10 Facts about Narwhals in 30 Seconds

Uploaded by 10Facts30Seconds on 19.12.2010

Narwhals live in north-atlantic waters that get as cold as
-40°F and they dive almost a mile deep for their prey where
they use hydrothermal vents to stay warm.
Narwhal is a Norwegian word meaning corpse whale because it's
flesh resembles dead sailors, which apparently looks tasty to
Inuits, because they eat Narwhal flesh for its Vitamin C and
sell the horns for $125/ft. Narwhals can reach 16ft. in
length without their horns, which are upwards of 9 feet long.
Its horn is actually its left tooth and it has nerves on the
outside, so it might function like an antenna.
Usually, only the males have horns, and on rare occasion,
they grow two. Sadly, they don't use their horns for violence.
Look dad, a narwhal!
>>Son, that's a corpse