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\f0\b\fs30 \cf0 GREG POWELL: \b0 We estimate that 99% of all of the southern
pines that are planted in the state of Florida have been developed through our program.\
\b GREG POWELL: \b0 The Cooperative Forest Genetics Research
Program is a research cooperative that is run out of the University of Florida School
of Forestry and Conservation. Our program began in roughly about 1954 and since then,
our main objective has been to improve the growth of the trees and the disease resistance.\
\b GARY PETER: \b0 Of the tree breeding efforts in the southeast,
there are really three. The cooperative forest genetics research program here is the oldest.\
\b PATRICIO MUNOZ: \b0 UF is one of the stronger in tree breeding
and also in quantitative genetics. So I decide to come here because it was the best option
for me.\ \'a0\
\b GARY PETER: \b0 We focus on breeding slash pine and loblolly
pine and primarily because those are the two major species in the southeast and they are
tremendous species in terms of pulp and paper and solid wood products which dominate the
southern economy. In 11 states they are in the top three industries.\
\b GREG POWELL: \b0 As the land has become less that we\'92re
growing the trees on, but also the population and demand is increasing, it is even that
much more important to do the tree improvement work. So we can grow more wood on less land
to keep up with the demand for wood products.\ \'a0\
\b PATRICIO MUNOZ: \b0 Here you have all the facilities in terms
of materials and equipment that you will need. And if it\'92s not here exactly in this lab,
it\'92s going to be in the next lab. You\'92re always going to find the resources to do the
research that you need to do. This is a great campus. I really like the diversity of the
people around. You will see everywhere here. And here I think you have everything, everything
that you need.\ }