Sweet Lie (달콤한 거짓말) Part 2 (Eng Subs)

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Hansang says he feels bad.
He wanted to help find your family, but your friend beat him to it.
Yes. Thank him for me.
This is my stop.
Why don't we work out tomorrow? We can go for breakfast after.
Should we say 6? 6:30?
Oh. He must be here to see my brother.
Didn't you say you work with Jihoon?
They found your bag.
Can you tell what you're missing?
Everything's in there but money.
I meant to tell you this once she got better,
but we've been dating
for about two years.
What were you doing with Jiho?
We met at the gym.
- Gym? - What did you say?
What were you doing with the person you hit?
If you need to talk, call the insurance company.
- Do you understand? - Don't listen to him. He's crazy.
Let's go. Come on.
I made dinner for you. Let's go inside.
You wouldn't know anyway. Your memory's gone.
Let's go inside. Come on.
What's all this madness?
Since when did we start dating?
I knew you had no memory of me,
but I didn't think you'd forget the love we shared.
Are you high on something?
Don't you think I'd feel something for you if we're dating?
It'd make more sense if I were dating that Chinese delivery guy!
Our love doesn't need proof!
What do you take me for?
How did we ever start dating in the first place?
You had a bad breakup about two years ago.
I put you in a wedding dress to make you feel better.
I then took you on a motorcycle ride.
I got a nosebleed once, too.
That's how our love began.
My sassy girl We used to fight often, too.
You forced me to put on your high heels.
You teased me by saying you weren't wearing panties
but you were.
I felt utterly betrayed, and I avoided you.
You said I had changed.
One fine spring day
I left you.
I went up Mt. Gyeryong, but you came looking for me.
You called out to me.
Minwoo! I'm here! I miss you!
You came back on Christmas day,
and I told you that I loved you.
We were so happy together.
Jihoon. I need your help.
That's such an amazing story!
Our love doesn't need proof!
That's one for the history books!
I'm going to kill Dongshik! I swear!
Minwoo must be mad at me.
Why can't people just let us be?
Minwoo? Is that you?
- No. It's me. - Minwoo! I'm so sorry!
I can explain! Let me explain!
Come down to the station tomorrow. We're having a meeting.
Everyone's going out of their minds.
Where do you think you're going?
We have a long day ahead of us.
Why? Where are we going?
We'll go back to the place where we first made love.
What are you doing here?
I should be asking you that.
I really worked hard on this.
- Do it over. - Okay...
Were you out drinking last night?
You kept confusing me for someone else.
Do you remember?
Who are you?
What? Who are you?
What about you?
Did he just talk back to me?
Don't you have any respect? Huh?
- No! Stop! Ow! - Wait! Wait!
You must be the man who called me yesterday.
You said there's a meeting with the director next week.
You can have it without me. I'll be fine.
It's no use anymore.
That's not important. I can't believe this happened.
You used to be so good at your job.
You were a smart girl.
I think it'll help her memory if she started working again.
- Jiho! - Jiho!
Minwoo. That guy and I aren't dating.
He's just trying to get more from the insurance company.
He's really not my style.
We are definitely not dating.
In fact, I hear he's a real jerk.
In fact, I hear he's a real jerk.
Do you know what's most important in architecture design?
It has to ensure free movement of the people inside.
The building becomes useless once that's compromised.
The same goes for truth in human relationships.
Without truth, everything gets tangled.
You shouldn't trust that guy.
Lying is a crime.
You're right about that.
Let's go have dinner. I know a great little place.
I'll be right back.
Why would people leave trash
in front of someone else's house?
What was that?
Miss? Miss? Are you okay? Why'd you do that?
Who am I?
- Eunsook. My name is Kohl Eunsook. - Kohl? Kohl Eunsook?
Do you want to hear a funny story?
I'd love to.
I once went on a field trip in high school,
and this girl got her head stuck in the elephant cage bars.
Oh. I'm sure that's just an urban legend.
I see you have an elephant doll,
but what happened to its trunk?
It was like that when I got it.
- Really? - Yes.
That looked handmade.
Oh. I had no idea.
Someone must have really liked you to go through all that trouble.
Someone must have really liked you to go through all that trouble.
I wouldn't know any of that.
I don't know who sent it to me.
It's not always easy to tell someone how you feel.
It must have taken months to make that doll.
You must have meant the world to her, whoever she was.
I guess,
but what good would that do if I don't know who she is?
We should get going.
I'll pay for the drinks, since you paid for dinner.
- Excuse me? - Yes. I'll be right there.
That's a pretty elaborate signature.
- Wait. - Yes.
I have a coupon in here somewhere.
I just thought of another funny story.
There was this girl in high school
who dated a Chinese delivery guy.
No, she didn't!
Why are you yelling?
I'm sure that's a made up story.
I heard it from someone else. It could be.
I see.
Minwoo. You should go.
That's okay. I'll walk you home.
That's okay.
You should go.
All right. Goodnight.
Where were you all this time?
Where'd you get that bike?
Wait. Wait. Wait.
You said you think it's romantic to go on motorcycle rides.
Hop on. This is my treat.
It wouldn't be romantic if it's with you. I'm walking.
This is it?
I said I was going to walk!
What is wrong with you?
I'll wait for you till your memory returns.
See you later.
I kind of need the helmet. It's rented.
I would do anything for you.
I would die for you.
I love you, too.
I can't believe he kissed me
with those disgusting lips!
I've been single for too long. I actually got turned on.
You'd feel that even if you kissed my dad.
Are you drunk already? Do you know what time it is?
Dongshik must like you.
That's ridiculous. We've been friends forever.
Dongshik's not so bad. He's got big eyes.
He sells lacy panties to pay for Jihoon's tuition.
He could have developed feelings for you.
I hate that.
Love should come as a surprise. Love should be passionate.
You don't fall in love with a guy you've known all your life.
That's not love. That's just giving up.
Hansang... Hansang...
What the hell's the matter with you?
Why did I bother coming to you with my problems?
I'd do much better on my own. Let's just go.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
You've never had girl problems before. I want to help.
So she has a boyfriend?
I don't know what he is.
You like my sister?
Is it because you walked in on her while she was showering?
Is that when it happened?
Or is it because you think about her while watching porn?
Or are you just jealous she's got a hot new boyfriend?
Is that what this is?
I never thought this could happen.
You've developed feelings for her because you've known her forever.
I didn't grow to love her because I'm always with her.
I'm always with her because I love her.
Will you please walk properly?
I'm trying!
- Hey! - Eunsook?
Is that you? Is that your friend?
Flyer Girl?
Do you know me?
You're the reason she got caught in that elephant cage...
Don't listen to her. She's drunk.
I see.
Jiho! What are you doing?
Dongshik! Dongshik!
I have a question for you. Is her memory loss real?
Or fake?
Oh! My head!
- Jiho! - Jiho! Jiho! Jiho!
Are you okay?
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
Shouldn't you go to the hospital?
Is she going to be okay?
Let's go. She needs rest.
Where am I?
Who pulled out all my hair?
Go to sleep! You're never of any help!
That's creative, but my name is Dongshik.
Are you really Jiho's boyfriend?
I'm sure as hell not her girlfriend.
What do you know about Jiho?
Why do you like her so much?
I'm sure you know why.
She's a classy woman with feminine tastes.
Are we talking about the same person?
I don't know what happened between you and her in the past,
but I can make her happy in the future.
You're from her yesterday, and I can be her tomorrow.
Who do you think Jiho truly needs?
Are you sure we're talking about the same girl?
Show's over. He lost. Let's go.
No! Don't go! This isn't over!
- Give it up. It's over. - No, it's not!
You didn't have to do this.
They look so expensive.
They weren't that expensive.
Besides, you lost your shoes in that accident.
If they fit, I'd like to ask you for a favor.
I feel like Snow White. Or is it Cinderella?
They fit perfectly.
How'd you know my size?
I have a favor to ask.
Would you like to come with me to a party next week?
I'd love to.
What should I wear to the party?
I should get some work done.
I have a meeting tomorrow. I need to make some money.
I know. I'll pee first. Then I'll start.
Hey! We're out of toilet paper!
- I said we're out of toilet paper. - Are you guys out of toilet paper?
Here! I brought you some!
This is the kind of guy Dongshik is.
He's always here for us when we need him most.
You should think about what he's done for you.
He's worked so hard to bring your memory back!
Jihoon! Stop it!
Our memories will stay strong.
Time can never take them away.
We did it! Yes!
Think. For the love of God, think. So no one has any decent ideas?
Do I need to fire all of you?
Look who finally showed up.
Did you stay up all night coming up with ideas?
Well? Let's hear them.
I'd like to try a show with a blast-from-the-past theme.
In essence, we'll let people relive the best day of their lives again.
Go on.
Let's say there's an old man
who wants to meet his war buddies before he dies.
We'll recreate that day for him, and
we'll locate all his friends for him.
We'll help him piece together the memories of his life.
We can call it "Back to the Good Old Days."
After all, memories are strong.
Time can never take them away.
Time can never take them away.
I like it.
You can set up the pilot. Once it's done, we'll air it.
Thank you! Thank you!
Don't you know how expensive the clothes are here?
I'm going to a fancy party. I need to look right.
I can't wear that old suit I wore to my high school graduation.
I can starve for a month to pay for this.
You might have to take out a loan.
Really? Interest free for the first month?
Should you be running around so late?
Shouldn't you be out with your girlfriend?
We broke up.
Did she cheat on you?
I broke up with her.
Right. Whatever.
I had the biggest crush on her,
but she was different from what I imagined she'd be.
It just didn't feel right.
It felt like forcing myself into shoes that didn't fit.
Fairy tales are just that. Fairy tales. They're not real.
In a real relationship, you need to work to understand the other person,
and that's when you see the true beauty...
...of that person.
Who told you that?
I picked it up somewhere.
Jiho. This show says elephants
read what the other elephant is thinking by touching his trunk to the other's forehead.
I wonder if there's a way for humans to do that.
Did I used to be a bad dresser?
No. You used to be a potty mouth.
This place feels like a maze.
Why are there so many lights?
Isn't this expensive?
I designed the lighting here.
I like them. They're very bright.
Yes. Let's go inside.
- Minwoo. You made it. - Yes.
This is the owner.
Hello. I'm Han Jiho.
Nice to meet you. I'm Han Jiho.
Who is she?
- Well... - Don't tell me she's your girlfriend.
Seriously? Are you dating the girl in the tacky suit?
Nah. Minwoo has better taste than that.
Nah. Minwoo has better taste than that.
There's something I forgot to tell you the other day.
You can’t just leave.
Don't worry. You fit right in.
No. I don't.
Minwoo. Does any of this feel sincere to you?
You'll be disappointed once
you see the real me.
I'm sure that won't happen.
Jiho? What are you doing?
You'll bring out the sewer rats with that noise.
Don't you remember how we used to practice the recorder together?
No! I don't!
Why won't you go with me to hypnosis therapy?
Why are you dressed in that suit anyway?
Leave me alone! My memory will return on its own!
What's wrong this time?
I think I made a big mistake.
You didn't know that already?
Will Minwoo still like me even if he sees the real me?
Tell him your memory is back.
Bang your head against a wall or something.
You can't keep this up forever. They don't give out Oscars for this.
You're right.
Ow... Ow...
What happened to your hand?
I'm late. What do you want?
I have a question for you.
Why are you being weird?
What's the question?
Where will I be in ten days?
You'll probably be watching porn with Jihoon in the garage,
or playing games with the neighborhood kids.
I'll be in England.
To see your father?
Jihoon told me your dad's in England.
I'm going there to study.
I'll stay with my dad.
For how long?
Who knows? Maybe forever.
I see. I should go.
This hurts.
My hand hurts.
I'm sorry I haven't called.
That's okay. I know you were upset.
I'd like to explain what happened.
Actually, I have something to tell you first.
You once said you hate liars.
It was all a lie.
It was all a big lie.
Wait! I was going to say that!
- No! - Jiho and I never dated.
That was a lie.
I hope you two will be happy.
What kind of dream was that?
Oh no! I'm late!
Oh no! Oh no!
Are you hungry? There's some bread outside.
It's not that.
How is Flyer Girl doing?
Why? Is this important?
I meant to tell you about the fingerprint records.
It turns out she went to the same high school we did.
I'm not surprised. We live in the same neighborhood.
I guess. You're right.
That's her. Isn't it?
Where's Jiho?
She won't answer her phone.
She's probably doing a show. At Daeshin Elementary.
What do you do in here anyway?
Next up, we have Ma Dongseok!
It's so good to see you guys!
You're all here!
Applause! Applause!
We'll bring out the next guest.
I'm sure you'll be happy to see him.
Let's bring your former coach to the stage.
- Get ready. Get ready. - Let's bring him out! Coach!
One! Two! Three!
What's going on? How'd that car get in?
What's going on?
Move! Move!
It's all failed.
Park Dongshik!
Now what?
Why didn't anyone stop them?
We'd better get this shot today, or else you're all fired!
What are you going to do?
Are we doing this over?
Jiho? Where are you going?
- Jiho! - I... I...
Well? What do we do?
Where is she going?
- Sir? - Yes?
Wasn't that scene a little off?
Can we do it over again?
Weren't we a little stiff?
Oh... In that case...
Let's do that again. Let's roll.
We'll redo that shoot later.
Let's move to the field to shoot the game.
Did you know this?
The doll...
You're the one who gave me the elephant doll.
Were you lying to me?
Ma Dongseok. My nemesis. I never once returned your pitch, and that stayed with me.
Today's the day!
Today's the day I'll do myself proud!
- Jiho! - Are you okay? Jiho?
Jiho? Jiho? Jiho?
She's at the hospital?
Minwoo? Minwoo? Are you okay?
Who threw the ball? Who is this guy?
Jiho! Are you alive? Is she going to live?
Please, be quiet.
- This is terrible! - Jiho! You can't go like this!
This can't be!
- Is she going to make it? - Keep it down. This is a hospital.
I'm trying to figure out who's behind the accident.
Sir. No cell phones are allowed in here.
I was just leaving. Who threw the ball anyway?
I told you. You were Jiho's first love,
and somehow, you ended up in a car accident with her.
I know it sounds like a bad made-for-TV movie,
but you didn't have to put her
on the spot like that.
Truth doesn't have to be so hard.
You trust someone if there's reason to believe.
That's all it takes.
You're a lucky girl. You got off easily,
but it's too bad you hurt your head before your memory could return.
Doctor. My memory's back.
Really? What's 7 times 8?
Actually, it's 56.
Her memory is back,
but she's in a confused state.
She needs plenty of rest.
Minwoo. Get her some rest. Bring her back tomorrow.
What's this?
To Jiho, my favorite person in the whole wide world.
Jiho. Happy birthday. I've taken up taekwondo for you,
so I can protect you.
You say you gained more weight since the year before,
but I think I've grown to love you more.
I'll love you even more next year.
You don't even seem to notice me anymore,
but that's okay.
I like that we're that close.
I'll always be here for you to wish you a happy birthday.
Jiho? How's your head?
Are you okay? Is your memory back?
- Yes. - That's great.
Do you remember everything?
Even things related to money?
You owe me $320.
Oh. I guess you're all better.
Let's take you home.
I'll have to pinch and save this month.
Where's Dongshik?
He's going to England today.
It's the 10 o'clock flight. He'll be leaving soon.
I promised I'd take him to the airport,
but I had to come here.
Of course I remember your friend.
I never thought I'd get asked to play Cupid!
Will you help us one more time?
Hold on tight!
I'll help you get your man!
This is so romantic!
I said, this is so romantic!
What am I thinking? It can't be him.
Hey. You're back.
What's he doing here?
He said he'd be back in a week. It's been a week.
Did you bring me back cigarettes?
Were you lying about staying there for good?
You're not one to talk about lying.
I have a question for you.
Which is?
What size shoes do I wear?
41- 2.
41- 2.
That was the size you wore
in elementary school.
In junior high, you wore 51- 2.
In eighth grade, you wore 61- 2.
It's been 61- 2 ever since.
These are all the rage in Europe.
I can think of a time
when I was
in love with you.
I can't think of a time when I wasn't.
- What are you? Some stalker? - You're the stalker.
That's so romantic!
- What are you doing? - Go away! Go away!
This is all thanks to me!
Why'd you lie to me? Why?
Lost and found
You can call me Cupid.
I've helped countless couples with their relationships.
Right. Park Jinhui
Go ahead. Give him a hug.
Jo Hanseon
Lee Kiwoo
Kim Dongwook, Jo Jinwoong
Choi Eunjoo, Kim Kwanggyu
Jung Seongho, Kwon Taewon, Yang Huikyeong
Uldong? Is that you?
It is you.
Who are you?
Mingu! I remember you!
I'm so glad to see you!
It's Minwoo, actually.
Oh. I'm sorry. I must be getting old.
I'm sorry about that.
How've you been?
Oh. This is a little embarrassing in front of the kids.
How've you been?
Hey! Look!
- Jiho! It's starting! - Coming!
He's on TV!
Will you tell us a little bit about the product?
- He looks good. - The camera loves him.
What's he doing?
What's wrong with him?
It must be stage fright.
He's stammering.
He's so nervous.
- Well... These are called panties... - Look at him...
Should I turn it off?
Nah. This is fun.
I hope he does a good job.
Jiho. Jiho. Look over here.
Dongshik. Over here.
- Jiho. Jiho. Look over here. - Dongshik. Don't cry. Look here.
- Jiho. Smile. - Dongshik. Look here.
Jiho's trying to kiss him, but Dongshik's pulling away.
Will they remember this once they get older?
Dongshik. Don't cry.
Dongshik. Don't cry.
Let Jiho give you a kiss.