Math Bee 2011 - UC Irvine

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>> We go on to our next question now. What's the arithmetic mean of the first five positive
integers that are powers of 10? Express your answer as a mixed number. How many different
games need to be played so that six teams each play each other exactly once? Two squared
times three cubed times four to the fourth, all the way out to ten to the tenth.
>> Twenty-four.
>> Eighteen.
>> Seven hundred.
>> Seven hundred?
>> Six.
>> Six?
>> Correct. Not correct.
>> Correct.
>> Not correct.
>> Correct.
>> Math Counts is a competition for middle school students: sixth, seventh and eighth
graders. They come to UCI for a day, and they spend the morning answering some very intense
tough questions, written exams. They have individual competitions and team competitions,
where they get to work together on a problem. And then in the afternoon, there's a countdown
round where the top students are eliminated until only one stands. It is a competition
to recognize outstanding math performance among middle school students. This year was
really unusual in that we did have a girl student win that lightning round, countdown
round at the end of the day. Which in my four years at UCI, I have never seen a girl student
get second in that round let alone first.
>> I won the countdown round.
>> If the product two squared times three cubed times four to the fourth, all the way
out to ten to the tenth. Yes, please, Michelle?
>> Fifteen?
>> Fifteen ...
>> Correct.
>> ... is correct.
>> I really love volunteering for this because I like seeing the students really get out
there, have fun with math. I think it is a good chance to reach out to the community
because these are students that will eventually be in the college level; and it is nice to
see them so excited about math.
>> Math is just something I'm good at, so I like doing things that I'm good at.
>> I can tell you I was super impressed with the intelligence of these students. As a judge
I have a Ph.D. in Mathematics and I was very grateful to have the answer book sitting in
front of me when I was judging the lightning round, because they were coming up with the
answers quicker than I could read them.
>> First place trophy for the 2011 Orange County Chapter Student Competition goes to
Rancho San Joaquin.
>> These are your top four winners for 2011.
>> Definitely these are the students who I expect to be the leaders of mathematics tomorrow.