CGRundertow JUMPSTER for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 27.09.2012

The team over at G5 Entertainment puts a lot of games on the App Store. And with exceptions
so few I literally can’t even think of any...those are almost always hidden object adventure
games. Imagine my surprise when I loaded up this one and...
What...what’s this? A...a physics-based platformer?
But...I didn’t have to find anything. It’s Jumpster for the iPhone.
So obviously, it’s exciting to see G5 diversify their portfolio a bit. I was even more excited
about Jumpster once I started playing the freaking thing. This is a really fun game
with smart puzzles and great artwork...and in-app purchases so forced they almost ruin
the whole thing.
You play as a little alien who crashes his ship on the strange planet of Okadia. In fact,
strange might be an understatement for the things he finds there. Jumpster has a very
cool look that feels equal parts Feed Me Oil and Tim Burton, only with brighter colors
and a tamer, somewhat Saturday morning feel. Nonetheless, it looks awesome in motion and
is almost always a visual treat.
Still, your alien is less concerned with taking in the sights than getting back home. He has
to collect all the fuel that spilled from his ship—which was conveniently dropped
in blobs of three per area—and get back to the UFO. The problem is he’s an aquatic
life form, so he can’t stay out of the water long.
Coincidentally, that makes him the perfect specimen for a puzzle game.
So basically, you’re launching the little Jumpster from puddle to puddle across the
surface of these surreal alien landscapes...collecting fuel, avoiding death and then returning him
to his ship. You play by pulling back and launching him Angry Birds
style, which works great, and the level designs actually get really tricky.
That is, if you’re willing to pay for them.
See, Jumpster is a free game, but it’s designed so that you’re pretty much forced to make
in-app purchases to experience the full thing. Every move drains your stamina, and once that’s
empty, you have to eat to refill it. A margarita will do the trick, but the tab’s going to
be 75 coins. You earn five for leveling up.
Freemium games are perfectly fair, but you have to find the right balance. Jumpster doesn’t.
This is an awesome physics platformer, but if you want to see everything its beautiful
worlds have to is gonna cost you. Like, real Earth money.