ENW: New Reference

Uploaded by EndNoteTraining on 09.07.2010

EndNote Web New Reference
This tutorial will show you how to enter a new reference manually.
To create a new reference, in EndNote Web, select New Reference on the Collect tab.
Select the Reference Type for your reference from the drop-down list of available reference types.
The reference type you select will determine which fields you can enter data in for this reference.
Click in a field to enter data in it.
The field will expand to allow you to enter multiple lines of data and provide a formatting toolbar.
Many fields in EndNote Web have special properties, requiring data to be entered in a certain way.
The Author field is the first such field.
Personal names should be entered last name, given name.
There must be a line break between author names.
To enter names with suffixes such as Jr., put a second comma after the given name, then the suffix.
Corporate names should be entered with a comma at the end of the name.
The formatting toolbar is used only when you need special formatting for part of a field,
such as if you were italicizing a species name.
Enter the year of publication or copyright in the Year field.
Do not enter the full date here, only the year.
Enter the information you need for your bibliography or that you want to track in each field.
You do not need to fill in each field or add formatting or punctuation to fields.
EndNote will do that for you.
The Pages field has special properties.
Sometimes page number are shown different ways.
For example, the page range of 125 to 128 could be shown as 125-8 or 125-128.
EndNote Web will convert the format you enter to the one needed for the journal style you are using.
The Abstract, Notes, or Research Notes fields will each hold up to 64 kilobytes of information,
so you can keep very extensive notes in your EndNote Web library.
You can copy and paste text into fields to save typing.
Keywords must be separated by a line break.
URLs must also be separated by a line break.
When you have finished entering data, go to the top of the reference and select the groups you would like the reference added to.
The reference is saved automatically, but the Cancel button would allow you to delete the new record if you wish.
If you want to edit the record later, just click on the title in the library list to open it.
Use the Hide Empty Fields option to see only those fields that have data in them.