Recensione Asus Eee PC X101 [eng sub]

Uploaded by netbookitalia on 04.09.2011

Hi, welcome back on,
this is a video-review for the
latest netbook Asus Eee PC X101.
It’s a particular model because
it’s the first that after many years
it’s on sale with Linux pre-installed.
To be exact, we have MeeGo OS,
that is the open source operating system developed
by Intel with the cooperation of Nokia,
purpose-made to run on devices like this:
small, compact and basically made to surf the net,
use social networks and little more;
but most of all we’re talking about cheap devices.
As a matter of fact the sale price of this Eee PC X101
in its German configuration is only 169 euro,
that is equivalent to the 199 dollars of the US market,
where it will be available in few days.
Besides the operating system and the price,
the main feature of this Eee PC X101 is the design,
that is ultra-thin, as you can see,
and ultra-light given that it weighs only 920 grams,
that is the lowest weight we could
find in a netbook of this size.
It has a 10 inch screen,
it’s of the matte type,
so it’s antiglare and perfect for the visibility in the open air,
with a resolution of 1024x600 pixel.
This netbook has the chiclet keyboard with keys
that are in some way different from the previous models,
a bigger touchpad with two integrated buttons,
actually it’s a single surface.
Here on the lower right we have the system leds,
and up here the little webcam
with integrated microphone.
The right side, and I take this opportunity
to show you the ultra-thin feature,
has a 2.0 USB port,
the output for both microphone and headset,
and the micro SD card reader.
On the left side we can see
the grid for the ventilation,
the second and last USB port and the current collector.
The power supply reminds of those used in the earlier Eee PC models,
small-size and with a single wire long enough,
the plug is instead the same used in the “SEASHELL” series.
The Eee PC X101 is available in four colors:
this one, that’s black, and then white, red and the particular brown version.
Besides the color,
the pattern and finishes will be the same,
for the lid, the back side and other parts
like the palm-rest.
It doesn’t show the fingermarks problem,
it’s scratch-resistant and pleasing
to the touch despite the low price,
actually it doesn’t seem to handle a netbook that costs only 169 euros.
It’s all because the finishes are good anyway,
and the construction quality is equal to that of the
classic netbooks we’ve seen until now,
at least the Asus models;
it’s undeniable it lacks some details, but by and large it shows
a good aesthetic maybe thanks to these particular relief finishes too.
On the back side we find a 3 cells battery, 2600 mAh,
and a large door that allows to access the memory RAM,
you can install a maximum of 2 Gb of DDR3 memory;
you can access the internal SSD disk too
and the WiFi card.
So, let’s talk about the specifics of this Eee PC X101:
The processor is the Atom N435, 1.33 Ghz,
it’s a single core, something like a downgraded version of the previous N455;
then we have 1Gb of memory RAM;
the 8 Gb SSD disk;
the WiFi and the ports equipment we’ve already seen;
the webcam is a 0.3 mega pixel and
the audio device is the mono type.
This hardware equipment could seem a
little poor for a netbook of the late 2011, and in some ways this is true.
Let me show you the starting time of the operating system MeeGo,
here we go…
and in 10 seconds, more or less,
we have our operating system ready to work,
connected on the web and well configured
to make the best use of the processor and SSD disk.
A main feature of MeeGo is also the energy efficiency:
the netbook has a 3 cells battery, like I’ve already said,
but I exceeded the 4 hours and 10 minutes of battery life
while playing videos on Youtube and
I almost reached the 4 hours while surfing the net on WiFi,
all this with the brightness on 50%,
that thanks to the matte screen allows
to have a good visibility.
Ok, finally here we are with the good points
and bad points of this netbook X101.
Among the good points we can surely mention
the design and the construction quality,
considering the low price too;
moreover we have the noise element of the netbook:
thanks to the SSD disk and the
low power consumption of the processor,
the computer fan seldom turns on,
so the X101 is one of most silent netbooks on sale.
I’d like to say again that I
appreciated the construction quality
and all the materials used by Asus that even if not so expansive
- and it must be like this, for the low price -
give the netbook its own personality
and help taking the weight under 1 Kg.
On the technical side, maybe the
only thing I didn’t like so much
is this keyboard,
because the keys are smaller than usual and it
takes some time to get used to easy write;
we can also see some differences by the touch
and this reminds us of the cheapness of the product.
Another “question mark” is MeeGo preinstalled,
because it’s a double edged sword: on one hand it allows good performances,
you’re ready to surf the net in a
while and it boots up really fast;
on the other hand surely it’s not the best
in the terms of flexibility
and available applications,
in fact you can only do the preset
things or little more;
but maybe in some weeks it can change
in an operating system always Linux,
but more complete like could be any version of Ubuntu.
For more comments and details
on the Eee PC X101,
for benchmarks, screenshots of the
graphical interface and much more,
you can go to
and read the complete review.