Mobile World Congress 2012 - Nokia 808 hands-on at MWC 2012

Uploaded by nomobile on 27.02.2012

That this shocking Nokia 808
it's heavy and bulky
It's all made of plastic. This big wave shows us that behind it biiiig camera
One dedicated button launches photo mode in one click right from standby mode
Difficult to say something about quality of picture
What's on board? Of course HDMI because 41 MP pictures better to watch on big screen
MicroUSB, headphone jack, lock button and volume rocker
Hardware buttons under display, because it's Symbian
Phone isn't thin yes.
It's not last Symbian phone, Nokia will continue to launch more models.
Processor 1.3 GHz, we don't know yet what is the exact model, there's no specifications here
This laptop has such unusual bottom. It's rare case when bottom is as interesting as lid.
But we can see it's quite fast, I see some new widgets
Of course it's far from WindowsPhone but much better than we saw beefore on Symbian
It's usual Symbian Belle, but with new camera interface
More settings, easy to use. It was rubbish in previous phones.
And you can zoom in and scale with one finger now.
And you can zoom in old school style with that rocker here
But of course main thing is 41 Mp! We don't know how many of that pixels a real :)
But sensor size is 1:1/2 which is good and two times bigger than N8 has.
That magic number 41 will be the only thing buyer see, no matter that is Symbian.
And Nokia says that technologies used in this camera will use in WindowsPhone too