Bob Roberts (2/10) Movie CLIP - Fanatic Fans (1992) HD

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Mrs. Davis, this is bob roberts.
We're so happy to have you here.
We're so proud to play your music
In our home.
Sometimes I play it when I'm alone,
But don't tell my husband.
We won't.
Anyway, frank and I both agree
That you are an excellent example
For the youth of this country.
We wish there were more singers like you.
We intend to vote for you.
We're so tired of brickley paiste
And all his philandering.
Anyway, this is my son roger
And his friends, burt and kevin.
Pleased to meet you, sir.
We got all-- both album...
Nice to meet you.
Hey, hi.
We got a band.
Actually, we play some of your songs.
We play retake america
And this land was made for me.
What instrument do you play?
We all play guitar.
I must admit,
When young roger first wanted his guitar,
We were fit as birds.
But my husband trusted
His son would take the lord's lessons with him,
No matter what instrument of the devil caressed his hand.
Mr. Roberts?
We'd like to send stuff
To the w--
You're great.
We wish that there was, you know, stuff.
Like if there was, uh,
When I heard that... Wow, you know!
Are there any more stuff?
When--when's the new album?
Election day.
We're releasing it election day.
Mr. Roberts has to be on his way.
What are the songs about?
Well, various things--
Congress, liberals, iraq.
We heard about that.
Oh, yeah. I hope we kick their ass.
So do I.
Will it be necessary to use force?
We must be strong
Whenever democracy is threatened.
We want to avoid violence by any means,
But I'm afraid it might be necessary.
Hussein is a madman.
Excuse us. Bob has a show to get ready for.
It has been a pleasure meeting you.
I wish there was a way
I could vote for you a hundred times.
There is, actually.
Just kidding.