Tujurikkuja 4 Anonüümsed netikommentaatorid (ENG subtitles)

Uploaded by CatapultFilms on 30.12.2011

Hello! Take your seats, please.
Very good.
First, we have a new member today - Jürgen.
Wait, please. Jürgen, go ahead.
Hello, I'm Jürgen
And I'm a web commenter.
Hello, Jürgen.
Jürgen, please, tell us your story.
It started a few years ago.
I started commenting on the web.
It took up more and more of my time at work.
I started voting up my comments
on other people's computers.
Then I was fired.
But I didn't stop, I kept going,
even at home and then...
Then my wife left me.
Told me it was impossible
to live with someone like that.
Then I heard about this group that helps people like me,
so here I am.
Thank you, Jürgen.
And now, let's voice opinions about his story.
Lepo, you want to begin?
Yes, I think that...
It's his own fault.
And... serves him right.
Anything else?
He's a washout and a retard.
Thank you. - Thank you.
Who's next? Ülo?
I don't know.
Sounded pretty Jewish to me.
Are you a Jew? - Er... Me?
Sure sounded like that.
See, I hate those Jews!
After they sank the Estonia.
Did you know there wasn't a single Jew aboard the Estonia?
Hey, what is this? - Please!
First we voice opinions, then we synthesise.
Although I'm not a Centre Party voter myself
I think Edgar is totally right in this case.
Virve, what do you think?
Put him up against the wall now
and shoot him in the back of his head!
Wait a minute!
I feel I must interfere!
We can't shoot him in the back of his head,
if he's up against the wall.
He can be shot in the face
or any forward facing part of his body.
Preferably the face.
What have I been telling you?!
It's about time we brought back the death penalty!
Who's paying for that lot?!
The taxpayers are! I am!
Yes, all of us! Our money!
And on this subject - the state has disastrously narrowed
the income tax base of the municipalities! It's ridiculous!
About that Estonia - it was Laar who sank the Estonia.
To cover up his arms deals.
And shooting at a photo of someone is the biggest crime,
the most vulgar, banal thing a politician can stoop to!
Yes, thanks. Piibe-Liise?
You've been quiet. What do you think?
Uncle Jürgen is a tolerast.
Yes. Right on! Feminazi!
The girl knows what she's talking about.
And the Lord saw he should be
beaten to death like a mangy dog, Isaiah 15:3!
What the fuck is going on here? You lunatics -
What do you mean?
I thought you helped people here!
But we do.
You do? This girl called me a...
I didn't even understand what it was.
It's all part of the therapy.
People can express their thoughts in confidence.
To other people in the flesh.
Who else is there? Their friends?
I don't have any friends.
This way they don't have to act out in public.
Well, I do.
He has to, yes.
But why listen to me anyway? Try it yourself.
Say something to Virve.
Don't be shy now, we're all in it together.
Dyke! - Well said!
Zoophile! - Slut!
Ansip's arsewipe! - Turk!
Dirty snake! Communist!
Towelhead! Dirty lesbian! Tolerast! Jewhead!
Quiet, please!
Next subject - energy saving lamps.