[Eng sub] Sam Wang believes in himself, makes fun of kid on BWXXT (12/18/09)

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Therefore, I'll choose the third one.
Big whale.
Their voices are a little louder.
I'll think about it a little longer.
Are you certain he's sprayed with water?
He does.
Does he?
Or I watched the wrong cartoon.
I believe in myself.
Wu Si-kai.
Our generation watched Xiao Tian Tian.
Therefore, I'm not familiar with Sinbad.
It doesn't fit you, right?
Big whale!
You knew I had to believe in myself.
Because those people over there, I felt they...
They are long-time viewers?
They're not long-time viewers.
You know that when I hit (the button) for the third one,
there was a kid that unexpectedly...
that one wearing the black clothes,
when I spoke with him,
Luckily, I believed in myself.
I thought I had to get off the stage.
Therefore, it was the third one.