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It's been called the plague of the 21st century.
And it has officially reached epidemic proportions.
It's a fact that in our world more people will die today
from obesity related disease than malnourishment.
We are literally eating ourselves to death.
So, what's the answer?
It's as simple as it sounds -- losing weight for optimal health.
But what if there were an easy way to lose weight?
A fast way to lose weight?
And a safe, healthy, effective way to lose weight?
Simply a BETTER WAY to lose weight?
Welcome to YOLI the Better Body Company!
At Yoli, we TRANSFORM lives
"Yoli has completely transformed our lives.
I've lost 23 pounds and 30 inches over all."
"When I started Yoli I weighed 295 lbs.
By the end of 90 days I lost 57 pounds."
"I went down from 189 to 154 pounds."
"In the first 7 days I lost 10 pounds on the Better Body System."
"And I actually beat him and I lost 14 which is amazing."
And HOW does Yoli do it?
Introducing the BETTER BODY SYSTEM by Yoli!
The Better Body System is just what it says --
a complete turn-key system that when followed step by step
can transform your body and your life as well as the lives around you.
It's a system that will help you lose weight FAST...
Like 7 to 15 pounds in the first 7 days!
"Gene and I have been on the Better Body System now
for 6 months and I've lost 44 pounds.
“With the Yoli Better Body System, I lost 12 lbs in like 2 weeks
and the best part, in the 6 month after, it's completely stayed off."
"I started at 415 lbs. I was in pretty bad shape.
Just by being on the Better Body System myself
I was able to take off about 53 lbs in 2 months."
"I've been on the Yoli Better Body System for 6 months now.
I've lost 37 lbs and greater than 15 inches."
"Since I started the Better Body System, I'm down 44 lbs."
This one of a kind program has been years in scientific
and real-world development before recently hitting the market.
And since its debut, it's proved so powerful
that tens of thousands of people are now on the Yoli Better Body System
and transforming their lives.
Whether their goal is to lose weight or get fit, Yoli has been their answer.
"I've been struggling with my weight all my life,
until I got on the Better Body System.
And because of that I was able to lose 115 lbs
and the best part is I was able to keep it off."
"I was overweight, I was depressed.
I used to smoke two packs of cigarettes every day.
With the Better Body System I was able to help all of that.
I lost 12 lbs without any exercise in 30 days."
"So the thing about the Better Body System is that it's so easy to use.
I use it personally, but my litmus test was my own mother.
If my mom could do it, I knew we had something.
And I gave it to my mom and she was able to stick with the program and get great results.”
The Better Body System includes an array of natural products
like protein shakes, energy and sports drinks,
pH enhancers, and sleep and digestive formulas
all designed to speed up your metabolism,
detoxify your system, curb hunger,
and promote weight loss for optimal health.
And all made from the purest ingredients
with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, color or flavors!
Yoli products include YES, the Yoli Essential Shake, a biologically active,
whole food protein and ingredient blend that tastes like a milk shake
without any added chemicals, sugars or artificial sweeteners.
ALKALETE is a signature Yoli product.
It's a patented pH supplement that helps you shed fat and acidic waste
which is a major contributor to weight gain and obesity.
PASSION and THERMOBURN are scientifically formulated
to deliver long lasting energy without the crash.
They also boost metabolism, sharpen mental focus,
and can act as a mild appetite suppressant.
DREAM is an all natural sleep aid that gives your body
the nutrients it needs to enjoy a deep, restful night's sleep
so that you wake up refreshed and ready for the day.
PURE is a proprietary digestive health formula that will boost your immunity,
and gently cleanse and eliminate toxins to prepare your body for optimum fat loss.
TRUTH is a natural and delicious super fruit blend loaded with whole-food anti-oxidants
that support your immune system and boost energy levels.
FUN contains our patented Alkalete and electrolyte blend
and makes the perfect substitute for high-sugar sports drinks
like Gatorade and PowerAde.
"Studies prove that if you enroll in a weight loss program with 3 friends or colleagues
the odds of maintaining your weight loss 10 months later goes up to 66%
versus 24% if you enroll in a program alone.
A recent study out of the University of Florida found
that those who lost weight the quickest
had the greatest chance for long-term success.
That's great news for the users of the Better Body System.
The secret lies in breaking your body's insulin cycle
to deplete all the carbohydrate stored in the liver, muscles, and the bloodstream
thus forcing the body to burn fat.
This is how you can accomplish in 48 hours what normally takes 3 weeks.
Not only do I know these products work, but other doctors as well agree
that you can boost your metabolism by up to 25% starting your day with a whey protein shake."
The Better Body System also provides simple and easy daily plans
that show you exactly what to take and when.
It also includes a list of foods that focuses on delicious meals you can eat
without giving up the foods you love.
Not only can you build a Better Body but you can also save money too.
Simply switch from fatty foods to Yoli products.
Instead of feeling tired and bloated, you'll feel full and energized
and you'll be living a healthier, happier life.
It's so easy, all you have to do is sit back,
follow the Better Body System,
and watch the pounds come off!
If rapidly losing weight in just 7 days, feeling better emotionally,
and achieving your best physically were all Yoli offered
it would be the BEST product on the market today.
and you can't have a great life without a great lifestyle.
So the question you have to answer is:
Do you want to lose weight and look great?
Or do you want to lose weight, look great,
and earn wealth without limits by helping others do the same?
Let's start with Refer 3 and it's FREE.
Some of you may want to share just enough of Yoli's benefits
with your friends and family to earn free product.
If that's the case, then refer 3 people and get free product.
It's as simple as that!
But for those of you who like the sound of "Wealth without limits",
pay close attention because your life is about to be TRANSFORMED.
Introducing the Yoli Power of 2, a proven system so simple anyone can follow it.
First either choose a Party or Diamond Pack.
Use it and let it work for you for 7 days and watch it transform your life.
Then find two people you know who want and need their own lives transformed.
Enroll them in your Yoli Team.
Congratulations! You've just become a 5 Star Member!
Next, become a 5 Star GOLD member by helping your two members get two members of their own.
Do this for three out of four weeks and you've just earned Yoli's Luxury Car Bonus.
That's $600 paid to you every 4 weeks
that goes towards a white BMW, Mercedes or Cadillac of your choice.
To build a successful business, you must have product to sell at your home party.
We recommend starting with a Party Pack.
The Party Pack has 4 Transformation Kits inside.
Do this and you can transform 4 people's lives.
Serious business builders have multiple Party Packs
available at their home parties for new members
so we highly recommend the DIAMOND ELITE PACK.
This is four Party Packs in one and can transform 16 lives!
Having the Diamond Elite Pack is the surest way to build a successful business.
Making money with Yoli is simple.
All you need to do is go out there and find two people.
Two people that are hungry, two people that are teachable."
"We have our luxury car paid for by Yoli
and this is the second vacation that we've gotten to come on."
"The opportunity is super, super strong
and now you've got these systems that make this business so easy to do.
I mean, we can all feel it. I know it keeps all the leaders up at night.
I know our families are up at night thinking, Oh my gosh, THIS IS IT!"
"More time to spend with our kids. We have time freedom,
and we have financial freedom and I love Yoli.
Thank you Yoli for transforming our lives."
"We make more in a month than I make in a year as a nurse."
"So here I am traveling around the world doing events, doing parties
and helping our team members transform their lives
and also with their finances as well.
It has created a multiple six-figure income in a short period of time
and um... I'm one happy camper."
"We are going to show you how to go out there
and through our Better Body Parties find 2 other people
that are hungry and that are teachable.
It truly is that simple."
You can see the power of duplication of the Yoli Power of 2 System.
As your own Power of 2 System grows, you can create a residual income
that could reach into the tens of thousands of dollars each and every week.
Now that's truly transforming lives!
If you think you can't do, or that only other people can do it,
don't worry.
Yoli has created step-by-step systems,
party planning,
product sales kits
and coaching that will ensure your of achieving wealth without limits.
Look around.
Yoli is filled with people just like you achieving extraordinary things.
They are transforming their lives.
The question is,
We transform lives.
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