Targeting: Custom targeting (Video 2/2)

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How to create custom targeting
In some situations you may want to target an advertiser to a particular audience on
your site. To reach this audience where your predefined inventory and default targeting
options can not, we recommend using "custom targeting" criteria.
From your inventory tab you'll notice the option for "custom targeting" in the left
menu. Click this to reach the custom targeting screen.
Custom targeting criteria are essentially key-value pairs that you can pass into your
ad tags. You'll be able to forecast, target and report on your custom criteria, making
them a valuable tool in your targeting arsenal. I'll demonstrate how to define a key-value
pair here.
Click on the "+ New key" button.
Define a simple name for your targeting key. For this example our advertiser has requested
their ads reach an audience of baseball fans so our key will be "sports".
The second selection gives you the option to predefine the values so you can select
from a list or opt to manually enter the values when creating line items and checking inventory.
Predefining your values will reduce the risk of manual errors when trafficking your line
items, but choosing to manually enter values when trafficking the line item gives you the
flexibility to add values on the fly and then tag your site with the new targeting value.
In this example we will define a few values.
Now when you edit your line item you will see this criteria available when selecting
custom criteria.
The last step will be to tag your site and include this key-value pair. For detailed
tagging instructions please reference the help center tagging guide.
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