iOS 6 Maps: an explanation from Apple (parody)

Uploaded by enyay on 20.09.2012

Hi. I'm Jackson Seepage, team leader for Apple's new Maps product.
[SLAP] Ow. Ow.
Yeah, don't worry, that happens a lot.
We know there have been some teething troubles,
and we want to set the record straight.
Many people have said that our maps are inaccurate.
That's not true.
It's just that, with Apple's new Q6 quantum processor,
they may occasionally show features from other, parallel universes.
By tilting the device four-dimensionally,
you can access Water World,
Low Resolution World,
Wibbly Wobbly World,
and Basingstoke.
This can be a bit impractical,
so in our 6.1 update, we'll be adding a Quantum Lock option
for those of you who haven't got access to multiple dimensions.
In the meantime, my team and I are taking
a well-deserved vacation on Nudist World. See you there.
[SLAP] Ow, yeah, I deserved that. Sorry.