Waring Big Stix® Series Heavy-Duty Immersion Blenders

Uploaded by centralrestaurantpro on 21.05.2012

Free at last! Now we’ve got the freedom to work with a big stick from Waring. We have
all these different shafts from twelve to twenty one inches. We have a whisk attachment
that will do mashed potatoes, fifty pounds in about a minute and a half. One horsepower.
Detachable shaft, dishwasher safe, variable speed. The handle, it is a patented feature.
You can hold on while you are processing with both hands, and let me do a little pomodori.
We made a beautiful tomato sauce and I am going to do for you right now, here we go.
Smell this. Ok, variable speed as I said before. Alright, let’s fire this baby up. Variable
speed. You can see right here, a perfect everything is chopped and emulsified. It can even lift
the bowl, that’s how strong it is. Isn’t that amazing? I mean that is power. Perfect,
perfect. I’m not going to show you how to do fifty pounds of mashed potatoes in about
a minute and a half. Watch this. I’ve got my potatoes, fifty pounds and you know there
fifty-whoa. Viola. Little bit of cream, little bit of butter, little bit of salt. Attachable
whisk. Here we go. Start off low. And that is where the handle comes in handy. Left the
skin on just for that task. Perfect mashed potatoes. You can see we left the skin on.
Nice and smooth. Fifty pounds, minute, minute and a half. You can see the Waring Commercial
Big Stick Immersion Blender. The possibilities are endless. Twelve to twenty one inch shafts.
Bowl clamp for continuous processing. Whisk attachment. Fifty pounds of mashed potatoes
one and a half two minutes. One thing I know for sure, size matters.