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[Prince of Denmark's March]
ANNOUNCER: This is Motz’s Mouth. The Royal Marriage Royal Extravaganza. With your host,
MotzPHaragas! (applause)
MOTZ: Hello, welcome to the first episode of Motz’s Mouth. This is my only chat show
that discusses about the world, the Internets and you. Shoutouts to Thunderbirds101 and
Sonicobbsessedr2 for their upcoming birthdays! In just few days, we are going to expect a
royal marriage since 1981. I was talking about the marriage of Prince William and Catherine
Middleton. The marriage is according to the Royal Marriages Act of 1772. The Act said
that no descendant of then King George II other than the issue of princesses who had
married or might thereafter marry "into foreign families", could marry without the consent
of the reigning monarch, "signified under the great seal and declared in council". Any
member of the Royal Family over the age of 25 who has been refused the sovereign's consent
may marry one year after giving notice to the Privy Council of their intention to so
marry, unless both houses of Parliament declare their disapproval. The Act further made it
a crime to perform or participate in an illegal marriage of any member of the Royal Family.
This provision was later repealed in 1967.
Let’s look back in the ever-recorded British royal marriage registry. Prince George, Duke
of York, and Princess Mary of Teck married on July 6, 1893. Their engagement was already
announced last year. The parents of the current monarch, Prince Albert, Duke of York, later
King George VI and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon were married in 1923 at Westminster Abbey.
Later, then Princess Elizabeth engaged to Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh on July
9, 1947. On November of the same year, they are wedded at the same place. July 29, 1981,
the “wedding of the century” happened as 750 million viewers around the world witness
the marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer. The most beloved wife separated in
1992 and divorced in 1996. On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana died in the car crash in Paris.
Causing the world to mourn and bending down on the knees. Prince Charles tried again this
time in 2005 to Camilla Parker Bowles. On this generation, with Internet and cable,
the history book reopens and writes once more the story of the Royal family. Prince William
and Kate announce their engagement last November. The venue will be the Westminster Abbey. Congratulations,
Your future Highnesses! I wish them an undying success and endeavors!
The next topic, comes from a modern pop sensation. She sings “My Jeans” and her recent “OMG!”
Without further ado, Miss Jenna Rose Swerdlow. (boo)
Welcome, Ms. Jenna Rose. Most of our viewers are deeply concern about promoting pre-teen
driving. Is that true?
JENNA: Of course not. I never promote pre-teen driving. I want to live my dream as a singer.
AUDIENCE 1: Singer? Since why have you use Autotune, cheater?
AUDIENCE 2: And why is your single “OMG,” you act like a big hooker?!
MOTZ [OS]: Audience, calm down. Let Jenna answer.
JENNA: Thanks. Times are changing, we want to see the outlook in our future. (boo)
DREW: Hello, Jenna Rose.
JENNA: Who are you?
DREW: I’m Drew Pickles. You may remember me on those Speakonia owning and going videos.
Jenna, enough blasting your aspirations and bend over.
JENNA: Never.
MOTZ: Come on, bend.
JENNA: Super swagging N-O. And I never ever never will.
[transition chime]
MOTZ: You may know him for his incompetent mock making because of high autistic spectrum.
Sammy18011990 blatantly copied the format and script of my predecessor chat show “All
about Batman with Joker” without my consent.
[natural sound, decreases volume for VO}
The clip I just showed you is the similar one I created the very first episode of the
show last September 2009. My first guest is no other than Jody Waterhouse. From my first
interview with Ms. Waterhouse, he still lacks “credit” from the original authors. He
stole also the screenshots of “RSN Like or Unlike,” the 2009 year-end special on
December of the aforementioned year. On my new channel rules, duplication of the video
or its format is strictly prohibited except the criticism and fair use. Consent or recognition
must be given before I give my decision as a broadcaster.
And thank you for watching the first Motz’s Mouth. Til we meet again. Peace!
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