Teeth Whitening : How to Use Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.01.2009

You want that beautiful, healthy looking, sexy smile that you see on most of your celebrities
in the magazines and on televisions. Number one, you want prevention, you want to take
good care of your teeth, brushing and flossing daily and also going to see your dentist or
hygienist every six months. But most of the time that you see celebrities with those beautiful
pearly whites, it's either do to cosmetic dentistry, whether they have laminate, which
you probably know the word as veneer or they've had whitening. Whitening is probably the easiest
one to do and less costly. Whitening usually takes about an hour of your time, and you
can go 8 to 12 shades brighter, while the laminate is a little bit more extensive and
a little bit more costly. Laminates can range between a thousand and a couple of thousand
dollars, and you may have to go back for several appointments, one to actually have the procedure
done and one to have those beautiful pearly white seeded. But always, first and foremost,
always take really good care of your teeth and that'll what will give you the best beautiful
looking smile that you'll ever have.