Baking Old Fashioned Gingerbread : How to Serve Gingerbread Cookies

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis, on behalf of Expert Village. Today, I'm going to show you how
to make gingerbread. Here's your little gingerbread man. You'll see that it's nice and brown on
the edges. When you go to break him open, it's going to be fluffy, and almost kind of
cake like inside. This recipe does not make a very dense gingerbread; it makes a lighter,
fluffier version than what we're accustomed to. This is a really old, traditional style
recipe. This doesn't make the gingerbread that 's really, really hard and crunchy. This
makes the light, fluffy kind of gingerbread. The addition of the sour cream and baking
powder are what give it this really light, arid, kind of fluffy thing. You can choose
the icings at this point. Traditionally, they're supposed to be served straight up like this,
with no icing, or minimal detail icing, if you do anything at all. Just some drizzled
sugar frosting, which is just powdered sugar, milk and vanilla, goes really great on these.
As a matter of fact, that's probably how I'm going to eat these myself. I'll just make
some frosting, put it on there, and enjoy my little gingerbread cookies. Thanks a lot
for watching my video. I hope you enjoyed watching it; I know I enjoyed making it, and
I'm going to enjoy eating my cookies. Look for all my videos at Expert Village, and enjoy
your gingerbread. Thanks a lot.