Former NFL Football Players Visit American Samoa

Uploaded by FEMA on 04.12.2009

Reno and I actually had an opportunity to go to the FEMA Joint Field Office in Ottoville.
We were very impressed with the work they have done and the work they are continuing to do here.
On behalf of the NFL, and especially the NFL Polynesian players, we thank you.
Again, echoing what Gabe said, we were very impressed with what FEMA has done here.
It’s kind of nice to see first hand how FEMA responds to national emergencies.
Driving around here, and I’m not from around here, we were expecting disastrous looking areas.
They’ve done a very good job in cleaning up all the mess.
And now it’s about the rebuilding part of it.
We were very impressed with how much they have done and how far the progress has been out here.
For me personally, as a Samoan, as a person who was born and raised here and grew up here, I personally thank you for all the great work you have done.
I think I speak for all the Samoan people as well when I say, “fa’afetai tele lava.”