. All these years You kept me with You
Why are You sending me away? - God is never far away from anyone
Your friend Mister God is the One who told me, "Anna must venture forth"
"Let her see the world. Let her make a world for herself',
If my friend Mister God said that, what can I do?
If you ever want to return, come directly
This is your friend,s house
So where do I go?
Didn,t you say that people go to The Heavens and become stars?
Yes, they become stars. - Has our Mummy become a star too?
Tell me Papa
Look, the brightest star up there ...that,s Mummy
Where does Mummy go in daytimes? Why can,t we see her?
In daytimes, she hides in our hearts. - Can she talk to me?
What do you want to talk about? - I,ll ask her to tell me a story
Story? Even I can tell you stories. Which story do you want to hear?
The one that Raju Chacha told you. - The one about the lion!
"Listen to this story about times long ago..."
"I heard this story from your Raju Chacha"
"There was a lion and a lioness. And they had three cubs"
"They were naughty like you. But..."
But? What Papa? - "Everyone loved them"
"There was a little house inside a little cave"
"They had no fear, they had no sorrows"
"They were Mummy,s darlings. They were Daddy,s pets"
"They laughed, they sang, they were always having fun"
"And they lived together"
What happened Papa? Tell us
"Fate laid a trap"
"There came a hunter"
"The lioness faced him. The hunter fired his gun"
"The lioness was wounded. She screamed, she writhed"
"Then she lay down"
"She never opened her eyes again She had been shot in the heart"
Don,t cry. This is a story
"But before dying..."
"she spoke her dying words"
"My mate, my love..."
"love my babies"
"Don,t forget, you,re their father. Be a mother to them too"
Papa, this is just a story!
"How can a father ever know what a Mummy means?"
"He didn,t know how Mummy plays with her babies"
"But he learnt how to laugh, and how to cry"
"He learnt how to wake with the cubs, how to sleep with them"
"Time stopped for a while, and then trudged on slowly"
"The wounded hearts began healing slowly"
"Daddy taught the cubs how to take their first steps"
"They played on Daddy,s lap instead of Mummy,s"
"Months, seasons, years, came and went by"
"The lion cubs started smiling, they began singing again"
The rest of the story tomorrow. Now go to bed
No Papa! Please! - Tell us the story now!
All right. Listen
"Rahul, Rohit and Rani..."
"now listen to the rest of the story"
"The shadow of sorrows were cast on them again"
"A black lion came by"
"He growled, he roared!"
"As if he was about to eat up everyone!"
"The cubs were so scared, they ran"
"But their father held the ground"
"A fight began"
"The whole forest began trembling"
"The monkeys sat high up on trees"
"The snakes hid in their pits"
"The doves flew away"
"The bear ran up a hill"
"The elephants ran out of fright"
"Our lion had no friends left"
"It was a tremendous fight"
"The black lion took a beating"
"Then all the cubs applauded"
You,re thinking of Mummy, aren,t you?
Mummy, yes. And Raju too. - If you love Raju Chacha so much...
that it moves you to tears, then why did you hit him?
Because he had started smoking. One can,t forgive a 12-year old...
when he starts aping elders. - Forget it. What use thinking...
of the ones who have departed? - Two kinds of parting, Rohit
Ones who leave never to return, like Mummy. And ones who leave us...
with hopes that someday they will return. Like Raju
Everyone all right?
Then you hold my cigar. Hold it for me, son
I,m here to collect my pension, and cigars are expensive. Hold it, son
Why doesn,t anyone understand when I say it with love?
Manager, step out
Guard, shut the door. Quick!
I knew it! The astrologer told me I,ll die after my wedding!
Shut up! My hands shake, my heart sinks, when I hear someone wailing
Why are you shooting all the time? I,m just married!
I,m drawing money for my honeymoon! Don,t shoot! I,m like your son!
Tell him! Why don,t you tell him he,s like your father? Say it!
Clam up. Don,t drive me crazy
Put the wads in a sturdy bag. I have to carry it far. Hurry!
My father-in-law isn,t rich! I,m poor! - Shut up! Everyone in the vault
Move it. To the vault. - In the vault? Why?
I suffer from asthma!
No! - Cool down!
I have asthma! No! Let me have my money!
God! Do something, please! - Manager, come here
Tell him to stop screaming. Else, I,ll start killing. Get it?
Why don,t you speak?
What was that sound? - I,m playing video games
You don,t recognise gunshots? - Do you realise the consequences?
What use thinking of outcomes, son? I,m nearly in my grave
There,s only one way out. You can,t get out
You,ll get me out
If I don,t get out, the body-bags will
What do you want? - Security for my old age, son
Some money, and say a vehicle. - What kind of vehicle?
A bulletproof jeep. A Harley Davidson and a military truck. Nothing more
You need so many to make a getaway? - I,m moody! No knowing my mood!
If all your demands are met, will you let the people off?
Of course. I,m a man of my word. For every demand, I let one off
Not one. Ten. - Who,s demanding, son? You or me?
Not ten. I,ll let two out. - Fine. I,ll talk to the Home Minister
But this will take some time
Listen, as soon as my first demand is met, I will release one of you
Say, who goes? - He!
Your first demand has been met
How many hijackers in there? - Only one
He,s as good as a hundred put together!
What weapons does he have? - Lots! Guns! Revolvers! Explosives!
The ones in there are in danger! Save them!
He,s in a state of shock. - Leave your names and addresses
Take him to a doctor right away. - Yes sir
Shekhar! My brother! My friend! A killing! After so long!
Our woes will vanish, like we vanish from the police!
How much did we take? - Lots. We could count all night
Let,s read about it tomorrow in the newspapers
It,s been months since I last saw a large currency note. Show me one!
Go on. The bag is with you. - With me? Where?
I gave you the bag. - I don,t have it!
I gave it to you when I was removing my make-up
I don,t have the bag! - I gave it to you!
The bag? - Yes! The bag!
I don,t have it! - You have it!
No...? - No!
You haven,t? - No! What are you saying?
Jadu! You screwed up! After all this effort!
You ruined it! - You did it!
You took me along for nothing! - It was your idea!
What a piece of creation! - What a body!
I can,t take my eyes off her! - I,d love to watch her in the act!
She,d make hearts skip a beat! - I wish I could have her!
What a smile! - Does a car smile?
I,m talking of the lady in the car. - Comedy of errors
With that car on our hands, we won,t be paupers for 6 months to come
If I get my hands on the lady, it,d be an end of a lifetime of penury
I,m talking coal. You,re gunning for mines!
We were supposed to rob a till. You drag me all the way to a bank!
And then you forget the booty! Stay within your limits!
There,s a landslide. The road won,t open up before daybreak
Why are you cross, lady? So what if the road is closed?
Open up your hearts!
We have passion! We have our dreams! We are young! What more do we want?
Let,s celebrate Valentine,s Day right here!
Come over, ladies! What are you doing? Let,s have some music!
Now watch me work a spell
"Your lips say no, my lips say yes"
"Yes, these are the signs"
"This is called love"
"Haven,t you recognised me?"
"My love, I,m no stranger"
"I adore your very name"
"I,m not mad. I,m madly in love with you"
"You'Ve told me who you are. But you tell me you aren,t the one"
"This is the ring you gave me. It proves you are wrong"
"It wasn,t a thorn taken out"
"There was no paper I'Ve lost"
"It,s written all over your heart. You,re mine, I,m yours"
Are you still cross with me, Sanjna? - Who,s Sanjna? I,m Anna
How long will you be cross with me? If my love is true...
someday you,ll surely forgive me. - But I,m not...
You,ll surely forgive me
Drop it. Why are you so cross? Today is Valentine,s Day
A day to love, not a day to slap someone
Shekhar is innocent. On his behalf, I apologise to you
Actually, you resemble his girlfriend. Poor girl, she,s dead!
This hapless fellow isn,t ready to believe it
Everywhere he goes, he,s looking for his lover. Forgive him
Strike him not, for he,s madly in love!
And this is is Casper
They,re a bunch of imps!
Handling children isn,t tough. After all, they,re children
I'Ve taken care of forty at a time. They are only a threesome
Show the lady her room
I am a bit apprehensive. - Apprehensive?
Why? - The trio seem too well-behaved
That,s a good sign. - Bad sign
A lull in the sea precedes a storm. - Yes
I,m going to the site. I,ll be back tomorrow
Keep an eye on the kids. Don,t let them rile Anna
Storm? Cyclone?
Come hither
Be not afraid, Anna
She ran! - She,s gone!
Come on kids. How about a hot cuppa?
She has cut my head off! What next?
What did Gandhiji say? - Never to lie
What did Lord Buddha say? - Respect your elders
What did Lord Krishna tell Arjun? - Perform, without expectations
What did Uncle Nehru say? - Children are divine
So you,re back! - Sanjna, till you forgive me...
I,ll keep coming back to you
This the only purpose left in my life. You are my life
Why are you after me? I told you. I,m not Sanjna. I am Anna
Your Sanjna... - No!
You have taken another name. Agreed. You have forgotten me. Conceded
How can you forget your love? How can you forget the beautiful days?
The days when we met. Remember? The sky was overcast
It was drizzling lightly. I was running after the bus
I tripped and I fell in the muck.
I was writhing in pain when I heard the laughter. Tingling, as if...
the wind had struck a guitar chord. I turned around, and there you stood
With a smile in your eyes, your hair flowing in the wind
I forgot my pain, and I walked up to you and I said...
"lf you keep smiling like that, I,m willing to trip again and again"
You smiled again, and then you tied your scarf around my ankle
Do you remember the days, Sanjna?
Remember this ring? You took it off your finger, and you put it on mine
Have you even forgotten this memento of our love? Have you broken all ties?
Soni embraced me just to make you feel jealous. And you were so furious
So furious that you slapped me!
I kept calling out to you! But you were in such a rage
You wouldn,t even look at me. You didn,t even see that car!
It was hurtling straight down. Then you and the car... no!
You,re all right!
How did this happen?
Don,t worry! Everything will be all right
Stop the car! Please!
Help me! Someone help me!
Is he mad? - Somebody! Help me!
My Sanjna is injured! I have to take her to the hospital!
Please come with me! Somebody! Come with me!
Oh, how did all this happen?
But why am I crying?
My Sanjna is right in front of me!
God is so kind!
He has answered my prayers! You are safe!
But why be so angry over something so trivial?
You even refuse to recognise me? Not the right thing to do, Sanjna
Yes. Very wrong. - Wrong thing to do
Go to your classes
I,ll come again, Sanjna
Here you are Inspector. 200,000. - For two corpses
Prince shouldn,t be suspected. - No one will be suspected, sir
Prince, make sure you drive carefully. You ran over two people
What a waste of money. - How much have I wasted? 200,000?
And you blew up 290 million on Siddhant Rai,s say-so
Use your brains. I accepted Siddhant Rai,s decision...
because we are the ones responsible for the cracks in the dam
If there,s an enquiry, we might end up in jail
And we don,t want to go to jail. - How can we be jailed?
We,re only 30 percent partners now
If we want 100 percent of his empire, it will be necessary...
not to offend Mr Siddhant Rai for some more time to come
I don,t understand. - I won,t explain
Madam, telegram for you
She,s leaving! - She packing!
Madam, are you going somewhere?
She has to! Her Mummy and Daddy have met with an accident
My parents died 20 years ago
If anyone, mourn your mother. You have hurt her soul deeply
She would never have imagined that those who have lost their mother...
could pull a prank over the death of someone else,s parents
You did this so that I,d go away, didn,t you?
I,d rather work with those kids at the orphanage
They never break anyone,s heart. Because their hearts are broken
I won,t forget this favour. Thanks to you, I,m going back to my friends
Please get me a car
"We,re devils"
"But now we,re perplexed"
"We bugged you. But you embraced us"
"Madam, you win. We lose"
"Look, we,re holding our ears"
"Forgive us. Smile, don,t be angry"
"Don,t break our little hearts"
"Sister, we love you"
"You,re like a mother to us"
"Here comes the Queen. Here comes the King"
"Strike up the fanfare"
"Where did the Queen come in from? How did The King come in?
"There are no doors, no windows"
"From somewhere comes the Queen. From somewhere comes the King"
"Strike up the fanfare"
"You are the Queen of the palaces. I am the King of the streets"
"Let,s play Kings-and-Queens"
Get lost!
"Who is the wizard who works this magic?"
"Who makes nature bloom? Who makes the flowers smile?"
"They call it Spring"
"Lovers call it love"
"New friends, upon new paths. Come on, let,s all hold hands"
"Arm in arm, the flowers will bloom"
"When the flower has blossomed, hearts will meet"
"From somewhere comes the Queen. From somewhere comes the King"
"Strike up the fanfare"
"A little bird stole a grain"
"Your crow! Don,t you scream!"
"Let,s play hide-n-seek in the cornfield!"
"Wait Princess! Don,t come seeking yet"
"I,ll say I love you You say, I love you"
"Let,s go where the magic of love works"
"From somewhere comes the Queen. From somewhere comes the King"
"Strike up the fanfare"
"Where did the Queen come in from? How did The King come in?
"There are no doors, no windows"
Sir, Murty speaking. The dam has burst
Cheapskates! You call yourself humans? Is this your ethic?
Look at that footage! Drown yourselves!
Thousands are homeless because of us! 80 corpses have been recovered
There are countless buried under the debris
Thousands of acres of crop has been destroyed
There,s no water, no electricity! Such is the devastation!
And none of you is willing to accept the responsibility!
When the cracks in the dam were first reported...
why wasn,t action taken immediately, despite my say-so?
Who is responsible for this delay?
I have ordered an enquiry, Siddhant. - I don,t trust you at all
Select your team. If you want, call in independent engineers
I want the report on Sunday
Hide me somewhere!
Are you here to apologise again? - Until she forgives me...
I will go on asking for pardon. - Confucius says, ask for God,s mercy
You should go for a confession
Go and make a confession
For all the laws in the world, why does none apply to love?
Why is one punished more than one,s crime?
Sanjna knows how much I love her! Yet, for something so trivial...
Sanjna refuses to recognise me! I haven,t come to ask for anything
I just want to say that unless Sanjna forgives me today...
I will have to commit a sin. But this crime I am going to commit
Yes, I am going to commit suicide. Maybe this is the only way...
to prove my innocence, to immortalise my love
Maybe we will never meet again
Look! A gift voucher! - Give it to me!
Come on Rani
Thank You, God!
You know once every 24 hours, God grants a wish immediately!
You know what I just asked of God? "lf there,s an iota of truth...
in my love for Sanjna, I should see her." And here you are!
Without you, I,m going to die!
Please forgive me! Please forgive me Sanjna!
Enough! Enough of your madness!
Now,s the time to put an end to this! - What rot! Are you out of your mind?
You'Ve gone out of your mind! You'Ve every right to torture yourself...
even to irk me. You have no right to harass an innocent girl!
Harass? How can I harass my Sanjna? - Enough! Now accept the truth
The truth! Know the truth! - Truth? What truth?
That she isn,t... - Listen, no!
Damn him! How long will he go on harassing you?
It,s very important that he comes to terms with the truth!
This isn,t your Sanjna. She is Anna! Sanjna is dead! She,s dead!
Jadu! No! - Yes. She was run over by a car
No! - I performed her last rites!
This is a lie! A lie! - True! True! True!
Forgive me. I had to tell the truth!
Listen, can I be...? - In the fire of love...
Iovers will burn! He died long ago. He,s just pulling along. He,ll live
Can I do...? - Go. I,ll take care of him
Come on
Thank you very much. Go on. I,ll take care of him
Go on
Moron! You hit me so hard! - I,m a method actor!
And I had a score to settle with you. - You!
Want me to call her back?
Welcome lady, welcome! You bring us such joy! How many I be of service?
How is Shekhar? - True lovers don,t die so easily
Majnu, the legendary lover roams the desert for years, asking for death
And where does he die? At the doorstep of his beloved Laila
Where is he?
Surely in the boudoir of his dreams, with Sanjna. Sanjna everywhere
Tell me Jadu, where is he? - If you are so anxious to know...
how he pines, I,ll tell you where. The hapless lover is at Sunset Point
I,m ashamed about yesterday. Please forgive me
I'Ve harassed you a lot. If you ask me the truth...
it isn,t my fault. Nor yours. God has played a cruel joke on me
He takes Sanjna away from me, and He sends me a look-alike...
to make me suffer
Sanjna was lucky to have had someone as madly in love with her as you!
Don,t call it love. Love is too small a word
Why doesn,t death erase memories?
Can I do anything to help you to tide over Sanjna?
This is my tragedy. I always lost my loved ones
My mother, my father, my brother, and even... Sanjna!
You,re lucky Shekhar, to have possessed something you could lose
There are those who never had anything to lose
You have seen your parents, you can dream of them
There are those who don,t even get dreams
Look into my eyes, Shekhar
I am afraid... I might fall in love again
And I haven,t the courage to suffer again
I promise you Shekhar
Never again will you have a heartbreak
"This is my promise of love"
"This I promise. Love is my promise"
"Never let the promise be broken"
"Let us never part till we live"
"Unfaithful is the one who is vexed with her lover"
Say it
"This I promise. Love is my promise"
"Never let the promise be broken"
"Let us never part till we live"
"Unfaithful is the one... - Who is vexed with her lover"
"We are two, but at heart we,re one This I know"
"I hold you in my eyes"
"Let this bond never break even in death"
"Unfaithful is the one... - Who is vexed with her lover"
Caught you!
Who is this? - Papa, he has just come.
So I see. But why is he here?
Papa... the tv. He,s here to fix the tv
Which tv needs repair? - Not the tv. The programme
The Cartoon Network isn,t showing - Sir, BBC! Not I, that is...
BBC, NBC, CNN, nothing,s showing, sir! - I think you,re trying to tell lies
They are lying
The truth is... - Bye!
Wait! If the truth has anything to do with you, you aren,t going anywhere
Sir, this is Shekhar. We love each other very much
Shekhar, what do you do? - A car broker
If someone likes a car, I deliver. I also help you out with bank loans
How much do you make? - No fixed income, sir
Sometimes, I rake in six figures. At times, I have even sold my house
You love Anna?
To get a mate like Anna, one has to be very lucky
Will you marry her?
I,m free this Sunday! Are you?
Anna, are you free this Sunday?
Congratulations! Congratulations to you too!
No time to mourn! It,s over a month!
We came looking for the pot of gold! Now we,re eating crow!
For your kind information, she isn,t even distantly related to Siddhant Rai
She,s a governess to his kids. Just a maid! You understand?
Jadu! I,m getting married!
50 samosas. - Sweet? Potato? Meat?
50, stuffed with potatoes. Pack it nicely
Keep this money. I,ll be back
This is worth 52,000. - Nice
Keep this 2,000. Send your man with me. I,ll give him the rest
Go with the sahib, and collect 50,000
Is my 50s packet ready? - Ready
Go, take it
Give the packet
Hot samosas. All of 50. - Samosas? Fifty?
Not samosas! I want 50,000 Rupees! - Are you doped?
You expect 50,000 bucks out of a deal worth a hundred? Get lost!
I,m ruined!
Jadu, tomorrow I marry
Why are you laughing?
Strange are our laws. Steal and you are punished. Not for stealing hearts
Wreck property and you,re punished. Not for breaking a confidence
The laws need an overhaul, say what? - What kind of a melodrama is this?
Not I. You,re the one who,s playing with that innocent girl
You profess true love? With a stolen ring?
True love? Based on lies?
The wedding done, do you know what will happen once the truth outs?
She,s a proud girl. She will kill herself
After all that wailing over Sanjna, you,ll end up mourning Anna. For real!
Listen, never lie to God. Never lie to the woman you love
If you love her truly, make a clean breast of it. She will forgive you
You? Here? Couldn,t wait it out for another three hours?
I want to talk to Anna. It,s urgent. - Tell me. I,ll tell her
I can,t tell you. - Then tell us
Can,t tell you either. - How about telling me, Shekhar?
If I could have two minutes with Anna...
Hurry! She,s going to be late for the wedding!
Say it
I have something important to tell you. - Whatever it is, say it in front of us
If it,s private, do it after the wedding
Step back, children
Rohit, let,s have a wedding like this for my doll
You should'Ve understood why I slapped you
Sir, I want to say something. - I don,t want to hear anything!
For those who need to know, I,ll do the telling
Anna, this man is a liar, a thief, a conman. Here to deceive us
Even the ring he has given you is stolen. Yes, or no?
If I,m not wrong, you deceived Anna. For the sake of my money
Because you thought that Anna is related to me. Right, or wrong?
Had you stolen all my money, I wouldn,t be as hurt...
as I am to see this innocent girl deceived. What did you want to steal?
What does this poor girl have? What she had, fate has already taken
You should be ashamed
Yes sir. Whatever you said is true. I am a liar. I am a fraud
But I am not deceiving Anna. I love her truly!
From men like you, not a word can be trusted
"You promised..."
"your love was your promise"
"False promises"
"You swore never to part"
"To be vexed with my lover would be unfaithful of me"
I am responsible for the state Anna is in
I should'Ve inquired about the scoundrel before saying yes
Were Destiny in our hands, everyone would'Ve changed his own fate
May I take Ann Anna away with me for a while? A change might work
What are you doing here on a Sunday? - We,d like to see the reason...
for the collapse of the dam cited in your report
The cement was adulterated. And inferior quality of steel
And who is responsible? - Not to be afraid, Murty
Tell us, who,s named in the report?
All three of you. - This gives us a bad name
Possibly the names can be changed? - No. Thousands died because of you
You deserve to be punished. - Will you change it for a million?
No. - Two million?
Not at all. Never!
Which leaves only one way to change your statement
The report has been sent!
Call Inspector Saxena. He,ll take care of the corpse
Dial a number
What happened to Rani? - She,s going to be all right
I want to go to Anna - For something so trivial?
All of us are going to see her!
We,re going!
This attack was a ruse! You fooled me!
Even you fooled me! - They fooled me too!
This joke is no good! I don,t like this at all!
Papa, you promised you,d take us! - You,re always saying "Sorry Papa"!
You always take advantage of me!
Job done
Climb out of the car. One by one
Go on, Rahul. - No Papa!
Rohit, help Rahul up
Rahul, give me your hand
Come on Rani
Rani, give me your hand
Rahul, Rohit, help Rani up
Don,t be afraid. Nothing will happen
Come on, Rani
Papa, give me your hand! - Your hand, Papa!
Don,t try to climb down!
No Papa! Give me your hand! - No Rohit! Not for me!
Go back! For Rahul! For Rani! - Papa! Give me your hand!
Go back, Rohit!
From now on, you look after of Rahul and Rani. Take care
Come up, Papa!
But who looks after of me? Come up, Papa!
I,ll look after you. Just like Mummy. Forever
Rahul and Rani, promise me you,ll always listen to your big brother
You will, won,t you?
Papa, give us your hand!
BBC! Come fast!
Here I am!
You,ll be all right
Open your mouth
Any news of Anna? - Nothing
Bad news. Siddhant Rai has died in an accident
Some people are occupying his house forcibly
The kids are in dire straits
Jadu, bail me out quickly
So children, it,s decided that Rohit goes with Mr Vikram
Rahul goes with Mr Prabhakar and Rani goes with Prince
Till you have become adults, these people will be your guardians
You have no other close relatives. - We can take care of ourselves, sir
Who are you to decide our futures? - I,m sorry, son. The law doesn,t...
accept what children have to say. - Nobody can take us apart
Lawyer, just draw up the papers. Once the magistrate signs it...
no one can change anything. Not even their father!
As of now, their father can,t do a thing
Let,s hit the bottle!
Look at that little devil staring at us!
If your father didn,t teach you to respect your elders, I,ll teach you
Till they learn manners, no food for the three of them
Don,t worry. I,m with you
From now on, this room is mine
Throw the kids out
Will you please put Anna on the line
Anna, your phone
Don,t you call anyone without permission. Else...
Let the kids be. Where can they go? We need servants too, don,t we?
Come here
Come on
The poor things have been working so hard. They,re looking so hungry
Come, sit Sit down to eat with us
Don,t be afraid, son. Sit. - Don,t feel shy
Help yourself. Go on
Anna, come to us as soon as you can. Ever since Papa died...
Grandpa and Uncle have been torturing us
What happened, Rani? - What,s happening?
Look at her! - My God! Attack!
I,ll get the inhaler
Grandpa, Rani...
What is it? - Asthma attack!
So you want this? - Yes!
Drink this
You don,t want this? You want it? Drink
What are you doing, sir? What are you punishing the children for?
Have pity on them, sir! She,s going to die! Let her have the inhaler!
Punish me if you want. But please spare the kids!
You want me to punish you? - For her sake!
Don,t hit him! Please!
Will you drink? Speak!
Tell me! - Yes. You,ll give me the inhaler?
Sure. You,ll drink, won,t you?
He,s hitting him. - Drink up. He,ll stop
No... - No?
You want this? Drink it
Drink... drink
Papa, where are you gone?
Look, what,s going on here!
Grandpa gave Rahul a beating.
Aunt made Rohit clean up
And she even kicked poor Casper
Uncle talks of taking me away to Delhi...
...and sending my brothers away to Bombay
Duddu is very bad.
He went to my room and he tore up my doll,s dress!
I,m not hungry at all, Papa!
But Rahul, Rohit and Casper are very hungry!
BBC doesn,t give us anything to eat. He just sits in his room and cries!
I promised to take care of everything! But I couldn,t do anything!
Hush, Rani!
God! I can,t bear to see the children in this state!
I wish their father was here. Or Raju...
This affidavit states that...
except for Vikram Sinha, Prabhakar and Ranjit Kumar, there,s no one...
who is a close relative of the deceased Siddhant Rai
So my clients have decided to adopt the orphans, to give them...
a good education, so that once they have come of age...
they can take care of their estates and their businesses
The details of the properties are in this document
Children, come here
Your Daddy was a fine man. He was a dear friend too
I,m sorry. After his untimely death, you will now have to live apart
They aren,t going to be apart. In these times...
Delhi, Mumbai and Shimla aren,t very distant
I,ll love them even more than my own Duddu
Who are you, sir?
I hear Siddhant Rai,s estates and his children are being palmed off
So here I am. To ask for my share. - Share?
Who are you? - Have times changed so much...
that you don,t recognise your nephew, dear Uncle?
Uncle? What do you mean? - I am Rajit Rai
Alias Raju
What drivel is this? You can,t be Raju. I know Raju very well
You don,t know Raju at all. Because when I left home...
you were in Shimla. Not here. - I have seen his photos!
I was 12 when I went away. Now I,m 30.
You can,t make me out by photos
This must be an impostor!
My wise friend seems to be a lawyer
He should know that he can be sued...
and sentenced for defamation
Are you a lawyer? - I nearly became one!
But I can prompt you about the law. - Let me take of them later
Please sign these papers. - I don,t think we should act in haste
If this gentleman can prove that he is Siddhant Rai,s brother...
then the partition is unnecessary. - Can you prove that you,re Raju?
Evidence is what you use to prove a lie true.
The truth is always evident
You will have to prove that you are Raju
I cannot. But you can disprove me
I,m coming!
I,ll set wheat and chaff apart!
Ask him which vegetables he liked most!
Yes, ask him about the ones he didn,t like
BBC, are you asking me this? I,ll tell you
I hate bell plant
I hate potato. I hate ladyfinger, cauliflower. I hate all vegetables
Except one. - Which?
Round and small...
little pearl-like things
- Peas - Absolutely correct!
If you are Raju, you surely remember that once you fell down
You were injured badly. Where did you fall from?
From a cycle? From a horse? Down the stairs? Or from a tree?
Step back!
Not cycle, not horse, not tree, not stairs
I was standing on BBC,s shoulders and I was showing off a stunt
That,s where I fell from - He,s absolutely right!
The injury left a mark. Show us
What are you staring at? Show us! - Such times!
The naked truth has to be paraded in public! Okay, we,ll show you
Show them, Raju. - Show us!
In front of everyone? - Yes! In front of everyone!
Will you please go inside? - Why are you shy? I,m your Aunt
What?! Face away! - Turned around, kids
Striptease isn,t a magic show!
He,s the one!
Sorry to be late, kids
From what has been heard and seen, you seem to be Raju
But you must prove it in court. The hearing will be on the 10th
Raju! You,re back! Now everything will be all right!
Your melodrama won,t last long. - 10 days are enough for me
You can,t be Raju Chacha! - You deceived Anna!
Our Raju Chacha can,t be a thief!
True, I,m not your Raju Chacha
I,m not remotely related to you.
But as of now you better accept a falsehood as true.
Because you have no other way out
If you don,t want to be separated...
if you don,t want them to grab your money...
you will have to take a fraud for an uncle
Use a nail to draw a nail
What he,s saying is true. With Jadu,s help, I got him released on bail
I gave him Raju,s secrets. As of now, he,s the only one who can help us
I didn,t intend to deceive Anna. I wanted to tell her all about me
But I never had a chance
Hey, I,m famished! Come on, aren,t we hungry children?
They haven,t eaten in days! Get on with it!
My tummy is aching!
Peas! Cooked the way Raju liked it? Rather, as I liked it 18 years ago!
Come on, kids!
Taste a bit It,s very tasty
You try it
Casper will have it!
Even he won,t eat
If not for my sake, then for Anna,s sake?
What,s going on? You can,t barge into my bedroom!
I,m throwing out the intruders
What do you mean? - Why come sneaking in?
Find yourselves a place you won,t be thrown out of
This is our house! Who are you to throw us out?
Stop eating so much. You,re bloated. - At the seams!
About to burst! - And Mummy can,t even sew you up!
Mummy can,t sew! What will happen to him?
You hear what rot they,re talking? - I,ll call the police!
Look pal, with the police, in courts, you,ll tire yourself out!
This is illegal occupancy! - It,s illegal
You could do three and a half years
I,ll see you! - Use mascara
That,ll make you look sharper!
Uncle, please get up
Get up, please
What is the matter? - Will you please? For a minute
Did you take the chair at the head of the table by mistake? It,s mine now
If you want to eat breakfast, sit over there
You say you,re Raju, and we agree
You say I,m not Raju? I agree. But how will you prove it?
We,re enquiring into it. - Keep enquiring. We,re breakfasting
Will you get up, please? - How dare you?
If you won,t I,ll have you picked up. - Move it!
If I touch you, you,re dead! - You too!
Raju Chacha, over here. - Let me do this first
Here goes... gone! - That,s what happens...
when a man does a woman,s job
Yes Raju Chacha
Had Anna been here, it,d be sewn up in a minute!
Where do I find her? I don,t even know where she is
I wrote her a letter. If she has received it, she,ll surely come
I,d never have known had I not received Rohit,s letter
What are you doing here? Are you planning to rob the kids now?
I came here to save them from being robbed
So the thief now plays policeman?
A thief could give up thieving.
Who are you fooling, Shekhar? Me, yourself, or the kids?
You can con the whole world. Not me.
I'Ve come to know who you are I know what you are
Don,t scold Raju Chacha
He,s very nice. - Yes, were it not for Raju Chacha...
Grandpa would'Ve starved us to death! - So this is your new game?
But you won,t win at this game. Because I,m here
If you try to hurt these kids...
The accused should be allowed a hearing before sentencing
You don,t know this man!
After he has won your hearts, he strikes
Before going to the church, I came here to tell you the truth
But for a chance... - I wish to hear nothing
No excuses, no apologies... - I said I wish to hear nothing
What,s this new dish? - No dish! She,s Anna
The children,s old governess. She arrived last night
Tonight, she,s coming to me
The next time... - Speak and I,ll rip your tongue out!
Get lost. My right fist is stronger
Did he say something about Anna?
Leave our uncle to us. He,ll end up... - Just like Lucifer!
What an ass you are, Prince!
Why did you start romancing in public? You,re no less. You,re handsome!
Inside stuff is, she likes you too. But she won,t say. Try to understand
Really Rohit? - Raju Chacha wants to talk to you
But he,s a bit shy. - A bit shy?
Likes me? - No one else around!
She likes you! You! She,s crazy about you!
You want to talk?
Hear that? Ringing! Pick it up! Talk!
Why this distance between us? Let,s meet downstairs. Say what?
She laughed! - She,s in!
You,re hiding here? I'Ve been looking for you all over!
Why do you stay so far away from me? - Because of him...
Who? - He
There,s no one here! Just you and me!
Bastard! Aren,t you ashamed of doing this with your sister-in-law?
They,ll end up killing each other!
What,s this? Where are you taking me? - To show you magic
Magic? - I,ll use magic to open the handcuffs
Really? Can you do that? - Just wait and watch
Raju Chacha, we'Ve handcuffed Anna. Now she can,t run anywhere
You go and talk her up. We,re taking uncle to the hospital
I have always taken by force, by deceit
I have never asked. I never begged
But today, I beg of you.
Please Anna, hear me out for once
After what you did, I don,t even trust myself
I don,t even know the difference between truth and falsehood
Give me once chance to prove that I,m honest
You don,t have a past. I haven,t either
If you don,t give me a chance, both of us might stand to lose a tomorrow
"This is what my heart does to me"
"Oh what do I do now?"
"Without you, I can,t live"
"This is what my heart does to me"
"Oh what do I do now?"
"So what if I die? I,ll give you a bad name"
"They will say that you killed me"
"I'Ve lost my heart to you"
"Oh what do I do now?"
"What if your anger turns to love?"
"What if my enemies were to become my friends?"
"I,d give my life for you"
"This is what my heart does to me"
"The match was made lifetimes ago"
"Oh what do I do now?"
No need to get worked up. Let him do what he,s doing
How long will he go on? He,s going to be exposed in court
He has no evidence, nor any witness to prove himself
Forgive me, brother. Had I come a few days earlier...
had you lived a while longer, you would'Ve seen...
that your Raju has become what you wanted him be
That,s why you slapped me. Give me this chance to atone
Who are you?
You don,t recognise me? Uncle, I,m Raju
I was in Washington when I read the news about my brother
How did this happen?
I,m nearly expecting my brother to walk in any moment to ask me...
where I'Ve been
The kids...
You,re Rani, aren,t you?
You,re Rohit And you,re Rahul
If you are Raju, then who is he?
I don,t understand, Uncle
He too claims that he is Raju
So you are Raju
Rajit Rai. Alias Raju
Then who am I?
For 20 billion, anyone can become Raju. - So that,s why you,re here?
But I,m not here for the 20 billion. By the blessings of my brother...
my business turnover exceeds 200 million dollars
It,s the court,s job to decide who the real Raju is
Day after tomorrow is the hearing Whatever you have to say...
you can say in court
From the day I left this house, till this day, my activities are recorded
To become Raju, you will need evidence of the days before you left this house
That you haven,t
More than evidence, I rely on my integrity and my brother,s blessings
You recognise me!
Can I have peas for lunch?
Of course, sir!
I,d rather that you introduced yourselves to me
My name is Preeti. I,m Prabhakar,s second wife
He looks like the real Raju! - So I think
You thought you,re too smart? Now it,s all over
You wouldn,t let me a bite. Now you haven,t any left for yourselves
While we fought over it, someone else walked away with the cake
I called you here to talk business
What,s left to talk of? The kids go to America. The money goes to a trust
And you end up on the streets. Makes no difference to me
I,m just a common thief. I,ll go somewhere else
Think about it! Think of something! - Between you and me, you fellows...
are the bigger rogues. I,m small fry. I can,t think that big
Something can be worked out! - What?
What if we depose that this one is our nephew?
The court will have to accept it. There are no witnesses except us
What if you kill me afterwards? No, thank you
I,m not running the gambit with my life at stake
We can offer you a share
How much? - More than what you could'Ve plundered
Ten percent is too less. The risks are too high
What if I,m caught in the act?
Fifteen. - One-fourths, at least
5 billion? Lmpossible
Very well. Then I leave
I knew it! Scum like you can never be a gentleman
But I,m not going to let you or those villains take...
what belongs to those innocent children
I,m going to the police!
You aren,t going anywhere. I'Ve been through a lot of trouble...
to get at this fortune. No one stands in my way. Not even you
So he,s very intelligent! - If we depose before the magistrate...
before the hearing comes up, we can pre-empt Rajit from going to court
Our Raju will have become the children,s uncle by then
All three of you have made sworn affidavits before me, testifying...
that Raju is Mr Rajit Rai, the late Siddhant Rai,s long-lost sibling
There being no other claimants before this court...
I accept that you are Rajit Rai. From this day onwards, you are...
the heir to Siddhant Rai,s estates, also the guardian of his children
With water, or...? - Alcohol is injurious to health
Pepsi will do
Congratulations! Now you are our heir!
So how and when do we share the booty?
Yes, which company do you want? - Would you like shares? Or cash?
What are you saying? - We have to pay you your share
Share? What tripe!
I Rajit Rai, am the sole heir to the estates of the late Siddhant Rai!
Where comes the question of sharing?
Not Shekhar. Raju. All three of you have sworn in court that I,m Raju
What impertinence!
Lmpertinence? You call me impertinent? You insult me in my own house!
He,s telling me to get out! - So this is your plot?
No plot. It,s curtains for you.
What you forget Shekhar, is one who can make, can also break.
Empty threats
Empty threats are bows sans arrows. Pull all you will, but you can,t shoot
Now pick up what,s left of your esteem and get out of here. Else...
Present your accounts to the office tomorrow morning
You fellows have swindled a lot. I have to collect
Don,t forget that you are Raju by dint of our deposition
Yes, we can say that we erred. - So you,ll depose in Raju,s favour?
You,ll make him Raju Chacha? - Yes!
Get on with it. Here he comes
Good you,re here!
This fraud conned us into saying that he,s Raju!
You must help us put him in jail! - You want me to send him to jail?
Yes. - Yes?
Why are you laughing? - What else? If he goes to jail...
who gives me my share? - Your share?
You asses! This isn,t Raju. He,s an old mate, Gaffoor
We pulled off many robberies together. We'Ve even been to jail together
I called him in so that... - You fellows would lose nerve...
and make him Raju Chacha
Stop! What,s that?
Not my brand. Get lost
Do you mind it, Uncle?
All your life you swindle Siddhant Rai. In a trice, I take it all back
Did you hear the idiom about one fell stroke?
Throw these dogs out. Don,t even leave a trace of how they smelt!
Not now
Not the right place. Not the right time
Come on. - Get out!
Thanks? What for? I always fancied acting
But mugging the dialogues I was to say in front of the portrait was tough
Honestly, didn,t I put in a good act? I had everyone in a tizzy!
Tell me, what do you want? - I'Ve worked for you for 20 percent
But I know that your take here is going to be only good wishes
Let me have 20 percent of the goodwill. If the kids wish me well...
an old sinner will be spared a bit of embarrassment when he faces Allah
Call me whenever you need me. Farewell.
Open the door. Anna, please!
What happened Raju Chacha?
Open up Anna. Open up
What happened? - She...
Idea! Let,s make her laugh!
Forgive me, Shekhar!
"Yesterday is gone never to return"
"Tomorrow isn,t here yet. We,ll see when it comes"
"Only today is ours. The rest, all dreams"
"The rest, all dreams"
"What,s today,s programme? - Work? Or a holiday?"
"Today? There,s work and work to do"
"You got to go to school. You have to cook"
"I have to eat. - I got to see a movie"
"No pictures. You,re going to office. Understand?"
"Whatever the boss wishes. I,m just a slave"
"But if you say yes, the works are ready!"
"By the way, what,s today,s programme?"
"Where are you headed? - I,m taking the 7 o,clock train"
"Any letters? - I'Ve been called back"
"This is a lame excuse. - Leave me! I have to go"
"The postman just delivered a telegram"
"It,s addressed to someone else!"
"You imp!"
"Let,s get out of the house. - Let,s go for a picnic"
"Let,s change the mood"
"True soulmates..."
"laugh and cry together"
"In this whole wide world, what,s most lovable?"
"Most lovable?" - "I,m the most lovable!"
"Among the most lovable things, the first is love!"
"The reward for finding love, is love"
"By the way, what,s today,s programme?"
Name, Shekhar
First arrested for stealing. Age eight
18 years in juvenile jail
Here,s your police record. - So you posed as Raju to loot us?
You like her, don,t you? Keep her
Lawyer, get the magistrate to sign the adoption papers by tomorrow
These men are dangerous! They,ll kill you! Go away!
No! How can we leave you and Anna? - Don,t bother about us
No BBC. We,re going together
Let,s pick up Anna
Now the fraud is gone! - Who becomes a billionaire?
We,ll end up owning 20 billion!
You don,t deserve such a lot of money
I killed Siddhant.
Where did this new Raju Chacha transpire out of?
Not our mistake. Yours. Had you killed the kids too we wouldn,t...
be facing this problem today. - That,s not difficult
There,s a 2000-foot cliff right behind. I,ll dispatch them to their father
Always ready to kill? Kill them. But not now. Get it?
Did you see that car? - Which car?
It was right here!
You should meet Charles Sobhraj. - I,m the one who helped him escape
You helped him? - What else?
You know what happened one day?
Shekhar, you here? - Trouble
Anna and the kids are trapped. - You want to get out?
Come and see what Gaffoor and God have in store
So what was I telling you? - You helped Charles Sobhraj escape
Yes. One day, there was a hot altercation
I say, no one can escape from Tihar. He says, "I can". So we take bets
Now suppose I,m standing here and it,s Charles over there
Shekhar, stand here. Come on
Then you know what he did? - What?
He clutched his tummy and started screaming
The guard came inside the cell. Hey guards...
when Shekhar screams, the two of you come in
Shekhar, scream Go on, scream
Come in
I got his plan. So I caught both the guards like this!
And I said... Shekhar run
Run man!
That,s how Charles Sobhraj escaped? - Moron, that,s how Shekhar escaped
Where,s the tape?
Say it!
He thought he,s the cock of the walk! - Tell us, son. Else...
this one-eyed Jack will give you an eye like his!
Tell us, son. - Of course, he,ll tell
Rohit is a very good boy
Very good boy
Rohit, I worked out this lovely game. Shut you eyes and hit the ball
Want me to show you?
Look. Here I take aim, I shut my eyes, and...
No! Grandpa! No!
What,s going on? Where,s this smoke coming from?
What,s going on?
Shut up!
Raju Chacha!
Let,s go and get Anna!
Papa didn,t die in an accident. They killed him
The proof is in this cassette
I,m over here! - Careful!
Give us your hands
Anna, take the kids away. - No! We listened to Papa...
and he left us. We aren,t listening to you. Give us your hand
Give me your hand!
Come on. Give me your hand!
Bash him up!
Our horses are eager to teach these asses a lesson!
No one comes here
Give me the videotape
Give it to me
Then Shekhar surrendered himself to the police
After serving time for six months, he served an even bigger sentence
He married Anna. Nowadays Shekhar and Anna...
are taking care of Rohit, Rahul and Rani. And they,re looking...
for the real Raju Chacha. If you know anything...
about Rajit Rai, alias Raju,
please contact www.rajuchacha.com
"Raju Chacha..."
"will come"
"He,ll tie up the villains"
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