Gourmet Coffee Cake Recipe : Gourmet Coffee Cake Recipe Summary

Uploaded by expertvillage on 14.02.2008

Alright. We're going to put a piece of mint that can go right in here. And with the ice
cream all nice and melty because it's warm, this is going to be fabulous. I'm just going
to grab a fork. Oh, oh mommy. Makes me think of mom. It's so good. It's comforting, it's
sweet. I get the great taste of the cinnamon. I get the wonderful crunch of the nuts and
it reminds me of my mom and all of her lady friends sitting around playing cards eating
coffee cake. Having this for breakfast, having it for dinner, and having it for lunch. This is excellent. Don't let your imagination
stop you. You know, in between the streusel you can put fruit. You can do it in a different
pan. There's a million ways you can do coffee cakes. I can write a book on coffee cakes.
My dear mother left me seventy-five coffee cake recipes. I mean, there's nothing I can't
do with coffee cake. So this is just the start. I want you to go home, try this, try it out
on your husband, try it out on your wife, try it out on your kids, try it out on yourself.
Maybe even give a little to the dog. But it's fabulous. This is Pam Bowman or Chef Blondie
with Expert Village. Please come back again. We'll do more coffee cake. We'll have a little
coffee collection. Oh, so good. I'm going to eat it all.