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Hello to all our PinturaFacil’s friends
I want to invite you to paint with me this wonderful country patchwork christmas ball
at the end of this video, I’m going to show you some projects pictures
so you can links on them and go watch the painting projects
so you can paint lots of things this Christmas
For starting
painting the Patchwork Christmas ball
you’ll need the prepared foam ball
to paint it (click on the video to watch how to do it)
We have an entire video
where I show you how to do it
and down in the description you have a link
where you can see the steps of how to make your foam ball paintable
To start painting this ball
we’ll need muss green paint
bush green
beige, brown
a kind of dark red as a sangaree red
fine brushes and a liner
a flat one number 6 or 4
some thread to draw the design
and floating medium
so firstly
we’ll use the thread
and put it around the ball
divided into 2 parts
like 2 hemispheres
so put the thread
and then draw a line
with your pencil following the thread line
for next step
put the thread perpendicular to the last one
and divide the ball
this time in 4 parts
draw again the lines with the pencil
next step, we’ll paint one of these parts
with moss green
Apply a good layer
you’ll maybe need 2 or 3 layers to well cover the surface
at the opposite side we’ll paint
un of the areas with rosewood
apply a 2 or 3 layers of paint
taking care of edges
for the other 2 sides
one in front to the other
use beige to paint them
us before
cover the surface applying many paint layers
to cover the ball. For the first beige or cream area
we’re going to paint little rosewood hearts
interspersed with some green dots that we’ll paint with the brush stick
For the green area
we’ll paint first some cream big dots
then we’ll paint some little leaves with a liner and bush green
and then we’ll paint the center of each
making a little dot with the sangaree
to obtain
beautiful little flowers
us you can see these little flowers aren’t straight
they’re like tilted
We want to have the effect of a piece of fabric
For the rosewood area we’ll use the stick and the sangaree red
to make groups of 2 dots each
to paint some cherry bunches
so paint groups of 2 points each one
again we’re trying to paint cloth pieces to paint the ball
once the cherries dried
we’ll paint the stems with a liner
and using bush green paint
for next
beige or cream area
we’ll paint with moss green some lines
groups of 2 horizontal lines
paint 2 lines, lives some space and paint 2 lines again
and so on, trying to keep the same distance in between
don’t worry if they’re not perfect
we don’t need that. We just want some
handmade lines and not lines made with a ruler...
once these group of lines are dried
we’ll paint the same but vertically, again in groups of 2 lines
For next step
we’ll use
rosewood paint
and a liner
and we’ll draw under each group of lines 1 pink line
you can draw first in one sense and then to the other
horizontal and then vertical
you’ll obtain good results
in this kind on plaid
leave it dry before continue
and then
we’ll paint a shadow using floating gel or medium
brown paint
and a diagonal brush
and we’ll apply this shadow to the edges
of each area
to create a shadow effect
también hubo ninguna color marrón
using brown paint and the liner, we’ll paint little strokes
us seams, between areas or pieces of cloth
like if it was cross-stitch
or any kind of stitch you like
Have some fun making this decorations
as a last step, we’ll use the stencil brush and white or beige paint
we’ll load some paint and then release on a piece of paper
and we’ll apply to obtain light areas and create some volume
we’ll wait until everything is dry to apply some varnish
to keep it save
I hope you enjoy this patchwork Christmas ball
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