Red Bull 400: The hardest 400m Run in Europe

Uploaded by redbull on 29.09.2012

I am fascinated by their courage, the determination and the level of fitness they need to overcome this steep hill.
Back when I was still a ski-jumper and we started building Planica, it was even steeper - around 45 degrees on the steepest part.
The profile of the hill today is more beautiful and not as hard, but it’s definitely not easy to conquer. I can remember doing the measurements,
when I had to crawl up the hill and barely held on. These guys will be running up the hill today and I think that’s fantastic.
I was third last year and then second this year in Kulm.
The polish competitor who won in Kulm is also coming.
Then there are our guys: Nejc Kuhar, Simon Alič and a couple of others. It’s going to be a tough fight to get into the first ten.
Second place again. It’s better than third and worse than first place. I hope I can get the first place one day.
Your legs become heavy and you move with more and more difficulty. You don’t know what to expect of your breathing.
It’s extremely hard. You can just hope to make it to the finish line.
If I didn’t compete in the relay race as well, I might have been able to get closer or possibly beat Arslan today. I think he wasn’t that strong today.