Uploaded by PauloTaman on 30.03.2011

My name is Feik, I'm on graffiti since 1997,
I started out doing writings in 1996, in 1997 I started graffiti.
I've quit the writings because I saw that graffiti had more possibilities to evolve,
I already liked drawing, and so I could pass my drawing to a wall in a bigger scale,
so that's how I started desiring graffiti.
When I started doing graffiti, my family didn't even noticed it before,
I mean, like, when I started to go out a lot, I'd go out every day, I didn't have a job,
I'd go out every day, so my dad would see that and would say
“Damn, you go out to paint every day, you're painting someone else's wall for free,
you don't make anything out of it”.
But nowadays they really like it, they support me, are always with me,
joining me in exhibitions, it's really rewarding,
it's an extra incentive when you're family's by your side, that's the good thing.
What influenced me, today, in graffiti terms, osgemeos,
in artists terms I was really influenced by them,
I really like an artist, M. C. Esher,
and also, now I'm making a lot of scenarios, I like this surreal thing too,
like Salvador Dalí, my production today it's a lot inspired by those artists.
Graffiti, to me, it's a way of spilling out what the person feels inside,
a way to show what you've inside,
thoughts you have and can't let it out in any other way, you let it out with graffiti.
Fourteen years doing graffiti, it's a part of my life, it's like playing soccer,
it's a part of it, like the soccer match on sunday, I'm dedicating myself there,
it's a pleasure, today I spent the whole day doing graffiti and,
when you know it, you just want to do it again on the next day,
the pleasure of doing it tops any sort of financial issues,
if you really like it, it's not a barrier, so it's a real addiction we have.
That van over there, the work, placing those worms there,
it's like that place is epidemic,
there's a lot of homeless people that live in there that like art, they really like it,
we create this bond with the homeless guy that lives there,
he only sees dirt, you see a lot of bad things there,
so for us to pass this art along to them would be a positive thing,
so they can see that in a pleasant way.