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>> Johnny Koremenos: I'm Johnny Koremenos and I'm a Poli-Sci major and Sociology major
as well and I'm a junior.
I'm an intern in the state senate. I work for Senator Vukmir. I do a lot with constituent
outreach and, you know, responding to emails and letters and phone calls and occasionally
doing research for, you know, different bills and things that are going on within the state
house here.
Humorology is the state's largest student-run philanthropy, run by the Greek community.
Every year a sorority and fraternity pair up and they write a 20-minute musical and
it's all student-run and student-directed and student-written. We take popular songs
and change the lyrics and adapt them and work them into a show. So I got involved with that
freshman year, we ended up taking 3rd place, which is really exciting. And then this past
year I directed our show. We didn't place unfortunately, but I still had a great time
with it and all the proceeds from that event go to Camp Heartland, which is a center for
children with HIV and AIDS. So it's a really great cause and we're looking to donate $30,000
dollars this year, which is really exciting.
For incoming freshman, I would tell them, "Get involved, but don't get too involved."
You just got to remember that you're here first for education. And you're not here to
get a degree; you're here to get an education. A degree is just a piece of paper that hangs
on the wall; the education is the whole experience.
>> Robb Valentyn: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Johnny Koremenos: I want to go to law school. I'd love to come to the University of Wisconsin
if they'd take me. I don't know, I guess we'll see when I take the LSAT next year. But, law
school would be great and I'd probably still be involved in politics (whether it's at the
federal level or the state level I don't know). But, definitely, I see myself in the political
process 5 years from now.