Sara's Cooking Tips: Getting to the Heart of an Artichoke

Uploaded by MAFieldtoTable on 11.12.2009

Sara Angelo: This is an artichoke. We use this in our Chicken Piccata.
I just want to show you how you get to the heart of it.
You obviously have to cut the stem off.
And cut it down the center.
And this is the heart, right down here.
You want to pull off the rough leaves, the heavy leaves because again you want to get
down to the heart of it. Okay.
Or if you don't want to use your hands, you can actually use the scissors which is really
easy to do.
Kitchen shears are wonderful, and that makes it so much easier to get down to where you
want to get to the good tasting part.
Once you get down to that, you want to cut off the rough parts of the edge because the
edges are very woody and also you have these little pinches at the ends. Needles. You want
to get rid of all of that before you can get to the middle.
Okay, the other part is the center, the fuzzy part that you can't eat.
You know we say that's why it's called artichokes because you could choke yourself on that fuzzy
part if you try to eat it. And then you remove all of that.
Once that's removed, then you're to the heart. Once you get to the heart, then you slice
You're going to give it just a fast boil, just a few seconds, just to get the enzymes
And then you can do whatever you want with it. We marinate it.
And that's how you get to the heart of an artichoke.
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