The Truman Show (4/9) Movie CLIP - Driving Through Fire (1998) HD

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(meryl) oh, truman, you knew this would happen.
You know you can't drive over water.
Let's go home where you'll feel safe.
Give me your hand.
We shouldn't be doing this!
Truman, we're breaking the law!
Oh, my!
(truman) you can do it.
Please, don't!
You can make it.
Oh, truman.
[both yelling]
We're over. We're over the bridge.
We're over the bridge. We're over?
We're over the bridge. We're over the bridge.
We're over.
Truman, what about that sign?
I'm sure they're exaggerating. We'll be fine.
Exaggerating? Well, do you believe that?
-Truman, let's go back! -Can't go back!
Oh, my! Oh, my! Truman, we're on fire!
It's ok. We're on fire!
It's ok. It's just smoke. It's just smoke.
You ok? Yes.
Want to do it again?
Truman, stop! Oh, god!
So what are we going to do for money when we get to new orleans?
I have my seahaven bank card.
So what? We're just gonna eat into our savings, is that it?
I'm going to have to call your mother when we get there.
She's going to be worried sick.
I don't know how she's going to take this.
What now?
(man) red alert. This is a red alert.
[trucks honking]
Truman, it looks like a leak at the plant.
(officer) back up. Back up. Leak at the plant.
We had to shut her down.
Is there any way around?
Whole area's being evacuated.
Is there anything I can do?
No, ma'am.
Thank you for your help.
You're welcome, truman.