Shaping Sound Live Performance 5/8/12 - Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, Teddy Forance, Kyle Robinson

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TRAVIS WALL: Hey, everybody, this is Travis Wall here.
And our company, Shaping Sound, is performing here in
L.A., May 8 at 8:00 PM at the Saban Theater.
TEDDY FORANCE: Myself, Travis Wall, and Nick Lazzarini have
all created the dance company, Shaping Sound, together to
open up many doors and windows for contemporary dancers in
TRAVIS WALL: We were already kind of working together, and
I felt that a lot of opinions were better than just one.
Really, it's like dancing with your best friend.
So these four choreographers are coming together kind of,
and really putting on something special, we're
opening up lots of doors for, not only our friends, but
other contemporary dancers in L.A., and kind of making this
band of dancers.
And Shaping Sound, it's not just a dance
company, it's a brand.
And we hope to eventually branch that
out as much as possible.
Our show coming up, "Come Together," is there's lots of
beautiful moments, there's lots of contemporary moments.
We also have some sexy moments,
some, almost jazz moments.
There's four sections of the show, and it really represents
the four of us--
Nick, Teddy, Kyle, and I.
And I think it's going to be very beautiful.
There's a lot of emotion.
It takes you through an entire story and really pretty look
to look at.
I'll say that.
KYLE ROBINSON: We got so many great dancers in the cast--
23 of L.A.'s finest, really, some of which include Melanie
Moore, Ryan Ramirez, Taja Riley, and also Allison
Holker, and the list goes on.
I'm sure we could name a million more.
TEDDY FORANCE: If you walk in that room, each one of those
dancers could hold the stage in a solo.
TRAVIS WALL: So we've been working together for the past
two months with this dance company, and on Oxygen, our
show called All the Right Moves.
We've been working and starting this dance company.
And this is the show we've all been working towards.
And us putting on this show really kind of brings it
together-- the entire process we've all had together.
So we're really excited to finally get something out
there and really do this on stage together.
TEDDY FORANCE: May 8, Saban Theater, come see Shaping
Sound presents "Come Together." You won't
want to miss it.
TRAVIS WALL: For more information on tickets,
there's a link inside the description box right below
the screen.
Check it out.
TEDDY FORANCE: Check it out.