Christian & Oliver Part 52 - 20.08 - 21.08.12

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I knew it!
You probably don't mean the lottery numbers, right?
The thing with the surrogate is over. Dana and I had a big fight.
I only agreed to do this because Dana wanted it so much,
and now she's accusing me of deceiving her! I don't believe it!
Hagen, I don't like saying this but... you did deceive her.
I really wanted to do it, I tried!
Okay, but...
then you not only deceived her, but yourself too.
That doesn't make it any better, huh?
And now?
Go to her and apologize.
Now that I think of it, make it a triple.
Cuba Libre, big, strong and no coke.
So it's just white rum and limes.
I don't care what's in it, it just has to kick in.
What's going on here?
I don't have a drink, as you can see.
I see. The thing with Daniel, Vivi and your priorities didn't work that well-
Next topic.
Jessy, if you want to talk about it, I can-
Olli, the last thing I want right now is babbling about relationship issues, got it?
No babbling about relationship issues. I'll toast to that.
Dana? - Daniel?
No babbling about relationship issues and no names with D, deal?
Another one! - Another one!
Two patients found each other.
I hope we have enough headache tablets at the flat.
I didn't expect to see you back here so soon.
I took Vivian back to her mother, this wasn't about vacationing at Lake Constance.
I'll certainly miss her, in a way. I thought it was a pretty good set up.
Really? - Yes!
Yeah, sure.
Jessica and I are constantly fighting because of Vivian and you're the cool uncle she favors.
Yes, exactly.
What are you and Jessica going to do now? I hope it's over.
You're too good for this world, especially for Jessica. - What should I do? I love her.
She slipped your daughter a poor certificate on purpose so that
she wouldn't get accepted at the school here. - Yes! And I'm still mad about it.
I would've broken up with her a long time ago.
Maybe she just didn't have the courage to tell me that she doesn't want Vivian to live with us.
Can it be that you're coming up with an excuse for that stunt she pulled?
Don't worry, I'll clarify that with her.
Well, I'm going to Königsbrunn to tinker with the car for a bit.
Do you want to come along?
Actually, that's a cool idea.
Marlene said when you’re ready to pay, if I see a nice smile, it's on the house.
Say, have you seen Hagen today?
He spent the night in the flat share, didn't he?
The last time I saw him was last night when he was drinking with Jessica.
Did you stay long after I left?
What? No, why?
Hagen got drunk?
But not because of our fight, right?
Did he mention it to you?
No idea. I don't remember and neither does Hagen. - Really? How do you know, have you seen him today?
I think that had to happen after all the alcohol we drank...
Can I please have a coffee and a water? - Sure.
Jessica, come on, you have to remember something.
I feel sick when I think about the drinks we had.
He is mad at me.
Right? - I told you I don't know.
Jessica, you are my friend. Please try to remember something.
Dana! My boyfriend just broke up with me and I really don't feel like listening to your problems!
I'm sorry, I didn't know that.
Hey, I hope you can straighten things out.
Don't give up so fast, okay?
You, too.
I mean, just forget that silly fight and take yesterday off the calendar.
Thank you.
And the night, too.
What did you say?