How to Survive Bullying!

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Hey blog buddies!
So I have been wanting to create this video for a long time, but I wasn't really the victim
of anti-gay bullying growing up.
And I know that when you talk about a subject like this it's a lot more powerful when you
can speak from experience.
So I would like to introduce you to Nick.
He is a blog buddy and unfortunately he has had a really hard time with bullying so I
would like him to share his story and then he’s going to share a few tips for surviving
Take a look.
So I am here with a blog buddy Nick. Hi Nick.
Nick you were this is a topic that is personal to you because it is something you experienced.
Can you tell us about what happened?
In the middle of 7th grade I came out of the closet, I told everyone that I was gay.
How old were you when you came out?
It was just so different for everything to be seeing because I was the first gay person
they have ever seen.
People would make fun of me for the way I dressed or how I had my hair.
There was a page that was created against me.
On Facebook?
Yes, on Facebook and you liked it and that meant you did not like me.
Was the bullying ever physical?
Did anyone ever like try to hurt you?
Our school was close to the downtown of the town that were were in and there was a really
big crowd of boys and this one point I was with my friends and they all crowded around
I got punched in the head and then I ran inside to the ice cream place and I cried because
I was overwhelmed.
Obviously, it's just heartbreaking to hear Nick's story.
But because he is so strong and so courageous I wanted Nick to share his seven tips for
surviving bullying.
Here they are take a look.
Ignore the bully and walk away.
It's not cowardly, and in fact, it's one of the strongest things you can do.
Don't make their anger your own.
If you get upset, it's basically telling the bully that they control your emotions.
Don't give away your power.
Don't fight back.
Physical force isn’t the answer as violence only leads to more violence - and it tells
the bully that they’ve gotten to you.
Be confident.
It's important to remember that everything the bully says and does is really a reflection
of their own insecurities within themselves.
This isn't an excuse for the bullies. It's just so that you don't internalize their insults.
Be strong.
You can't always control what other people say or do, but you can control how you respond.
Think about ways to feel your best, to be true to yourself and to celebrate the amazing
person that you are.
Speak up.
Talk about the bullying to your teachers, school counselors, to your parents, to your
friends or anyone else that will listen.
Surround yourself with people who support you.
I mean really who has the time to waste on people who don’t love us for who we are?
Build relationships with people who lift you up.
There you go and obviously a huge thank you to Nick for being brave enough to be part
of this video.
If you guys have any tips for surviving bullying share them in the comments below.
Keep your chins up, I love you guys thanks for tuning in!
Peace out.
It seems like a lot of people that have been bullied they turn to something for strength.
Like whether it's art if they paint or they dance or they sing.
Right is that?
Yeah singing and acting is what I do.
Can you give us a little something?
You just made fourteen year old
girls vaginas tingle all across the world.