Pokémon Live Action 3 - A Luz da Esperança (Parte 1-B)

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Now I understand your reaction, when we first met.
My cousin only...
You don't need to stand for him. I understand his attitude, I just wish it had been other.
Me too...
Well, before we go, I need to make a phone call.
Get in the car.
Daniel, we were anxious for news. How's everything?
Hello Chief. Flávio is with me.
Great, I'll got get Mrs. Sónia.
Son, are you alright?
Yes, mom.
What about Carlos?
He is fine as well, but didn't want to join us.
We can't talk much, this call may be intercepted. I can only tell you
that we received some suspicious and unlikely help. But we are making progress.
This will be more difficult than we thought, but we still can win the battle.
Come back to Portugal as soon as you can.
Will do. Meanwhile, I'm starting Flávio's training.
Very well, just hurry.
That man you just spoke with, he's the Ranger's Chief, right?
Yes, a great man, who's been helping a lot.
Anyway, we have to go.
- Do you have everything you need? - Yes, don't worry.
What about the training?
One thing at a time. Today you'll rest.
Don't worry about it, everything's under control.
Okay, let's go then.
I hope you're up for it. It won't be easy,
Oh, c'mon, Lucario, don't pressure him.
Anyway, come back to your pokéball, before someone sees you.
Don't mind what he says, he's just messing with you. Either way, since it's you, we will have results soon.
Well, I'll do my best.
It's good to hear that, Flávio. You don't lack will, and that's reassuring.
In a certain way, what Lucario said... Is also true.
It won't be easy, and I hope that I too am up for this.
None of us can fail, now. The time for doubts is over.
It's time to be sure.
Rise and shine, champ. It's a wonderful day.
Are we going to start training?
Not yet. It's still early. You didn't even eat, yet.
C'mon, let's grab something to eat.
You haven't explained to me yet how the training is going to be.
Well, it's somewhat different to what you're used to.
It's composed of two parts: a theoretical one, and a practical one.
If we can connect both of them you'll have the training I want to give you.
Theoretical part? That's boring! I want to fight!
Let's see if your Lucario can handle my Feraligatr!
- Is that really what you want? - Yes.
Well... I think you're jumping ahead, but this can work as lesson number one.
Let's go Lucario. It seems like Flávio is all fired up this morning. Let's do as he wants.
To be fair, Lucario will fight with his eyes closed.
What?! You're joking, right?
Not at all Flávio, take this very seriously!
Ok... Feraligatr, Hydro Pump!
Keep trying Feraligatr!
You're not going anywhere like that, Flávio...
Feraligatr, Ice Punch!
There's obviously a missing piece in this puzzle... You can end this Lucario.
I told you that we should've started with the theoretical part first.
Have you ever heard of "Aura"?
Isn't it a kind of attack that some pokémon have? Like the one your Lucario used before?
Yes, some, like mine, eventually learn the Aura Sphere, but Aura is way more than just an attack.
Listen closely...
To be simple, I'd say that Aura is a force. Some kind of essence that you can find in Nature.
Be it, plants, pokémon or humans...
Humans as well?
Yes, humans too, but the Aura is sometimes found more easily in some people than others.
Those who can feel or use Aura are known as the Aura Guardians.
Aura Guardians? I've heard those stories when I was a kid, it's fiction.
You call this fiction?
Maybe the stories you've heard are more... Real, than you think.
The guardians used to travel the world, using their power for good.
When the time was right, they passed down their knowledge to the ones that shared the same skills.
But Guardians disappeared with time. Maybe because they couldn't find any disciples
to pass their knowledge to. That's why today they are, as you said, myths. Pure fiction.
Are you saying... That you'll teach me how to control Aura?
Precisely. It was through Aura that I and Lucario could find and communicate with you using telepathy.
I also think that's the reason why you were capable of "calling" those legendary pokémon and stop Missigno.
A significant Aura presence in a person doesn't go unnoticed to a Guardian.
And if that person is a trainer, the pokémon will notice it as well,
specially the pokémon that fight alongside the trainer.
Needless to say, that when a situation like yours arise,
even the legendary pokémon will feel the Aura,
so we have a new dimension to consider.
An extremely peculiar situation in which not only considers the power of one person, but an obvious link
to the powers that run our world, the elements that form it, and the forces that guarantee the balance as a whole.
Of course that a potential like this inspires both admiration in some individuals as the more primal
fear in the hearts of those who see their position of power threatened by something that is uncontrollable
and incomprehensible. And what do these people do? They seek control.
What better example of this than that organization? Or look at what's happening today: trainers like you
and I have to keep hiding from the State's radar to avoid being caught,
while innocent trainers are robbed of their pokémon, on behalf of what they call
"security measures". I don't even want to imagine what they’ll
do to the captured pokemon.
We have to be more careful around here.
This place may have been closed for trainers and pokémon,
but the general population still comes here.
So many bathers come around here.
It's something that we were not expecting, so we have to be careful with your training.
Do you like the place?
It's good to be with pokémon, get some rest, breathe fresh air...
But how did you find out about this place?
With your cousin. A long time ago. This was a very famous place, in the old days.
A lot of trainers would come here. Specially during Summer.
It was something beautiful to see. Every single hour. You were always busy. Battles, meeting new people...
Having lunch and dinner with people from everywhere.
But what happened?
It's because of what's going on, today.
The League was closed, so was the Battle Frontier. Pokécenters, GYM's... Everything.
And so did places like this.
Everything that's connected to pokémon... It's gone.
There are many stories about this place.
Maybe the one that most people know of is a rumor, that's been known for years.
And believe me, many trainers would come here,
hoping they would solve the mystery.
But no one was ever successful.
- Do you know something about it? - No.
It's said that here, or somewhere nearby,
lives, or lived, a legendary pokémon.
Tell me something, how many pokémon do you have?
I have 5.
No reserves?
I rather train and give my full attention to 6, as usual, but I lost one.
It's a nice way to think, but maybe your limiting yourself a bit.
Each pokémon has a certain way to be trained, and only if you train
several of them you can learn and evolve.
That's wait a trainer does, right? Learns and evolves along with their pokémon.
Enough talk, c'mon, let's start your training.
Are we going to battle again?
Battling's not everything. That might have been the training that you did with your cousin,
but with me, it will be different.
So what am I going to do?
As you should know by now, your training will be divided in two parts.
A physical and a psychological one.
So in the end, you can use the Aura correctly. Pay attention to this, it'll be essential for the first part.
The human behavior is derived from three sources: desires, emotions and knowledge.
Yes, fine, but... What am I going to do?
The first part is probably the one you'll like the most. We will be training all of
your pokémon. It will be a train for you as much it will be a train for them.
I want you to focus in understanding, in creating a bond with them.
So you can both become one.
Someone's coming.
Is there any problem?
Always the show off...
And you tell Flávio to be careful.
Shut up Daniel.
What if the State caught you?
Catch me? I don't think so. I'm always one step ahead.
How did you find us?
- E.S. Rings a bell? - E.S.?
Elite Shield. Long story. Did you follow the GPS sign?
Yup. I wanted to do something more than wishing "good luck".
You came right on time, me and Flávio where about to battle.
Well, if I can help...
Two against one?
Don't worry, we'll go easy on you.
Maybe you will.
The problem is, I never was.
You are asking for it!
Attack Charizard!
Today was very productive.
I was needing something like this. Too much "fire" contained, if you know what I mean.
Well, it's time to go...
You won't stay with us?
I can't leave her alone Flávio. I'll come back tomorrow.
Take care of him, buddy.
Don't worry. I always keep my promises, and your cousin won't be the exception.
And I'm glad I can see that fire again. You look good.
- Have a safe trip. - Thanks.
See you!
Carlos, wait, I need to ask you something.
Do you have some way you can access the boxes?
Yes, I have a place where I can access them, but I think the application is blocked.
Not anymore, your friend, Marco Sousa, made an application to help Elite Shield.
You just need to plug in your communicator there.
Access the pokémon boxes and bring me these three. Can you do it?
Ok, no problem.
- I'll be waiting for you tomorrow. - Sure, see you.
But I think this one's better...
Anyway, I have to go Flávio.
- Well, ok, see you tomorrow. - See you.
You're leaving?
Yeah, see you.
And I'm going to the bathroom.
I'll be right back.
So, did you get them?
Yes, it was difficult, but here they are.
Thank you.
Are they part of the training?
Yes, they have the most important role in our training.
Anyway, I have to go.
- See you. - 'Till next time.
Okay, so here's what we have to do...
Even from a distance, I ended up learning everything about you.
It wasn't hard, thanks to how famous you are. I was glad to see that the little Flávio
that I had met before, grew up.
But I still want to ask you something. If you don't mind, obviously.
What is it?
I figured out everything about you, by reading your interviews and watching
the reports about you on TV, it was like putting together the pieces of the puzzle...
The answer was clear... But I want to see how it really happened.
But still...
I want to see how everything really happened. I want some answers that I still don't have.
I want you to remember everything that happened on your journey,
and create clear images in your head. You have to feel what you felt
in those moments, it will be easier than you telling me what happened. In other words, what I want, is to read your mind.
What? Read my mind?
You heard me. That's one of the skills that the Aura Guardians have.
But I never had a chance to train it, for ethical reasons, of course.
You can't, or rather shouldn’t, invade people's privacy...
Ok, it's fine, I'll try to remember everything.
Very well. Then, turn your back to me.
Don’t worry, it won't hurt.
Are you ready? By the way, if you have private memories, try not to think about them.
I have none, don't worry.
Ok, we can begin then.
This confirms my theory... It was a bit obvious, but it was interesting to see how it all happened.
What theory?
You've used your Aura in desperate moments, by instinct, due to the emotions
you felt at the time. You have a tremendous capability, when in comes to Aura.
Something I can only dream of.
But that alone is not enough. You won't be able to evolve
if you don't trust yourself and your abilities.
How did you learn how to use Aura? I'm curious. You already know everything that happened to me.
Fair enough. It's a simple story. Like you, I've heard those stories about
the Aura Guardians when I was young... Stories told by my grandfather.
He always showed some kind of fascination about the Aura and its essence.
Something he liked to share with me.
And it's interesting, because it's thanks to him that I, in my 7th birthday,
I received a pokémon egg. He gave it to me. It was a Riolu egg.
It was my first pokémon.
That's how everything started, unlike every common trainer,
who are given to chose a water, fire, or grass pokémon, like you and your cousin.
I ended up with an Aura pokémon.
Then, on our 10th birthday...
Me and your cousin started our journey.
He chose a Charmander, and I already had Riolu.
Like you, I used Aura by instinct, in critical moments of my journey.
I was curious about that kind of power. So I searched for more information about it.
Through time, Riolu ended up evolving into Lucario.
Later, we learned to how speak with each other through telepathy.
With Lucario by my side, it was easier for me to develop my power.
And why did you and my cousin split up?
His objective was to become the champion, so he could prove everyone he was the best.
The typical trainer.
And, from what I've seen in your memories, you're becoming a lot like him.
I wouldn't be surprised that that's the reason why Sofia left you.
That's not of your business! I was only that way so I could be acknowledged, not by luck or destiny.
You see how you're confirming everything I've said until now?
You're thinking just like your cousin.
You fail to see what truly matters.
Your cousin surprised me, it's true. The fact that he's come to help us may prove that he's changing.
And if I worry about him and you, it's because I know something is wrong.
That's why I fear something might happen to him, or even you.
That's why I'm constantly warning you.
They want us, Flávio. We, who by destiny, have a way to fight and make a difference.
Get rid of the source, and you don't have to deal with the consequences. That's the way they think.
If you break the connection between humans and pokémon, you don't have to fear the threats that they might represent.
And think about this: If we don't, who will fight?
Who will stand up and face this madness?
Do you understand now our role in this story?
Have you realized that we're only two?
- Three, if we count my cousin. - Well, that's not true.
Soon, you'll know I'm right.
Anyway, enough of this conversation. Let's begin your training.
Very well. It's time to start the second phase of our training.
Did I complete the first one already?
You can say that, but it’s the second one that will determine everything.
So, what am I going to do this time?
Do you remember that little theoretical part from the other day?
- The one about the human behavior. - Yeah, the one about knowledge, emotions and desires.
Your mission now is to understand the relationship between the three of them.
That's it?
It's not as easy as it seems.
There are three pokémon in this forest, your mission is to find them and
capture them without a fight.
If you're hungry or thirsty, you'll have to use what the forest gives you.
Are you kidding me?
It's very unlikely that you find the three pokémon, unless you can use your Aura.
In case you don't know, there are pokémon that can't be seen as usual.
I told you it wouldn't be easy.
I can't do it.
There's your problem again... I told you that you wouldn't be able
to develop your skills if you keep thinking that way. You have
to believe in yourself.
Okay. I'll try.
You won't try, you're going to succeed.
If you're ready, you can start. Go as fast as you can. We're short on time.
- Whish me luck... - Good luck.
Do you think he will succeed, Daniel?
He has an immense power, bigger than mine and yours combined. He just needs to
find it inside, and learn how to use it. We showed him the way...
Now it's up to him.