Interview with ceh9

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 18, 2011

- Hi everyone, we're at Na`Vi base now and are going to interview ceh9. Hi ceh9!
- Hi
- Greets once again at IEM5 victory. Have you managed to celebrate it, get some spare time?
- Not really as we are practicing for another tournament at the moment.
The Lent also started so I didn't really drink, smoke and eat anything.
I guess the celebration will be postponed to late April, so we're going to celebrate the Easter together with guys in Lvov.
*somewhere asks ceh9 about his plans for tomorrow*
- Tell us, do you practice now for Intel Challenge ?
- Yeah.
- I wonder if you need to practice for this kind of tournament,
isn't it possible for you to count on your personal skills after World Championship?
- I think than might be possible if we win the tournament,
but we have been practicing for five days,
so I can't say we're going to count on our personal skills.
We're getting fully prepared for the tournament of such kind.
- Talking about finals, what was the difference between playing vs FX
in the 3rd place decider match on European Championship and in World Championship final?
Did you get prepared for this team as you had not showed best in Kiev...
- Well, finals mean finals, noone would ever remember who was the third on European Championship.
People will remember fnatic as 2011 European winners.
Same goes for the finals as you shouldn't even consider that game...
We secured our last year's success, became double IEM champions.
This is the difference. The result would have been the same on European Championship if we had met Poles in the finals.
- Okay. Lots of European teams and IEM participans are willing to participate in Xperia Play.
Are you going to attend this tournament?
- We haven't discussed this question yet but I don't think we will attend the tournament.
We have some certain... things in the team. Reinforcements in our families...
That's why we won't be able to prepare that well to win the tournament and therefore there is simply no point in attending it.
That's not our style.
- Didn't you think about attending it as a mix?
Like teaming together with some foreign players...
- We thought about calling Potti and HeatoN to team up with them - these guys are so popular right now - as we wanted to hang out with them, but I don't know if we can make it...
Of course not, we will discuss this chance, but I don't think it is really possible.
It's a bad idea when half of the team is playing and the other half is handing out.
It'd better for the whole team to get some vacation because if someone would work at that time,
it may cause overall mess before some serious event.
- Last question for you, what are you closest plans?
I know you will attend Kazakh tournament, what are your next tournaments?
- There is only one plan after Kazakhstan: "reinforcing" the family of our teammate and getting some vacation.
That's all.
- No plans for tournaments?
- Not yet, but I guess there will be some in May.
ASUS or maybe some other European tournament.
- I heard about MSI Beat It.
- Yeah, perhaps. I think we will start practicing for upcoming tournaments after May, 10th.
- Ok, thanks for the interview, good luck!