WTF - Golf Pencils

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 14.09.2011

So what you're saying is
you want me to get kicked out of class.
Ok so today we're doing another awesome stationery set.
Do you guys remember we did that roulette ruler?
Ruler Roulette. We wasted very many hours with that.
Like, I seriously believe that we can dedicate a video a week
to how awesome the stationery is in Korea.
But we just decided to go for the coolest one we saw recently
Which is looks like...well they're pencils actually.
Oh. That was a great sound.
There are pencils in here, so I guess you sharpen them
and you use them to write
and you can also consequently, you can play golf with this.
I guess you can also play pool, as well.
You can...............
Um, the problem is that this is a surefire way to get yourself kicked out of class.
Like, I don't understand what situation you'd be using this in.
You're writing down your lesson like, 3+6 equals....
Oh hell let's just start playing golf!
Your teachers aren't going to notice this?
These are freaking huge!
These aren't tiny golf sticks that you're playing with.
Well, you can like use this in a lecture in university
You can drop down behind the seats casually and start playing on the floor
Or you're in a board meeting with your boss and you're writing and you're instead like...
Surefire ways to fail at life.
I like how it says "Golfzon" on it. It's like the Power Ranger that never was.
Oh I thought it was...oh you're right! I thought it was Golf ZONE
Oh God! Golfzon! I need you!
*Martina's terrible rendition of the Power Rangers Theme. Seriously. WTF Martina?*
Is that supposed to be the Power Rangers song?
Yeah! Go Go Golfzon ranger!
I wonder what his special power would be.
I don't know
Cheating on his wife with Pornstars.
Ok if you turn to the back of this,
I want you to note that they have a little putting range here.
You're supposed to punch these out,
but I don't really know what I'm gonna do with this.
Is it just for show?
Can I please do the other one?
I love popping things with perforated holes.
It's like one of the most satisfying things ever, next to bubble wrap.
I learned something new about Simon today.
Ohhh! Perforation! It's just so...perferted!
Oh boy.
With an F.
Per...Perferted. Get it?
What am I supposed to do with this? Am I supposed to...
this is where the stick goes.
No it's not. This is where you putt the ball and it goes into here.
Oh. Well it's easy then.
But this is too small. Let's make our own golf course.
*Batman Transition Music*
To the golfcourse making mobile! Do we have one of those?
Of course we do. *Batman Transition Music*
Oh well it's a beautiful day on the Eatyourkimchi greens today
Martina is in top shape with her brand new golf pants prepared.
And Simon is looking like a fartsucker.
And I think today we're gonna see a pretty good match here
We're gonna see two of the big ones against each other
So one of us is taking this a bit too seriously here.
I have good reason to take it too seriously.
We're playing for a really great prize
The coveted Reese Peanut Butter Cup
Yes. You cannot get these in Korea
And we had our friends bring this to us from the states
and we're down to one single left.
The winner of this contest will get to eat the last peanut butter cup
which is very exciting to us.
If any of you want to donate to the simonandmartina fatty fund,
Please, mail your candies, and your ranch dressing,
to our PO Box, right here.
Yes, this is our real PO Box.
Mail all of your stuff right here.
Remember: Halloween is coming, and there's no better way to celebrate
than to mail us all of the noms that you worked hard for.
Anyways. The rules of the game are this:
We are going to play golf. We have to sink two balls.
Oh. This is really warped.
Whoever can sink two balls in the fewest amount of strokes
will win the coveted peanut butter cup.
Kai Bai Boh winner goes first.
Oh nononono I'm not ready.
You can't cheat you can't use any of your God rules
Oh no I won't let you use that because you'll be like
"Oh that was a something" no! You're totally cheating!
Kai Bai Boh! Flick! Woo!
You said a bad word Mr! You said a bad word!
You can see it's a beautiful day on the greens
and Martina is lining up for her first shot
with her awkward club and her green pants that look terrible.
Those pants are quite daring actually.
Is it off? Is it into the rough?
And she's totally off.
Oh no she's still hanging in there. It's still on the green, barely.
There she misses again and again and again.
Oh look! Even the animal's intrigued by her crappiness
Oh, and it's in. And it's in.
Not too bad. Maybe 4 or 5? Pretty good. Pretty good.
More like 45.
Ok next. Oh nice! She's lining up on the green.
Ok she's going in for the second shot.
There she is again. Third, fourth
And it's in. Barely.
So for me...8 and 7 is 15.
I gotta do this in less than 15 shots.
Don't do it ok?
Ok so Simon's up next.
Here's the pro at work, checking the wind flow.
You can see his caddy Spudgy giving him some advice.
And let's see, oh. Oh!
Oh! A trick shot!
I think that was more like a loser shot.
It was a trick shot. He did it twice!
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
Oh. Oh no.
No, I don't think you know how to count.
Is it in? Is it in (that's what she said)
Oh my (that's also what she said)
It's off in the rough.
Oh, he's so terrible. How did he even get in this league is beyond me.
HAHAHA! That was a backhand!
You're so bad!
We're gonna do another one. We're gonna do another one.
Ok so Simon's already lost and he's gonna try again.
Ok: if I can get this in 4, I'll be the winner.
Sure honey.
if I can get this in 4, I'll be the winner.
You ready?
1. Ok, onto the rough again for the 3rd or 4th time.
Nonono watch this. He's gonna get it right in the eagle territory.
Let's see.
Oh what a beautiful placement of the ball!
Let's see. This might be a world record ladies and gentlemen.
Oh! And that's it!
Oh I don't know about that.
We're gonna have to check the replay cam on that one
I got it in 4.
You did not!
I got that in 4!
I saw you wrap around. You like, wrap drived it into the hole.
Look, I popped it upwards. That's 4!
I got that in 4.
No, you're a big cheater.
You agreed to the terms!
Ok, let's talk about the pencils for the end point here.
Please mail me something people!
Don't mail Simon ranch. He doesn't deserve it! He's such a cheater!
I'm gonna be a gentleman, and I'll give this to you.
I don't want it! You're a stupid stinky cheating peanut butter cup loser!
Talk halfsies!
You don't want it?
This is your chance. Have half smelly jelly.
It's all for you. I tried to mush it in your mouth.
We need a minute here...
[Sexily intoxicating Junsu music]
So, final verdict is: