Warlords 1988 Eng+Rus sub

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David Carradine in
oh my god
we finally did it
i often asked myself how such a wonderful theory as nuclear deterrance was expected to work when the lucky men holding the triggers really couldnt give a damn
i mean , why would it bother us when comfortable safe bomb shelters were free with the push of a button
a four year all expenses paid underground vacation
jacuzzis, saunas, microwaves, a slide show of the grand canyon
it was really quite lovely.
history was wiped out in a flash
for some this meant a fresh start, but not a welcome one
position and wealth no longer had meaning. what happened to the people was the strange part.
of course most of them died, they were the lucky ones. .many more headed for the desert.
maybe in search of some mythacle healing property or maybe just to dissapear
hundreds of thousands more mutated into pitiful creatures with a savage hatred of humans
so even the bombs didnt end the fighting. an uprising of the mutants had begun
a long and bloody crusade to exterminate all of mankind.
it was just the kind of war where a few extraordinary people could make all the difference in the world
thats him damnit danny, light up those guys
god damn son of a bitch ,get em off our tail!
frank, if you keep this damn car straight for one second i might be able to get a fix on these guys. hurry, hurry
you idiot, catch up to him. if you lose this one the warlords going to have our ass for sure!
.cmon! whos the scurge that taught you how to drive anyway? get off my back girl!
. swiping this car was your brilliant idea. who cracked up the last car? forget it frank, ok?
listen, hug it to the left. now kiss it to the right. FRANK!
I'm pissed now, i'm just gonna have to kill these guys
cmon you slafucking?? idiots! die , cmon!
damn this gun, you dumb son of a bitch
will you slow down i'm gonna be sick
cmon you stupid yogi, drive!
cmon frank lets kick some butt
son of a bitch
hit the road sister
alright lets see if we got any monster munchies in here
pretty thirsty after killing those guys
i wonder what we got here ,alright!
yeah! yeah!
wait a minute! nooooooooooo
cmon you son of a bitch
fill her up big boy, and check the tires while your at it.
you got it upside down
you gotta have your finger on the trigger
you know i was hoping someone like yuo would come along
i've been sitting here for half a day
what do you say we uh get this gas in here and take off?
hey!!!! no way, no. you cant leave me out here to die cmon! i'm still trying to get your gas
i know i'm gonna regret this yeah!
wow, i dont believe it
its only a beer
better watch it, theres an open container law in this state.
i'm danny, you know, like daniel?
doesnt really fit, does it? you know this sounds kinda crazy
, but you look real familiar.
you talk too much, god damn canadian.
you got me
you're branded!
if you ever do that again, i'll break your neck dont get upset. look now you've wrinkled my jacket.
i was gonna get a tattoo on it.
best place in the world to get a tattoo is hollywood.
place is a dump now
what is that, your zip code?
whered you get this piece of junk anyway?
i got it from a big pair of ugly mutants. i shot em, blam blam blam blam blam blam
then i took it from them .
so where we going chief?
rocket launcher is yours
what? its a free country okayyyy
you asked for it.
they're coming
they're coming
hahaha yeah the warlords going to watn to keep this one
.i'll even get a little bonus for her
you know it must be harder for guys like you
losin everything, living out here
how about you?
i dunno, it aint so bad, actually its a lot like where i used to live
must have been brought up in manhattan
isnt that a drink?

you probably dont remember how it used to be
.ah you know what they say
you only mind being poor if you were once rich i've lived my whole life like this
its only tough if you try to fight
how old are you?
i dont know
well i mean what year were you born?
people still keep track of that stuff?
what about your folks?
they were killed when i was a kid boy they sure saw it coming taught me everything i needed to know to survive yeah your folks were okay you know, i cant really remember what they looked like which way now? how the hell should i know? i'm not talking to you i knew that. which way? north, north - west, congratulations, we're finally getting close. hey, is that a computer?
go on, get
very nice
cmon hurry up, get em out of here
always manage to bring me all of the women i ask for bulma?
all i need is guns

damn why are you so nervous today?
because more and more of my long range scouts are missing
theres something happening out there
and i want to be ready when it does
look i got a shitpot full of guns coming and they're all yours
so take it easy, okay?
whats the matter with you ?.
is your car? uhm
you were tattacked?
yeah. government force? no not really no
hey you got yourself a pansy mutineer huh? shutup bulmont, i will handle this
you have managed to fail and humiliate me twice in one day. what do you think your punishment should be ?
yes. so do i.
damn youre always good for a laugh
you know what i mean, not laugh at you, with you!
make sure you never do.
damn love that warlord
getting tired of carrying this damn thing
cant you carry your little talking box for a while?.
hey carl, i smell a mutant
whoa-ho , whoa get my ass out of here
ok? yeah i guess so how about you ? hey dont worry about me, just kill that son of a bitch oh i get it now, youre a ventrilloquest and thats your little dummy
and what did we declare?(??)
theres a guy with a gun and hes shooting at us.
quick thinking , einstien! thats so wonderful
yeah hes a regular rocket scientist but we're saving that!
well we cant hang around here all day. here, fire this off, about once every 5 seconds, more or less. mix it up a little. hey you're not going to give her a loaded gun are you? yeah, dont leave me here alone with her, shes dangerous see, what did i tell ya?
ohhh dear
thank you
oh shit
wait a minute , i got information
i got him, i got him!
oh its you
you gotta get the bullet out
i cant, i just know how to put them in no, i'm serious , you gotta. ammo will help you yeah, this boy gets shot all the time youre name is ammo huh? yeah baby , but dont wear it out ok? mind if i open your case? well i wouldnt if i were you, you got enough problems on your hands right now listen, this guys' out like a light
cant we just cover him up and tell him we took it out?>
he may be ugly , but he aint stupid go on grab his knife
hes still got it aint he? nah, i got mine.
well sterilize it somehow
ok, hold on a second
oh shit!
watch it! alright! quit your complaining! cant you find any more bumps to hit?
what do you want me to do? pave the street for you? give me a break i knew i should have left you back there at the car. hey, whos doing the pulling here anyway? i got it, you get up, i'll lay down you can pull me for a while. yeah, i'd like to pull you
remind me to break your neck when my arm heals.
just my luck i get a crazy rickshaw driver for a nurse
stay clear, whoever you are i'm a dangerous man i'm unhunged i swear i'll kill you
.i swear i'll kill both of you well i for one am seriously terrified
you, you better be, i killed dozens of men in the war
many of them with my bare hands.
i bet, did shaking the gun like that make the bullets come out faster?
i can see we are at a standoff here
what - what do you want? just a little southern hospitality. i dont think so id do what the lady says if i was you shes the one that did this to me okay?
so who are you two? i'm danny and this heres butch badass bullet stopper.
got any more of those things?
no, this is the only one left on the whole desert.
so are you a sargent or luitenant general or what?
why do you want to know?
well you got every possible insignia on your uniform
i thought you guys were the first ones to get it in the war.
well some of us had what were called prior knowledge
a lot of good it did us.
i think that means he was one of the guys who pushed the button
you're all a bunch of baby killers
so how long have you two been together?
we've been to hell and back
since this morning
nothing brings everyone together like that old mushroom cloud
thats a way of putting it
you know you look really familiar
yeah i thought so too
are you famous or somethin?
thats it! you're that dao, that hero of uranium bay in canada
i thought that guy died in battle
hey, who knows these days?
let me see your neck
yeah hes got numbers on his neck too
of course, hes a DNA replica who more logical than dao? what are you talking about? dont you know about the experiments beofre the war?
dont you see hes a product of genetic engineering
gene splicing, hes a replica of a vertible superman!
cant be that was banned so what do you say stud? you're a fucking clone. hey, take it easy girl, cmon, be fair man isnt just a product of his genetic makeup hes a some total of his whole life experience i bet dao jr here has led a pretty full life this guy is totally crazy
we'll sleep in shifts ok?
so you're a little sensitive
i'm just lonely its not that i dont find you attractive.
i've heard this one before.
its just that i have the wife
so thats whos in the box hey, who are you talking about?
is she the one you're looking for?
what'd she do? walk out on you?
yeah, at gunpoint.
how long? two years.
two years?
.you've been looking for your wife for two years?
did the uh did the mutants take her?
the warlord
he led an attack on the plant, lit the whole place up
killed everybody i knew
but hes close now. real close
.i know all about that guy
hes not the kind of guy you want to go after.
i have to, it was my fault
your fault? yeah i was in charge of commando squad. first one that was against the mutants i'm not too popular with them. still cant figure out why it was your fault they werent after her, they were after me two years is a long time, if shes still alive she aint gonna be the same doesnt matter well he had me for 10 minutes, it changed my whole life.

.mom? oh my god wake up please wake up nooo noooooo kill you i'll kill you
you killed my mom
cant i at least keep you company? i'm cold out here. ow, easy, easy
lordy lordy lordy, we'll be in for it now.
i'll kill the first one that robs anything. why you weaklings! keep moving! i want ...
i know what you need
stop it yes, yes i know
i cannot work like this.
are you feeling it yet?
thank god thats over with
`next time
have the syrum ready
of course, whatever you want
its happening more frequently now
every few days
i dont have much time left
the tissue we are working with is hopeless
i dont want to hear that
everything we're expirementing with is already showing signs of mutation we need a clean sample. i dont want to hear that crap you just keep this nice old juice i've already killed 14 of them i dont care i want them talking by the end of next week its only a matter of time make it a short time
shut the fuck up
fuck you i'm not talking to you i knew that.
how come you never ride that thing?
ohh, i cant ride that thing .well whats it for? .for show
.you know,
recumbanent dna was a big controversey in my day. fact is, otherwise perfectly sane people
had opinions far left field about messing with genes.
unpure, tainted, offensive, they said
ohh, dont misunderstand me, i'm all for it. all for it.
they said the fabric, fiber, of the world would unraveled.
that we'd all fall into the quagmire of purgatory, nasty, foul, coarse!
no way, what could be more simple
than rearranging the building blocks of life?
yes sir. gods little tinker toys, imagine that!.
why some people even said
.it was unholy, satan worship! they said it again and again
it was like playing god! rotten! filthy!
you know some people would want us to burn in hell. they say that 2780 on your neck is like having 666 on your scalp
putrid! festering! squalid!
you're really crazy you know that?
maybe so, keeps the mutants away.
so where to now trooper?.
well ammo says we're real close to the camp.
oh hey, thats suicide. yeah, it isnt your fight
well, wait a minute now, no sweat
i just want you to come out of there alive
i mean after all we've been through
we havent been through anything yet
yeah we aint gonna unless you come out of there in one piece
theres someone else i'm supposed to pick up there, a scientist.
billings, some kind of genetics expert. what do you need him for?.
the government wants him back, they want to open up the plant again.
they have a big plan to repopulate the earth. great, clone world can you imagine a whole town of guys just like the colonel?
yeah that would be pretty scary
is your uhh is your wife a clone? does it matter? well yeah, i mean ok listen. say we cant find her right? now we just get a few of those guys and and have them crank out another one, like sausages! will you just shut up? fine!
let go buddy, it aint doing you no good. thanks a lot. DOWWWWWWWWW!
you fool! put that down.
i'm the warlords girlfriend.
you know there are 20 guys right around this rock and if they hear one shot you're one dead monster. why do you suppose that works so well? they got radium in these filters. they cant breath fresh air.
i knew that. well listen, thanks babe, i aint forgetting this one.
we're even.
now look at this guys, look you gotta be careful when you open these things, otherwise you'll blow your fucking mask off.
this little baby here, cmon
a mutant turkey shoot colonel?
i was just looking, i dont want to cause trouble. yeah, but they do.
what are you doing?
just looking.
thats the warlord, the big guy? whos the guy with all of the weapons? that would be Beaumont, he sells guns to the mutants for barter. another baby killer.
thats the latest, look at that silver on it. here, you want to try this one?
can i pump that?
can you pump it? go ahead, try it!
cant waste him. thank god! that is very wimpy of you
well if i kill him , the mutants are likely to kill the prisoners if they havent already. thanks a lot. dont mention it. but i can still waste some of those scum-suckers, cant i?
up on the hill, can you see them?
whats wrong?
thats my wife. thats your wife? with the warlord? oh dear!
cmon, get the hell out of there. get over here! i'm coming, i'll catch up with you later. wait, they'll kill you
get down, you'll get another chance.
thats your wife?
go on. hey, you two are trouble!
disturbing the mutants like that? i wont be able to get any sleep tonight.
i dont want anything more to do with the two of you.
hey colonel, just one thing. howd you know the number on my neck was 2780?
we should be getting closer to the camp
even i figured that one out.
hey ammo, how about a bearing
hey ammo alright, alright, you walking in the right direction. why do you treat him like that?
yeah, why do you treat me like that? its the way we've always been yeah, well, i dont like it. listen to what the lady's saying Dow.
dont worry, he gets back at me, plenty!.
oh yeah? how.
well there was this time he gave me wrong directions
for three weeks, just cause i wouldnt sing out his pin
yeah for three damn weeks then there was this time for almost a year when everyone thought i was haunted yeah that was bitchin yeah, i almost got burned at the stake. ok, i get the picture. so what happened to him? oh hes uh i'm somebodies mistake, dont rub it in hes the reason they outlawed gene splicing. hey Dow, i smell some mutants cmon Dow, run for it!
no! let me go! dowwwwwwww!
no! you killed him! noooo
let go! you killed my friend you jerk! i'll kill you for this let go!
let go
damn, this has been an eventful day. how the hell would you know asshole? the mutants did all the dirty work for you oh its better for my health that way you're a real charming kind of guy yeah, well first impressions can be real important but dont worry, i'm going to make a lasting impression on you. alright take her away, but dont bruise her. come on, move it out!
dow? damn! clones , they never die, they are worse than mutants
well, mutants have more sense.
hey dow! dow! wake up boy! you arent going dead on me, are you? come on boy, get up!
oh its king sleezebo, welcome back.
get this stupid outfit off of me!
i'd be happy to oblige
you know the warlords got a great harem.
but i've always been more of a one woman man myself.
well, doesnt he let you borrow? not too often.
you see, my women never seem to last the night
did i mention that i have bad breath? so do i. you smell good
bet i'll smell even better tomorrow!
i could cut em off, i might just do that anyway.
what now?
what is it?
alright look, you take a note to the warlord. tell him i'll bring the rest of the gear tonight.
after our little surprise party. oh yeah, six more cases, just like we agreed.
what the hells wrong with you guys? cant you see i'm entertaining?
now get the hell out of here.
sorry about that
.those guys have no class
i hope you're stilli in the mood no, actually i feel like throwing up.
oh good, a romantic. now where were we?
right here.
all it does is piss me off. i'm going to make you wish you never lived little girl
hey dow what do you want now? open up fuck you wont you even try to find her?
look, they probably got her in the camp by now and thats where we're going well what if shes not there? what if, by the time you bothered looking, its too late? where do you propose we start looking? oh no, i only sniff mutant man, you gotta sniff her out like a dog.
i guess.
i dont want to hear this
well you are going to hear it, whether you like it or not.
hands off, dirtbag! you're forgiven, but you shouldnt bite me.
remember, i'm the master of the dark neurotic heart.
i'll never wash my lips again
i have many beautiful things for you
french perfume
chocolate. just think, you'll be the envy of the wasteland
no thanks
bet you havent seen one of these in a long time.
how many people did you have to slaughter to get this stuff anyway? my mutants do the work
its the spoils of war.
arming the mutants is an investment in my future.
you know they're going to kill you as soon as they take over.
you're wrong, we have a bond, the mutants and me. they are a pure, single minded breed fiercely loyal still dont get it well ,for one thing, sex is a spectator sport for them.
we can have our little party in peace. thats what i figured.
you know, not everyone gets the chance to die of pure pleasure.
oh, lucky me. what?
i have to go to the warlords camp. you and the warlord got something going on the side Beaumont?
you're pushing your luck kid.
the warlord is the one perso you never joke about.. this is the surprise party for your friend Dow. hes still alive?
you look shocked little girl.
dont you know the desert has ears?
i hate wimps, but i often find them useful. you stinking little traitor!
once they get me started, i never shutup, yak yak yak. you're going to die cox.
oh come on, knock that morality shit off cox heres a survivor like you once were dont you see? i had to do it.
get the hell out of here i'll be back to you later
take your time save it for me.
Beaumont! where the hell have you been?
look, your note was hard to read and these guys, i cant understand them.
damn you keep killing your troops, you arent going to have any guys left.
let go! hey, i was using those.
you got any ideas? you must be losing your gung ho.
a couple years ago you would have just charged right in there. yeah, well, we're all getting older.
i think you should get danny. shes the one in danger
i told you i'd get her, right now this is more important. but danny saved your life.
my wife is my whole life.
well maybe the whole lot of them will just pick up and leave.
hey, you're right , i think they're all leaving.
go! you know this is a setup.
no kidding. you're going in anyway.
well, i wouldnt want to dissapoint you. so , dow...
yeah? what if your wife doesnt like me?
you going to get rid of me? naw.
its not really up to her anyhow. seems after two years of searching, i'm gained a few privelages
ow, son of a bitch!
you ok? sure man sure
do i look like a mutant? your own mother wouldnt recognize you. i dont have a mother you want to stay here? hell, i'd turn into a pot roast suit yourself. hey dont worry about me, i live in a can remember? yeah yeah yeah.
what are you doing here?
you're a human!
i'm from the government, i'm here to rescue you. please, you've got to get me out of here.
you dont know what its been like. keep it down. i got something i got to do. i'll be right back just be ready, ok? no wait, please i'll be back, i promise.
thank god.
hey man works every time.
hey, sweetheart, hey
dow? is it really you? come on, i'll get you out of this.
uh ok guys, dont want to ruin a good shirt.
dow, long time no see.
oh, i'm sorry, you're not dow. you're just a cheap imitation. hello replicant, i warned you, now you're gonna burn in hell.
only now i cant bear to watch whats going to happen.
hey bugface! want to play some poker? then how about cutting me lose, i gotta go to the little girls room
cmon! i just want to freshen up for the boss a little.
listen if beaumont comes back and finds out you didnt let me down, hes gonna kick your butt
ok ok,
. dont let loose on the lead buddy, i was just kidding.
come on 2708.
how many more men are looking for me?
.that is a simple question
make it easy on yourself
that your best shot?
i should have expected that. this is dow. best of the genetic breed
probably the last one too thanks to you, lets just kill him and get it over with. patience beaumont, patience.
a new torture for a new age..
ow, jesus you know what this is?
radioactive waste the gift that keeps on giving
why dont you take some radioactive radium enema and shove it up your ass.
.you half-mutant freak!
there is no reason to talk dirty why are you wasting our time with him, we'll just kill the next one when he gets here i dont want any interference from you
now, what is the pathetic excuse for a government planning next?
you missed a spot.
well, years without activity has made me rusty.
you know what this is ? garage door opener? those gene splicers were crafty little bastards, they thought ahead
this is a failsafe.
an adjustable metabolic rate
its beautiful
could use some more.
alright alright,
i'll stop
dont want to burst your heart just yet..
.so when does the torture start?
theres really no need for this 2780
we know that you are here for your wife and billings.
what difference does it make
if he builds an army for me or for the government
thats right
they have the same plan i do. only they want to build a world
full of violent ayran superman, like you
i'm not buying this well its true.
and is that really any better than a world full of mutants loyal to me?
gimme a break.
.lets just slit his throat, i've got things to do.
you are staying here. we have work
whats the matter beaumont, you got a hot date with a tree stump or something?
no, as a matter of fact. a friend of yours. a hot little redheaded number.
so dont open your god damned moth
beaumont, you idiot, why didnt you tell me?
its just what we needed to get him talking.
no chance i know you'd just kill her anyhow
thats true, but we could have negotiated for a little easier death.
dow. you could be a part of a brand new era.
with recorded history gone
we are the new book of genesis, special edition. and it is good.
stop it!
i dont know what the hell you are so worried about.
this has got to be perfect in every detail look, time is on our side, if it doesnt work we'll just star- it'll work. ok ok, it'll work. is there something you're not telling me? Beaumont , we've had a meal specially prepared for you. you mind if i borrow this? no, go ahead.
i'm not too hungry.
go ahead and eat it, its good for you. i gotta get back to my camp. i need you here, i have a few loose ends to tie up. what, like dow?
i'll be happy to wrap that one up for you.
we have to break him first. i dont understand.
.why? thats why you'll never be a leader.
.you have no vision. whats to see?
hes dangerous, lets just kill him. he may have essential information.
.then we'll just be ready for anything.
its not that easy. they may have new weapons, new technology, a large force.
look i'll get you any damn weapons you need, you know that.
half the weapons you gave me dont work and thats all you had. damnit, these are tough times.
thats why the man with knowledge is king.
ok, lets just wake him up, get him to talk .
.and then i'll kill the son of a bitch for you, free of charge.
i want to keep him alive for a while.
tissue samples
for cloning? live donors are the best. damn warlord, i swear theres something you're not telling me.
i have just found the most interesting specemin
of indian cave painting.
.i'd find it a lot more interesting if you shoved it up your ass, you coward!
uh, this uh, has hundreds of little paintings all over it. theres a moose,
and theres a spider and look theres a tiny little pony.
.and on that pony theres a little bitty naked lady!
oh you have to get real close, its really tiny.
i didnt think you had it in you cox.
well i dont call that violence, it was so easy, i wouldnt call it violence.
did you come here for a reason
or just a view?
well i could be tempted but i dont think so
then cut me loose and no funny business.
we gotta save dow!
hes with the warden
he hasnst have much time.
i ought to cut your tongue out! will you look at this .what the hells that?
.compact explosives used to be my specialty and i got a case of dynamite outside .right, lets kick some monster ass.
no, no thanks, i really gotta go.
i want you here. is that little redhead really that good?
well i'd like to find out , if i could get the hell out of here..
.take one of mine. no yes
.any one of these? anyone.
.those snakes and swords scare the hell out of me.
i'd settle for that one anyone but this one. shes special! i'm special then i'm gonna get the hell out of here
.you have no choice! you--
.please take me
.help me get out of here. yeah i know its rough around here hang on
sorry babe. youd burn my thing off..
.hey, dollface boy do you look like shit.
.are you an angel?
.thats a new one.
.i think i love you. you're very amusing ??? they let me right in here.
.story of my life.
. any guy that likes me, he drops dead. we gotta get out of here.
.sure, lets go. its ok baby, we'll wait until daybreak.
you.go get ammo, i'm going to look for my wife. got it.
.what are you doing?
you cant take me away,
. i wont go thru this again
.you're a girl!
.no shit! you came here to save me? yeah, if you're billings?
whos billings? i'm doctor mathers. nobody else works here?.
.no well, you're a genetic scientist , right?
no, i'm a vetrinarian. i just mix things. who do you make them for ?
.the warlord of course cant you take me with you anyway?
sorry buddy, full load when you hear shooting, run like hell. i'll be ready, i promise.
ammo, hey ammo?
.hey baby, where were you last night? i missed ya.
.down puppy!
.hey look, i'll get you out of here alive. and i'll even throw in those stockings and perfume set free.
if you were gonna rape me for two years.
man thats gonna cost you.
well as long as i get to pay it out in lead, i'll be fine.
what are you doing? you'll see lover boy
we didnt get around to this at your place last night well i'm sorry, i was a little busy i was real hurt, how do you feel about it?
wake up honey, wake up, its me.
its you? it is you? they told me i was dreaming.
cmon lets go, we are running out of time.
dont try to ruin my life again.
finally happy. happy?
you were always so guillible. what? did they tell you i was kidnapped? you werent?
course not, i ran off with billings.
that.. that old guy? the scientist?
not him. billings is the warlord you idiot!
no shit! you still dont get it do you? this is a great time in history.
a time for great men. like the warlord?
.we are purging the earth for a better race.
i thought we took care of you by blowing up the plant. theres no room for you here.
i dont believe this. they put you on drugs or something right?
i cant believe you are so nieve. the warlord and i have been lovers for years.
we planned this whole thing together. thats it!
i wonder what danny is doing tonight.
Dow, get your butt over here and rescue me!
ammo is that you?
where the hell are you? under here you meathead. hurry up.
its about time! the warlord turned me into a target for your wife!
yeah, well i punched her lights out for you.
great! lets vamoose! ok, let me get you out of here. does that hurt? a little ok come on, lets go.
i couldnt find ammo.
i got him
so wheres your wife?
dead. i'm sorry dont be cmon lets get that tank and get out of here
we better get going i set those explosives
get in there. no key!
huh? hes with us
its impossible to tell whos on my side and who isnt. stop him! they're getting away. kill them!
i thought you said your wife was dead? well.
come on, get going!
the car, bring the car! shit!
just like a dog hunting a crippled squirrel ???
maybe we can out maneuver them? yeah sure.
load this! i cant, take mine.
now what do we do?
hey i got an idea, why dont we use this- will you guys please shutup? i'm trying to drive
that ought to keep us alive for another ten seconds
why dont we use this-- shutup! i cant concentrate!
over the left! over the left! i cant
why dont you just use the damn canon you fools?
get the damn thing loaded! yeah!
get out of here now! fire!
well i reckon that will take care of them, yeah. its over.
it is?
where you goin?
i have to know.
tell me what its like
.what are you talking about? to have your organs burst!
stay out of this!
no problem, what do i care, let him kill you this is between you and me.
you're weak dow. you shouldnt use such things as loyalty and ethics.
you should know danny.
i'll bury you!
i have the sins of the father
and of the children!
now its over.